Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


148. Funky Budha


It's just gone 1:30 am when we park up and Niall manages to sneak me through the back door of a London nightclub. There are a few security guards standing there having a smoke, but they pay little attention to me as they welcome Niall in and wish him a rowdy Happy New Year.

"This is the club that all you boys are known at?"

"Yeah! Funky Budha."

"Oh..." I nod in realisation, taking Niall's fingers as I follow after him. He smiles down at our hands as they come into contact and I realise that I missed that smile. I missed it more than I probably should have. "The one that Harry brought Rachel to before and Liam's always talking about?" Niall nods, grinning at people and looking over their heads in search of someone. 

"Speak of the devil." He leans closer and we find our way over to a table.

"Liam!" He shouts, letting go of my hand to lean over the circular booth table and hug his band mate. Sophia waves at me excitedly, pulling me over to talk to her and give her a big hug.

"Rosie!" Liam shouts over the music, taking my hand to pull me closer, placing a sloppy kiss on my cheek. "Glad you could make it at last!" He falls back down into the leather of the booth and reorganises everybody so that we can sit. Apparently there are some other people sitting here, who have just gone off to the dance floor, but Niall and I manage to squeeze in and make enough room for everybody, present and absent; with me sitting on my boyfriend’s lap. The club is so noisy that we have to shout over the music, but my three friends look so at home and nobody turns an eye at the fact that we are sitting here. It feels like we can all finally pretend to be normal.

"He's a little bit drunk..." Sophia explains to me when Liam jumps up to talk to the people in the booth next to us -pumping his fists up and down, in time with the music, and taking a bottle of champagne from the table to toast with them. Apparently they're complete strangers, but they’re festive enough to be satisfied with Liam's crazy behaviour.

"Li, sit down." Sophia giggles, pulling him back down by his flannel shirt and waving a hand to apologise to the booth next door. They nod their heads at her understandingly, and make sure to smile at Liam as he waves goodbye; slouching back down to rest his arm around Sophia in a happy daze.

I'm just watching the two of them with a smile when someone else makes their way towards our table. It's Harvey. "Hey guys!"

"Harvey!" Niall smiles; holding his hand out for him to shake, due to the fact that I'm currently sitting on him and he can't get up.

"Hey!" I smile, hugging him as he leans over towards me.

"I haven't seen you since school ended!"

"Haven't really needed a body guard lately." I admit. "I've not been doing that much, have I Niall?"

Niall agrees as Harvey sits down, pulling a girl from beside him into the booth with us.

"Who's this?" I ask Harvey, waiting for him to introduce Niall and I to the tanned and extremely pretty girl, with long, sleek, dark hair. She looks foreign so I'm surprised at her thick, South London accent.

"This is my fiancé. Remember I told you about her before?"

"Oh yes," I hadn't imagined her to be quite so pretty -she looks like she could have just walked out of the Amazon forest with her leopard print dress and long flicks of cat-eye eyeliner. I try to recall her name. "It's Makayla isn't it?"

"Yeah, it is." She's got a beautiful smile, I'm almost jealous of her.

Niall starts to bounce his knee up and down. Eventually it starts to irritate me and I find him laughing at me when I turn to slap his leg and patiently tell him to stop. He’s just doing it to try and annoy me. I turn back to Harvey’s fiancé. "What kind of heritage do you have Makayla?" I'm just being nosy, but it will bug me if I don't know.

“Curiosity killed the cat.” Niall laughs over the music from behind me. I just ignore him this time, but I can’t hide the grin he’s put on my face.

"My father's greek, and my mother is English, but her ancestors were part of an Amazonian tribe." I'm surprised that I was able to make a connection.

"Interesting. I used to take childhood holidays in Greece. I love your hair." I say, thinking it would be unsuitable to compliment her on her tanned complexion of skin instead.

"Thanks sweetie. So you're the one that got my man here to go back to high school?" Makayla squeezes Harvey's arm, looking up at him and tugging on a strand of long blonde hair lightly. They look so in love. It's weird to see Harvey with his partner, after seeing him by himself nearly every day, for the past month.

"Yeah, that's me. He's been protecting me from the horrible kids..."

"And teachers." Niall adds, making the two of them and I laugh. He's not half wrong.

"So..." Mikayla rests her hands flat on the table, spreading each finger wide as she tries to recall something. "You're taking Textiles... Music... Drama and... was it Dance?"

"Yep." I smile, narrowing my eyes at Harvey. "Did he tell you?"

"No," Makayla admits with a giggle, looking back at my bodyguard. "He's just been coming home each day with little facts about what he's learnt."

"Probably more than me." I smile, announcing my distaste for school. Makayla's really easy to talk too. If Harvey had warned me about meeting her before hand, I might have been a little bit nervous, but meeting her on the off-chance -like how we've met just now- makes it so much easier and more comfortable.

Niall squeezes my waist, making me squirm and bringing me back to reality, but I look down to find him wearing an amused expression. This boy... I hope I wasn't staring at Mikayla for too long though. I just couldn't take my eyes off of her; Harvey's definitely got a good taste in women. And she's his fiancé too! Lucky guy. Ugh, I sound like such a creep.

"Let's go dance." Niall suggests, pulling me out of the booth with him.

As soon as we go down a set of small stairs and find our way to the dance floor, we manage to get a space between all of the bustling people.

“You’re so annoying. You just wanted me to yourself.” I laugh at him, slightly flattered, whilst he pretends to not understand what I’m talking about. The knee bouncing, the remark and the tickling –it was all a ploy to get my attention and he knows it. "What song is this?" I ask, leaning in close to Niall as he starts to move around, creating a bit of attention but being able to ignore all of it.

“It’s by Pitbull and Ke$ha!” He shouts back, whilst showing off some dance moves. “Guess what the title is?” The chorus comes up and Niall mouths one single word at me -a word that is repeated in nearly every line- chuckling to himself when I pretend to play dumb. He pulls me into him, wrapping my arms around his neck. “It’s called Timber you dumb fuck.”

If I didn’t know Niall, his language and his cheeky grin any better, I would take offense from it, but instead I just laugh it out and dance with my arms around his neck. The song must be quite new –I haven’t heard it on the radio yet- but it’s catchy and easy to dance to. Halfway through, Niall gets bored like his usual self and decides to swing me round by one hand, spinning me, tilting me over his arm occasionally and pretending to slow dance to the fast pace music –sort of how I remember him doing it with Harry on the night that I first saw him in Koko.

I’m not fussed about dancing or swinging around to the music, but I still enjoy it. It’s such a satisfactory feeling to just be able to laugh and mess around with Niall, daring him to poke people on their backs without getting their attention or inventing a new crazy dance for us both to perform and fall back against each other in hilarious laughter. It was also nice to have an excuse to watch him freely, and to be confident about it; just as it was nice to feel his eyes on me at the same time.

I could get used to this. Funky Budha is a nice place –and what’s even better is that it’s got lots of nice people. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Niall and Liam look so comfortable and free –gladly greeting a few fans rather than having to be obliged or making excuses to get out of the streets. They look natural. They look happy. They look themselves. This is the Niall I fell in love with –the one who’s totally carefree and can forget about all of his boy-band dramas. The boy who is no longer One Direction’s Niall, but Niall the jokey Irishman with a huge, loving heart. The boy that can be himself behind closed doors. The real Niall. 


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