Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


31. Frosty Breath


We walked out onto the cold street, each examining our nails. I had gotten nail extensions that showed off my small hands, making them look longer and thinner. Whilst my mum and had gotten the tips done white with a flesh pink manicure and Rachel had gone for clear nails with black, glitter tips –I had gone out of my way to be extravagant.

Every other nail was a royal blue with thick white stripes and each nail in between was crimson red with small white polka dots. “I love yours Rosie!” Lola was hanging off of my hands with her manicured fingernails. As she had just got her nails cleaned and shaped with white tips and a clear coat of varnish, they were considerably cheaper, so Mum had evened up the price by letting her get her toes does the same way too.

“What about mine?” Rachel laughed as a joke.

“Oh they’re lovely too! And yours, mum! But Rosie’s are so different. They’re really pretty!” I pulled her into my body for a quick hug, loving how loyal she was towards her big sister. I thought Rachel’s were actually gorgeous, with the thick layer of glitter that they had put on before securing it with a thick, clear varnish.

“Thank you for that mum. What are we doing now?” I zipped up my dark, blue hoodie and pulled the  knitted body warmer tight around my body.

“We can go and get some lunch, what time do you need to be home Rachel?”

“I can pick up my stuff from yours at around 2:00 so that I can be home for about 2:30?”

“Yeah, sure thing poppet. Where should we eat?” We walked about 10 shops down the high street before going into a cafe that was known well for its sandwiches and fillings.

After about 30 minutes of eating I looked at my phone and saw a new message from Niall. “I have a new message!” I announced to the table. Everyone looked up from their conversations excitedly and waited for me to read it out. “It from Niall, it says ‘Hi, just to let you know that the boys can’t make it later, so it will just be me and you but they’ll be joining us for dinner, if that is okay with Marie? Hope that’s okay with you? Niall x’”

“Tell him it’s okay with me!” I texted back.

‘Yeah, that sounds great! I can’t wait! What time and where should we meet? Mum says that’s okay by the way. Let me know, Rosie x’

“It’s a good job that I couldn’t be there then, hey Rosie?” Rachel winked at me and I flicked a tiny piece of lettuce at her.

Mum reached over the table before pinching my cheek lightly as I batted her hand away, shyly "Aww look at blush on her cheeks! My little girls getting all grown up!" She cocked her head to one side and smiled proudly at me "Do you like him then?"

I ignored her question and turned to a ecstatic Lola "so the boys are coming round tonight. Excited?"

"Really excited! I'm going to show them my room!"

We all laughed at how ecstatic and enthusiastic she was as she said it. I couldn't wait to go home and get ready, although I was extremely nervous about seeing Niall by myself. I had only met him three days ago, and now we were going for coffee together. It was surreal; surely that much couldn't have happened in 3 days? But it had and, what was even better, was that I was on the receiving end of it.




He got up from his chair to kiss my cheek and I flung my arms around his back in response.

"What do you what to drink? I wasn't sure what you'd want when I came in," he gestured to his coffee cup "so I'll get you something now."

He sat back against the side of the table, making his height more equal to mine. "Oh sorry -I didn't mean to be late."

"No no no, I'm early." He flashed his teeth and laughed quietly. His familiar Irish accent that I loved so much was strong today.

"Someone's eager..." I looked up innocently and he put an arm around my lower back, to push me towards the seat that was waiting for me, gently -a padded armchair that was opposite another chair where Niall had been sitting and a table. All placed spaciously into an alcove that was in the back of the restaurant. I couldn't see anyone else around - on this side of the restaurant at least.

The beautiful Irish man corrected me. "No, I was excited." His smile was so beautiful -every single perfect tooth was aimed at me, along with his dimple. He tucked my chair in as I sat down and looked up to watch him. Such a lovely guy.... "So what do you want?"

"Mmm..." I grabbed the menu on the side of the table and scanned the drinks section for the first thing that appealed to me "a hot chocolate would be good."

He clicked his fingers quickly and had only just turned on his heel, to find a waiter, when he turned back. "Cream, marshmallows?"

"Perfect." I smiled back and was left watching his back as he strode around the corner towards the livelier part of the restaurant.

I pulled out my phone but then put it back again. I tapped my fingers on the table musically and hummed a tune as I waited for a minute, before he came back. Once Niall was sat in his seat, he looked up at me straight away and started talking before I could say anything else. "It'll be here in a minute."

"Thank you."

"For this? Don't be silly... Anyway, you never told me how the audition went?"

"It was great! Guess what?"

He pulled his chair in a bit more, rested his elbows on the table and supported his beaming chin.


"I'm in the show!"

"That's so cool! I'm happy for you."

"Thanks. They weren't supposed to be telling people who was in the show until Monday - I was the only one." I wasn't trying to boast but I enjoyed seeing his eyes open wide as he was taking a sip from the hot coffee in front of him.

"Wow, you must have been good! Think I'm gonna be able to hear you sing, one of these days?"

"Yeah I dunno about that... A member of one direction wanting to hear a school girl who's singing in her crappy end of term show?"

He just laughed cheekily with a wink "I'll look forward to it then! I miss those school days, with the end of term assemblies and shows, I always got pulled into it by one music teacher or another..."


He laughed quickly and gave a shrug, reminiscing over the past "Whatever I wanted to do really; singing,playing the guitar, or the piano..."

"Mm, so you have multiple musical talents?" I raised my eyebrow and gave him a grin.

"Of course." He winked "What kind of talents do you have?"


A waiter approached us with a tall hot chocolate, topped with generous amounts of cream and tiny marshmallows. There was a dusting of chocolate powder to finish it off. I thanked him and he left abruptly.

"Well I know that you can sing and you have a pretty good eye for fashion, but what else?" He squinted at me and I felt like I could melt under his stare.

"I can play the piano as well... I used to have lessons as a kid, but its nothing much... I take after my mum and inherited her cooking skills; by that I mean that I can rustle up a pretty good meal. I can dance too."

"Finished yet?" He laughed jokingly "or have you got some more talents under your sleeve?"

"No I think I'm done."

"Okay," he laughed at me fondly "well it sounds like your pretty talented!"

"Maybe... I personally think of it as just being quite lucky."


"I've always been quite good at most things -I find it easy to pick up on them from the beginning. I'm not sure that being good in most things will help me much though. I need to find one particular thing that I excel in to be able to make it anywhere..."

"You'll find it eventually, but why fret? You're young!"

He laughed as he nudged my hand that was laying on the table, as an attempt to brighten the mood up. Niall was such a happy guy; always grinning or bursting with laughter.

I lightened up a bit as time went on and we talked about various things; family, friends, past holidays and Niall's home back in Ireland. He was so sweet and chatty; we always had something to talk about.

We were laughing about a story Niall was telling me about Liam when something really weird but beautiful happened.

"So then... We were out on the beach" his laughter was uncontrollable "and the security guy says 'Liam, those are your boxers!' And at first we were like, how the fuck did the security guard know what Liam's boxers looked like, but then Liam realised they were! This girl was wearing them over her shorts!"


"Yes, yes! So these two bulky security guards started chasing this small teenage girl down the beach, and as she runs into the sea the guys are still chasing her," He was leaning on the table with one arm and gesturing wildly with the other "and then, as they run after her into the sea, one of them falls straight onto his face in the water, and the other doesn't know who to go to. The girl or the guard."

I started a giggling fit.

"Did Liam get them back?"

"Yeah," he shook his head uncontrollably as he guffawed "I don't think he's ever worn them since, but I think he keeps them to remind him of how funny that day had been."

We laughed in harmony; his laugh deep and booming, mine small and high. "I bet it was less funny for him -with a young girl parading his boxers down an Australian beach and all!"

"Yeah probably..." We both calmed down and came to quiet smiles when he smirked and looked pointedly at my lip. "Nice chocolate moustache you got their Rosie." I was about to wipe it away when he picked up a napkin and started rubbing it over my top lip, concentration in his eyes with a sweet, dimpled smile. I felt my cheeks flush and he froze, looking into my eyes. 

I felt something. A yearning, a need, and intense sensation of longing for him to reach further towards my body heat, but instead he sat back and continued to smile.

We chatted for a little bit longer when he picked up his ringing phone from the table. 'Louis' flashed up on the screen.

"Bro, we're on our way to pick you two up. That okay?" 

He smiled at me and replied "Yeah that's fine. See you in a min Lou." He hung up and turned to me "Ready?" Niall stood up first and waited for me as he held out his arm. "Care for an arm?"

"I would." I folded my arm through his and leaned against his steady body.

Niall thanked the waitresses and the manager, who had all come to the door to wave us out, and a couple of minutes later we were standing in the cold, frosty air. Niall had his arm wrapped around me when I started shivering.

"Your cold..." He tightened his arm around me and I felt his hot breath on my neck and I turned towards his body.

He looked down at me innocently and smiled "I never got to tell you how good you looked tonight."

"You think?" I laughed as I gave him a dramatic twirl, but as I turned back towards him I wobbled over on my heeled boots. Luckily Niall grabbed me, just in time, to pull me back into him.

"Careful princess." He slurred as his breath made white frosty mist in the air.

I caught myself on the front of his jumper; my hands on his chest, giggling like a little girl.

I looked up just in time to see his blue eyes crinkle as his smile turned into a cheeky smirk. 



He was leaning towards me, his breath hot and short as I closed my eyes and our lips touched gently.

It was perfect; I was leaning against him, his arms on the back of my leather jacket to keep a tight hold on me. My mouth formed a smile and I felt his eyes on me again.

The kiss was short and sweet, maybe even too short, but it was enough for me for now; a promise from the boy who stood before me, to tell me that I was just as special to him, as he was to me.

I could have leant in again, but a car was approaching; horns blazing and screeching as we turned to see the arrival of the van that had pulled up on the pavement beside us.

I knew it was the boys -from the racket they had gotten the driver to make, to their unbelievably bad timing.

Niall only just had enough time to whisper a “Sorry” before Louis stuck his head out of the window.

“Come on you two, what are you waaaaiting for? We want to meet Rosie’s family!” He was amused as he looked between us; we were still stood pressed against each other. Niall let an arm fall from my back but guided me with the other one.

“Rosie’s sitting next to me!” Harry called out before I even had enough time to get in. It was an eight-seater van with two rows of seats, Harry was sat in the front row so I climbed into the front through the sliding door, sitting between Harry and Zayn. I greeted all the boys with smiles and they all seemed stoked to see me again.

“Good time with Niall?” Louis was hanging over the back of my seat, a mischievous look on his face.

“Don’t worry Rosie, you don’t have to say anything.” Liam replied as he yanked Louis back into his seat. I heard him whisper “Behave.” And couldn’t help but burst into a giggling fit.

“Yeah, Niall will tell us all later anyway.” Zayn muttered to the window so I slapped at his leg and everyone laughed .

“Thanks for that Rosie,” Niall laughed from behind me “If you hadn’t have done that then I would have.”

“How far away is your house, Carrot Princess?” Louis was hanging over my chair again but this time he wasn't pulled back and I replied to his non-intrusive question.

“About 5 minutes away.”

“So what’s Croydon like then? It looks quite nice.” Harry spoke up with his husky voice.

I laughed to myself. “Well you’ve only been in the nice parts...”

“Oh...” I laughed at Harry as he looked away in embarrassment and the boys started teasing him.

“Whoaa... This is your house?”

“I think we’ve been here before...” I looked at Louis in astonishment. “Oh yeah! Remember when we went to see the Royal family, boys?”

Lou winked at me as Zayn got out and replied blandly “Hilarious Lou.”

Everyone was aweing and the boys were just being... well, the boys; so I skipped forward, in front of them, to knock on the door and wait for my mum to answer.

“Rosie! You’re here!”

“Hi mum.” I kissed her cheek as I walked in and held the door for the boys so that she could step back and greet them.

“This is Zayn.”

“Hello Zayn, lovely to meet you, I’m Rosie’s mum –Marie!” He gave her a hug and greeted her politely.

“Lovely to meet you Marie.”

“This is Harry.”

“Marie!” he shouted as he opened his arms for a hug.

“Lovely to meet you, Harry!”

“This is Louis!”

“The cheeky one right?”

“So they say!”

“Lovely to meet you Louis.”

“You too Mrs S!”

I smiled as the last two walked through the door, taking it from me and leaning in to kiss my mother on the cheek.

“Niall! Liam!”

“Marie! How are you? I’ve missed your cooking.” Niall chirped. He mock-frowned to prove his point and then walked towards the other boys with a smile, pulling them in towards the kitchen.

“Boys, boys, boys!” Dad’s voice boomed through the doorway and I could hear Niall introducing everyone, as I had done before.

“Nice to see you again Liam.” She turned to me “Gosh, they’re so energetic and full of life aren’t they?”

“Tell me about it.” I rolled my eyes and laughed as my mum leaned back against the wall and Liam contributed to the conversation.

“How do you think I feel Marie?” He laughed. “Trying to keep them under control all the time...”

“Shh you. I’ve seen all the crazy pictures of you. Lolas shown me all of them.” She winked at him as she tapped the side of her nose “Like standing on top of cars do we Liam?”

He chuckled “That was just the once!”

“Yeah yeah.” She ushered Liam into the kitchen and I followed behind.

Lola was already in Zayn’s arms when we walked through the door way and the boys were all holding cans of beers, along with my brother and father who were handing them out.

“Liam? Want one?”

“Oh no, I don’t drink.” He tapped his lower chest. “Had a collapsed kidney as a kid, never going to even risk it.” My dad clapped him on the shoulder as he went to stand by Louis who was peering through the wide, oven doors.

“Sensible lad. Alright Louis?”

“How long’s dinner going to be Marie? We’ve heard some amazing things about your cooking.”

“Not long, you’ve probably got enough time to do whatever you guys want; watch a film, play some games, whatever. I’ll call you when it’s ready.”

“You guys played the new Call of Duty game?” Justin piped up, waiting for a reply.

Most of the boys shook their heads. “Haven’t had enough spare time mate.” Harry told everyone.

“C’mon then!” We all followed Justin to his room. “Rose can we take the xbox into your room?”

“Sure sure!” They picked everything up and started moving it, Niall –who gave me a gorgeous smile- and Justin in the lead as they walked into my bedroom. I ignored the boys’ comments of wonder as they walked in -only having one objective. I walked into my wardrobe and Louis followed me in, picking things up and making odd comments about which pink sequined top would suit him best. I pulled what I needed off a hanger – a huge cream fluffy jumper- and slipped it on over my simple blue chiffon shirt and black jeans before pulling Louis away from my handbag draws and pulling him back into the room with a laugh. “I just need to make a phone call.”

“Rosie your room is sick!” Zayn looked up from his controller where he sat with it on the floor, in front of my TV against the bed, Lola leaning against him.

“I know! I think I could make myself really at home here!” Harry jumped onto the bed where Niall was already sitting.

“Be careful,” I warned as I stepped onto the cushion windowsill and bodied the window open.

The deck of the balcony was cold through my socks and I pulled the jumper further around my body. I pulled out my phone and dialled Rachel's number; I needed to talk to her.


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