Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


22. Early Festivities


The kitchen was gorgeous and huge! The sides were made of black marble- as was the kitchen island. The floor tiles were black granite, though they must have had under-floor heating, because I could feel the warmth through my white socks.
“What do you want to drink Niall?” Marie had asked me from one of the surfaces with the kettle and toaster that were present.
“Could I have a cup of tea please? Weak, milk, one sugar?”
“Yeah sure.” I sat down at the kitchen table next to Lola and she beamed at me.
“Good day at school littl’un?”
“It was great! I had French and Art and my favourite teacher brought me some chocolates in for being good.”
“That’s great! Have you got any left for me?” I looked at her in mock excitement and her shoulders shrank and she frowned.
“No, I’m sorry...” She looked genuinely disappointed so I laughed and squeezed her shoulders.
“Hey, hey I was only joking!”
“Oh!” her face lit up once again and as I leaned back onto my chair and rested my head on my arm that was on the back of the chair she told me all about her little friends at school. She told me that one of her friends called ‘Molly’ had been there yesterday, to be honest the only 2 people that I had paid close attention to yesterday were the girls’ whose house I was sitting in now, but I nodded along and claimed that I remembered her just to keep Lola happy.
I didn’t know how she could have this effect on people. I was listening so intently to Lola that I almost missed Rosie walking into the room towards her mum, who was making drinks, as she put her arms around her mother’s waist and rested her head on her shoulder. She was wearing a simple pair of black leggings with an oversized t-shirt that fell off one of her shoulders perfectly.
“Lola, could you please go and wake your lazy brother up and tell him that we have company.”
David looked over his glasses at me with a roll of his eyes and a smile.
“We have a BROTHER?” Rosie was completely back to herself now, laughing away as her mother patted her off of her, telling her not to be so rude to her brother.
“Surprisingly, yes. Not that anyone ever sees him. I was starting to think I had imagined the whole thing myself too!” Rosie was crying with laughter now and I looked back up just in time to see that Marie had thrown a tea towel at David for his extremely funny –or in her opinion, unfunny- comment.
Lola jumped off as Rosie walked to me, holding my tea out for me, and sat down with her drink in Lola’s now vacant seat. She pulled her knees up to her chin and placed her feet onto the chair. She was wearing a pair of fluffy Christmas socks that were blue with white snowflakes on.
“I never knew that it was Christmas yet.” I was amused at her anticipative festive spirit and pointed down at her socks.
“Hey, it’s rude to point!” she batted away at my finger and then laughed “There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of festivity!”
I smirked and the table laughed along with us. Marie kindly placed Liam’s coffee down in front of him, before getting hers and her husband’s, and sitting down opposite me - next to Liam. David was on the head of the 8-seater kitchen table which left 2 more places as Rachel was sat opposite David.
“You should have seen her last week; she insisted on getting a jumper that had Father Christmas on it. It’s only mid-November! I thought she’d gone crazy!”
“Shut it you!” Rosie joked to an even bigger roar of laughter.
“So anyway, did you all have a good day?” She looked at us expectantly and we didn’t know who should speak first when chatty little Rachel spoke up.
“Yeah we had a great time! We went to Westfield’s in London!”
“Oh wow, was that good!” David seemed pleased.
“Yes,” I spoke up “I hope you don’t mind that we took them to London for the afternoon?”
“No, no! I can tell that they were in safe hands.” Marie smiled charmingly at me and Liam before carrying on.
“So what did you get up to?”
“Well it will be me and my girlfriend’s 6 month anniversary tomorrow so the girls helped us to pick up some presents and an outfit for her to wear!”
“Congratulations!” Rosie’s parents chimed together before Liam carried on.
“Thanks, but yeah. We did that –Rosie being a great help with her outstanding fashion sense of course!”
“I wonder which mother she gets that from?” Marie beamed at me whilst I asked her.
“You’re a fashion designer?”
“Interior designer, sweets!” She corrected me. Rosie’s mum was lovely and very maternal towards everyone –making the drinks and taking them over to people. I could imagine her being a wonderful to the girls and their brother, who was yet to appear. “So what else did you do?”
“Well we took the girls for a Starbucks and then a spot of shopping-“
“More clothes to add to that girl’s wardrobe...” David said as if depressed, but Rosie confirmed the joke by sticking her tongue out at him as he tutted.
“We insisted that we would be able to pay for ourselves but they wouldn’t let us.” Rachel smiled at Liam and me before Marie spoke.
“How kind of you.”
“Are you sure it wasn’t a problem?” David spoke up. “I could pay you back?”
“Don’t be silly! Of course it wasn’t a problem!” As a second thought I added “The girls didn’t even know that we were going shopping so we were both well prepared and wouldn’t have expected anything less!” Liam nodded in agreement and Marie looked chuffed to bits.
“There was a bit of a problem though.” Marie looked at me questioningly but calm “Someone tipped off the paparazzi about us but we took good care of the girls. I found some things to disguise Rosie’s identity, so no one should recognize her if any pictures get printed tomorrow.”
David looked thankful as he responded in a business-like way “We’ll look out and keep an eye opened. Thanks for telling us Niall.” I felt like a child who had just been praised at school for telling the truth
“Don’t be silly. It’s the responsibility that comes with taking such girls out. I just didn’t want you to wake up to a shock in the morning if there is any speculation.”
“Well said my boy. We personally know what the media can be like anyway so nothing will be a shock to us. It’s quite alright.” I felt relieved that it was all out in the open now and that they had been so understanding about it. It wasn’t a position any parent wanted their child in.
“Were you both okay?”Rachel nodded back at Marie calmly but Rosie looked down. David looked at me, worry quite obviously placed in his eyes.
“I think it scared her a bit. She’s obviously fine now but... just keep an eye open -I remember my first time being mobbed. It really wasn’t pleasant.”
“Mine too. But nothing seems pleasant when you’re new to it.” Everyone nodded at Liam –the mature and wise one- whilst Rosie took a sip of her drink.
“He’s alive!” David muttered and I couldn’t help but let out a short laugh.
A bouncing Lola ran in and Liam pushed his chair away to allow her to sit down. A tall young man, who I recognized briefly from last night, walked in. His eyes were still half asleep and he put his hand up to greet everyone sat around the table as he walked over to the cupboard and got out a box of cereal. Liam and I laughed, understanding this poor guy’s need for food after waking up in the evening.
“Uh no! You’ve missed breakfast by at least 12 hours!”
“But I’m hungry!”
“You can wait for dinner now, Justin.”
Luckily I wasn't hungry right now, as I had eaten at 4:30 and it was only just approaching 7:00, or all this talk of food would have made it hard to bear. 
Rosie spoke while she giggled at the sarcastic face that Justin was pulling "Can we go watch a film now, mum?"
"Yeah sure, what do you want for dinner?"
Rosie looked at me and I shrugged "maybe one of your special homemade pizzas?" That sounded great. Everybody agreed including Marie's two other children and husband who started raving about it.
"But you better make it extra special mum; Niall here is an expert when it comes to food." I smiled widely at her and she turned the corner of her mouth upwards in a pout so that her flattering dimple was showing. 
"Of course I will!" Marie gave me a wink and the four of us got up to follow Rosie "Lola, stay here and we can help you with your homework." Poor Lola, I knew she'd be disappointed so I gave her a cuddle before I waved to everybody and followed on. Rachel was hanging back to wait for me as Rosie and Liam marched up the stairs. "What do you think of the house?" She grinned with a whisper.
"It's just... Well, big and stunning." 
"I know," she smiled back at me as we started to climb. As a second thought I grabbed the bag of shopping and took it up with me -trying to be helpful "I've been coming here since I was 4 but it still manages to surprise me every time I set foot in here. It's cause her parents are both really successful." I could imagine -they were articulate and obviously well educated. They also hadn't shown any hesitance towards me and Liam's 'famous' presence in their house. That was a first.


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