Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


23. Distracted


We reached the end of the huge corridor, that had bedroom after bedroom, when I peered around the open door at the end. It was gorgeous. There was a breath-taking, king size bed and a continued theme of white and violet. There were also two doors going off of the room and a cute curtained window sill that I had seen at the front of the house which had steps up to the seats that were cushioned and padded, alike to the bed that had cushion after cushion. Outside of the window, I knew there was a balcony as well but she obviously didn't use it in winter. 
Rosie was sitting at the head of the bed, against the rows and rows of pillows and I noticed the beautiful mirrored headboard. I suddenly remembered that Marie had mentioned about being an interior designer. No wonder the room was immaculate. Rosie took a controller from the bedside table when she pointed it behind me, and noticed the huge flat screen TV on the wall by the door.
"I know the feeling, bro." Liam was still shocked as he flung himself into the foot of the bed and there was enough room for him to lie flat without even touching Rosie who was sit behind him. Rachel did the same as Liam, so that left me with a place next to Rosie, at the head. I put the bag down on the floor and sat down next to her.
"What do you want to watch?"
"Don't mind."
"Not a romance." Rosie laughed at Rachel's response. I wondered what Rachel meant by that.
"We could watch Avengers Assemble -that's always a good one... Or American Pie... Or..." She was scrolling down sky movies "we could watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix?" 
"Avengers Assemble for me!"
"Yeah me too!" Li agreed! He turned around to grin.
"Yeah sure! I’ll turn the lights off."
"By the way guys, if you need the toilet it's through the first door."
En suite... Nice.
We started watching it, Rachel and Liam laughing and gasping where ever it was needed. Me and Rosie slumped against the pillows, each with a few cushions on top of our laps when Rosie looked at me suddenly. "Is my jumper in the bag?" She whispered at me with a smile.
"Yeah." I mouthed before I went into the bag to pull out the navy Nike hoodie. "Here." We sat up to put it on when she caught my arm with her hand and I caught it. "Wow, you're freezing." She nodded, embarrassed while she did the zip up. "Hey, come here!" I put my arm around her shoulders as we leaned back and she snuggled herself into my body heat. "Better?"
"Much better." Her breath tickled my face and I tried to go back to the film but I was too distracted to concentrate. Instead I got my phone out and flicked through twitter with my free hand. 
A few minutes later, Rosie had started to pay attention to my phone too -rather than the film. As I scrolled through my billions of mentions we would both point at things that we found cute or funny and talk about them in tiny whispers.
By the time the film was coming to a climax, Rosie was in full control of my phone. Reading the many tweets that were sent my way. She also retweeted a few of the ones that she pointed out to me that made me laugh or chuckle.
I had started tracing the cross stitch on one of her white and collage fabric cushions when Liam and Rachel looked back at us. The film had obviously finished, not that me or the curly haired brunette lying in the crook of one of my arms had noticed. They looked at us expectantly when Rosie nudged me. “Hey, Niall look at this cute one...” she awed. It says “Dear Niall, I just wanted to tell you that you kept me strong through so many things, so therefore I wanted you to know that you should never stop smiling, no matter how bad you think anything gets, because it was your smile that kept me going and is probably doing the same for many other little girls, Zoe x”

“That is cute, RT it for me?”

Rachel and Liam got up and started stretching, “We’re just going to nip down and see how long it is until dinner. Want anything?”

“No, we’re fine.”Rosie answered straight away as she kept looking through my twitter.

“What she said.” I smiled to Liam who just laughed on his way out.

“They obviously planned that...”


“They did it so that they could leave us alone.” She laughed as she caught my eyes quickly. I felt so comfortable and I wished that I’d be able to stay here, like this, for the whole night. I knew that I couldn’t, however and we’d have to leave quite soon once we’d eaten. I had interviews in the morning, which meant the management would have a fit if they knew I had gotten back in the early hours of the morning and Liam had to plan for his anniversary surprise.

Rosie suddenly locked my phone and put it down on the bed. “Right, come on.”

“What?” She quickly nudged my thigh before she got up off the bed and walked over to my side.

“You can help me add to my collection.” She winked and I had no idea what she was on about until she flung open the door furthest from us and flicked a light on; her wardrobe.

I picked up the bag and followed her in. I knew that the black hoodie was Rachel’s, so I left it in there, but picked up a pink silk scarf to hand to her. She took it from me and hung it on a rack along with dozens of others.

Garment after garment was hung up and added to her humungous collection that she already owned. I was shocked to see that somebody had so many different pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories.

“All done?”

“Done.” I confirmed.

Rosie turned around to admire her collection “Good.”

“This is amazing Rosie.”

“You think so?” She smiled coyly at me and I tilted my head slightly. With a simple nod she took my hand and let me back into her room. “Let’s take some pictures.”

We were standing with her phone, opposite her mirror, with our tongues sticking out when the other two poked their heads around the door.

“Dinner’s ready.”

Before I knew it, I was sat in the kitchen with 3 huge slices of homemade pizza. The whole kitchen smelt delicious; of fresh Oregano and tomatoes.

It was when I was about to tuck in and everyone was talking about different things, that I felt a familiar hand take the fingers that were sitting on my leg and squeeze them. I turned to my left and knew that Rosie’s smile would be awaiting me when I looked. As I predicted, she was smiling but not at me; her eyes were facing our intertwined hands and I felt a warm, musical pulse take over every small cell within my body.


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