Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


72. Dinner Date


“I think it’s ready!”

Niall comes over to stand behind me; snaking his arms around my waist and resting his chin on my shoulder. “It smells delicious. I’m still really shocked that you would go to all of this trouble.”

“Well I realised that we haven’t really been on any definitive dates.” we both chuckle as we remember getting coffee together on Saturday. The reason neither of us classed it as a date was because none of the other boys had been ‘able to make it’ even though Harry was the one who had organised it for us. They would have been able to make it had they not just been trying to give us the privacy to get to know each other, ultimately ‘setting us up’. That much was clear when they had turned up, right at the end, to go to my house. “But I also remembered how much you like your food.”

I plate up the 2 thick, medium-rare steaks and Niall takes a huge sniff, exaggerating my point, with a relaxed and content expression finding its way over my shoulder. “You’re amazing you are”

“You don’t even know how it tastes yet!” Laughing in between his arms, I add the red wine and shallot gravy to each plate, a healthy amount of baby carrots and then finally unwrap myself to retrieve the home made chips from the oven.

I don’t notice him pick a chip off of the tray until he has to grab a glass of water because of how hot it is in his mouth. “Shouldn’t have done that. They’ve only just come out!”

“I know that now. Burning.” He grimaces as the hot food moves around in his mouth uncomfortably. I can’t help but laugh until he finally chews it and knocks the remains of the hot potato back. “You made these? They’re great. Just enough salt as well.”

“Yeah they’re one of my favourite things to make.”

“I’ve never had homemade chips!”

“You have now.” I shuffle the chips off of the tray and unequally onto the plates, making sure to put the tray and all the other pans straight into the sink. “The bigger plate’s yours; you can put them on the table.”

He brushes past me, to pick them up, with a kiss and a thank you. I fill the sink with hot water and leave them to soak so that I can go to the table -which sits in the corner and is hardly ever used- where Niall waits for me.

I didn’t have to do everything by myself today; when he got back to his flat, to find me sitting cross legged in front of the oven watching the chips cook, Niall decided to set the table without me even asking him. It was nice to see him be such a gentleman about it whilst he unfolded a clean table cloth and whistled as he collected the cutlery. In my eyes, this dinner date was an essence of team work.

"This is nice. Noone's ever cooked for me like this before."

"Really?" Now that the girls had told me how Niall's love life had been practically non-existant over the last year it meant that I had some control over my wide eyes and disguised them with a few blinks. I'm sure he must have seen though -he always called me his little open book because of how bad I was at disguising all of my emotions on my face.

"Yeah. Why... have you cooked for someone before?" He sounds interested as he pick up his cutlery but I know he's embarrassed when his eyes divert from mine to the table spread.

Before I know what I'm doing, or can decide play it cool, I just start laughing. "No. Are you serious? Unless you count my own family as 'someone' than never."

"Why do you laugh? It's a valid question." He watches me with serious eyes and I smile at him reassuringly.

"Who would I have cooked for?"

"I don't know -that's why I'm asking. Maybe an ex?" His voice is soft and almost amused; I'm not put off by the question or what my answer will be, because I know that we will only be able to get to know each other better by asking things such as this.

"Niall... you were my first."

"First what?"

"Everything." Well.. not everything yet.

He holds my eyes for a few seconds, half way in between taking a mouthful of food. A smile spreads across his face as he chews quickly. "You're joking right? I was your first boyfriend."

"No I'm not joking."

"Wow. I didnt expect that."

It's my time to smirk now and a question rolls straight from my mouth. "Why not?

"Well... how can you tell me that a pretty girl like you has never been asked out on a date?" His mouth hangs open just a little as he cocks his head to the side to watch me.

"No one ever looked my way -not when I was standing next to Rachel."

He lets out a little laugh. "If that's true then the boys around your area must be bloody crazy. I don't mean that negatively towards Rachel, but I definitely know who I'd choose and luckily she's sitting right in front of me."

"You're such a flirt."

"Well it's true!" I bat his arm over the table with the back of my knuckles and he catches them with the opposite hand. "I'm glad though. I'm glad that no one ever got the chance to hurt you and I'm glad that you're mine."

"Flirt." I roll my eyes and squeeze his hand to show that I'm appreciative of what he said. I didn't want tonight to be a heavy evening; if anything I was looking forward to a laugh and a bit of fun.

"Just the way you like me though." Niall lets go of my hand and carries on eating like he didnt just have a soppy moment. "Hey, this is actually amazing. I love the steak and the gravy. It's real homey, you know, like when you were a kid and you would eat together as a family?"

"What was your favourite 'homely' meal as a kid then?"

"I remember me mum used to make this amazing roast with huge Yorkshire puddings. We had one every Sunday that we would go to stay with her. If we were staying the week then we'd have them on Wednesdays. They were Greg's favourite see -and mine, but I never admitted it if it meant we could get a takeaway instead."

I laugh at how easily he describes it and imagine sitting around a table with a small blue eyed boy with mid tone hair. "That sounds nice. We sometimes had a roast on a Sunday too. Whenever my mum wasn't working. My real favourite though was when we had a good casserole."

His eyes light up as soon as I say it. "With mash right? What meat?"

Niall's face dissolves into a huge smile as he tucks into the food infront of him. "Either lamb or beef."

"Chicken can be good too, but lamb's the best -you're right."

"Yeah and you've got to have it with a really thick gravy and cook it for ages. The key ingredient is what vegetables you use though. Carrots are good with onion and mushroom."

"That sounds so good." Niall is shovelling his food down but is somehow still fantasizing over casseroles and roasts.

"The best one's are always with celery and cherry tomatoes though..." I remember helping my mum to chop them up before she would add them to the casserole dish. We always took it out together too, to make sure that the vegetables had disappeared into the gravy, and that only the tomato pips were visible.

"Never had them in a stew."

"Seriously. It's amazingly good."

"Amazingly good." He mimics my English accent and laughs at my choice of words.

"Those were the good times, sitting round the dinner table as a child; it doesnt seem all that long ago though, to say I'm nearly 18."

"It feels like ages for me." Niall takes a few chips on his fork as we talk. "What do you want to do for your birthday?"

"Really? We haven't even gotten to Christmas yet." I giggle at how excited he looks when I mention the 'c' word.

"Okay then, let's talk about Christmas! How are you celebrating it?"

"With my family, I always do. My auntie, uncle and the kids will probably come round as always too."

"Same; I especially want to go home because it's Theo's first Christmas this year." The way that he smiles when talking about his nephew is always extremely attractive; there's nothing better than the way that guys act around children and their families.

"So we'll both be with our families. Why don't we do something together on New Years Eve then?"

"I think that's a plan! Can you believe its only 26 days until Christmas? I have the count down app!"

"Such a kid." I laugh at him with affection in my eyes. I'm excited. Especially with how unaware he is that one of his presents is sitting only 5 floors away, hidden on a hanger between all of my clothes in the wardrobe.

"On a sad note I go home tomorrow and then-"

"Shush. Do not say that I'm going away for a week because I'm just pretending it's not real."

"Okay, me too. We won't mention it again." I pretend to zip my lips and he laughs, forking the last two pieces of steak into his mouth.

"You don't even understand how good that was."

"I don't even understand how you ate it that quickly! I'm stuffed." There's still a quarter of the food left on my plate as I push it into the centre and signal for him to pick at whatever's left that he wants.

He picks up a few chips, pops them into his mouth and then pushes himself back from the table. "C'mon. I have a surprise for you."


"Just take my hand and grab the throw off the sofa." I do as he says and allow him to pull me to a corner of the room where there is a door -one that I've never even seen before. It's hidden behind a huge canvas that he pulls off of the wall so that it swings on its hinges.

"Where are we going?"

"You know how you showed me your secret place?" I nod apprehensively "Well I'm showing you mine."

He pushes the door open, revealing a flight of stairs that we climb together; our steps in time, our bodies pressed into each other's sides. I get a slight sense of deja vu as Niall shoulders the door to get it to open. It creaks on its stiff hinges and city sounds fill our ears immediately. Beeping cars, engines and distant music shadowed by the wind's whispers.

The last time that we stood together like this, and cold rushes of wind ruffled our hair in the night, we were at my house and climbing onto my balcony. Now we are at Niall's apartment and are walking over the top floor of the building, where there are no walls to guard us, only walls as tall as our legs with a single metal railing on top to give the barrier some extra height. 

Niall leads me to one side of the roof and pulls the grey, tight-knit throw around us as he encloses my torso with his arms and I reach up to link my arms around his neck. The weather is the same as the last time, only slightly chillier, but the loss of heat is made up by the way that our clothes mould together and around each other. The non-existent space between us is the one differing factor that separates this huge wide spread 'balcony' from the one that is familiar at home and the last time that we were on it.

I lean between Niall and the railing. It overlooks London and every beep, every shout, and every sliver of music is magnified as it bounces around the heavy sky scrapers and echoes onto the open deck where we stand.

“This is beautiful.”

“I thought that you would say that.”

Traffic lights, headlights and street lanterns brighten the city with orange, red and yellow colours. Flats and restaurants on floors below us make the streets glow orange. That’s when I look out towards the river and see huge crowds of people gathered along either bank. Some of them are shouting, and their voices seem to blend together as if they are shouting the same thing.

“What are they doing? They’re shouting?”

“I think,” Niall looks down at the lock screen of his white iPhone “That that is our minute countdown.”

“For what?” I have only just asked when he looks back out to the river and hear the loud shouts of the crowd. A few fireworks go off above them and then, as if being called to work or turned on by the flick of a switch, a trail of energy floods down either side of the river as lights flicker on.

I look down onto all of the roads beneath me and my eyes are flooded with so many different coloured lights that I don’t know where to look. Some are red and gold, others are silver and green. Christmas Lights. I hadn’t even known that they were turning them on today.

I turn back to Niall and see the reflections through his shiny blue eyes. He meets mine and then takes my face in his hands without any warning. “I believe that as soon as the lights turn on it is customary to say ‘Merry Christmas’.”

“I’ve never heard of that tradition, it’s not even December yet.”

“We’re making up our own one then.”

“Merry Christmas.” His eyes are intense and I whisper the words so that I am not distracted from the electricity between our touching skin or the light-blue of his eyes that looks almost silver in the dark.

“Merry Christmas Rosie.” No longer caring for colours, only wishing to feast on touch, I lock my arms even tighter around his neck and press my lips to his. Both pairs of lips are cold and stiff but as Niall parts his mouth slightly and buries one hand under my long ponytail I feel as warm as a toasty fire that has been lit with passion and a deep love that nearly chokes me.

This is the first kiss that gives me as much happiness as it feeds me sadness and urgency. In a few days Niall will be gone and I will be left for seven depressing days. Anything could happen to him when he is taken away from my own safe touch and I am scared. I am scared that I will miss him. I am scared that I will need him. I am also scared that he will be put in harm’s way and that I won’t be able to protect him. My Niall. My lovely, kind and cheeky Niall that lights my heart with curiosity for new things and gives me a sense of the future.

Feeling the urge to cry out for him and to shout 'stay with me here forever in this beautiful, single moment' I try to block the feeling and instead secure my arms tighter around him. Lifting myself further towards him, so that Niall is forced to drop the blanket that is draped around both of our shoulders and lift my body to his, I jump slightly to wrap both of my legs around him and he holds me up steadily as I do so.

I am held against him as tight as the two of us can cling; legs wrapped around his hips and he supports me from underneath with one strong arm. Our lips are locked together move against each other urgently. He takes his lips away from mine to kiss my neck and it sends shivers down my spine, but they shivers don’t stop as the cold seizes its chance to nestle in between us.

“Let’s go back inside. It’s too cold up here.” I nod my head, but as he reaches down to pick the blanket off of the wood decking, he doesn’t put me back down on the floor like I had expected him to. Instead he walks for the both of us; clutching me tightly, holding me against his chest as he moves us easily down the stairs. I rest my head on his shoulder and feel so safe in this close proximity. Nothing could come between us.

“Can we watch a movie in your room?”

“Sure thing love. But please don’t leave me tonight; stay here. You can change into some of my clothes to sleep in so you don't need to go downstairs.”

“Okay, deal.”

He finally lets go of me when we get to his bedroom, so that he can turn a film on, and I decide to change now. That way, I won’t have to do it later once I’ve made myself comfy in his bed.

I go to his wardrobe and look through the racks of clothing. I decide against a pair of jogging bottoms, because of the fact that the last pair were so big on me, and go straight towards the t-shirts. I pick out an oversized one, not bothering to check what it looks like, and ask him if it’s okay to wear.

“Sure, whatever’s mine is yours.” he replies and looks unbothered as I walk into his bathroom. I go to the toilet, brush my teeth with the toothbrush that has been periodically moved up here for me to use and wipe away any leftover makeup on my face. Being in front of Niall without make up was never a problem for me, because of the fact that I so often go out in public without wearing any.

Once I’m done I take off my blue knit dress and cardigan, leaving my underwear on underneath, and replace the clothes with the shirt that is dark green and falls just above my mid-thigh. I don’t think I look half bad, to say that it’s an alternative to my sweats or pyjamas, and make my way back into the bedroom.

Niall is already sat up against the headboard and pillows and is using the remote to control the TV from where he sits. I laugh at the way that the blue eyes make their ways up my legs from ankles to hips and crawl under the covers quickly so that I can lie my head on his chest. He arranges the covers around me and places one protective arm over my shoulders as I try to figure out what film he’s put on.

"Thank you for today. It was really thoughtful."

"It's okay. I just wanted to do something nice for you to tell you how happy that I am being here with you."

"I'm glad you like it because I think we'll be spending a lot more time here, together, when I get back."

"I hope so." He rubs one tiny circle on my neck and then we go straight back to watching the film.


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