Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


93. Collapse


“Niall? Niall..."

He flutters his eyelashes as my voice tunes in.

"Niall babe, are you going to wake up?"

"Ugh..." He throws a fist at his eyes and rubs them harshly. "What time is it? Why are you waking me up?"

"Babe, it's like 3 pm."

"Oh... Shit..." He's obviously surprised that he's slept in so long. "Sorry..."

"You don't need to be sorry." I climb back into bed and hug him with a smile. "I've been very patient waiting for you to wake up, but I thought you'd get really hungry if I left you any longer."

"Yeah I'm starving."

"Thought so."

He drapes his arm around me and places a kiss on top of my hair. "How long have you been waiting?"

I trace the pattern of his few freckles with my eyes. "Hmm... Since 11 so about 4 hours?"

"Sorry." He mumbles it with a smile and then laughs slightly before sitting up. I can't help but laugh at his tufty hair and wrinkled face where the pillow has moulded into his warm skin. I must admit that I like ‘bed-head’ Niall –he always looks so natural and pure.

"You look funny."

"Thanks." He sarcastically takes it as a compliment and then sniffs the air comically. "You smell funny."

"Thanks!" I bat at his arm and then fall against his chest into another hug. "I've been helping mum to cook a Bolognese for tonight. Carla is coming round for dinner. Onions don't smell too good do they?"

"Only when I'm eating them."

"Haha. Do you want to have a shower? I'll bring your lunch up here if you do..."

"Yeah okay.” He sits happily and then swings his legs around, to look at me dramatically. “Wait…What happened to breakfast?"

"You snooze, you lose."

"Ah man... Bloody jet lag."

"Just as you were getting used to it, back in the US as well."

"I know right. I need to make a phone call by the way, so don't wait around for me."

"Okay, I was going to do Lola's hair anyway. She wants me to curl it before Carla gets here."

"Have fun." The grin that he gives me as he steps into the bathroom also wishes me good luck. Lola's been having a lot of mood swings lately; she's either extremely talkative or the complete opposite.


"Okay, your hairs done babe."

Lola says thank you and then goes straight back to evening up her flicks of black eyeliner. Since when did she wear liquid eyeliner? One of her friends must have given it to her.

"How comes we don't talk as much anymore...?"

She lifts up one side of her smile in thought. "I'm not sure Rosie."

"Well come on then. How was school today? Who are your friends at the moment?"

"I don't know... It's all really different with you away; people turn their attention to the next best thing which is apparently me. I get it differently to how you get it though. I just get lots of friendly people and a lot of popularity."

"Do you like the attention?"

"No." I bite my lip and sit back on her bed to watch her from across the room. I can’t help but feel guilty. I forgot about the impacts of a celebrity relationship that could be forced upon my family and the people around me. "It gets kind of claustrophobic sometimes." Like Niall; however Niall gets extremely claustrophobic. "But at least I know that none of my old friends are taking me for granted. I'm glad I had a big group of friends before we met the boys or it could be different."

I don't know why I say it. "You've really matured haven't you?"

"Do you think so?" She takes it as a compliment but I'm not sure if that was what it was meant to be. What if she's growing up too fast? She's only 12...


"Well I guess I was just fed up of having to act like the youngest." She still is the youngest. She's my baby sister. “It’s not always a good thing…”

"Yeah maybe." I step out of Lola's room after hearing the slight agitation in her voice. I don't like rowing with her; we never used to argue and it only leaves a sour taste in each of our mouths.

I'm nearly downstairs when I recognise Niall's voice. He’s talking quietly with my father, about somebody who’s recently died from an overdose of ecstasy in some part of the UK that I don’t know. He must have finished showering quicker than I expected. "Oh Rosie? Justin and Carla will be here in five minutes so get ready to open the door for them." 

"Okay mum."

I find the source of her voice and see that she, my dad and Niall are all watching the news together. They look so comfortable -so at home- that I have to snap a quick picture.

My dad is the first to notice. "Oh great… now my face will be revealed to half of the Facebook world."

"Twitter actually dad."

I see Niall try to disguise his laughter as a cough but it doesn't fool anyone. I hear a car outside on the gravel driveway and rush to the door as a response. Niall must have noticed too, because he's suddenly reaching forward from behind me to open the door, with one arm around my waist, his chin resting on my shoulder.

"What's her name again?"

"Carla. And they've been going out for over 2 years now so she's quite permanent in his life."


I see the petite blonde wriggle a wrist at me from where she sits in the passenger seat of mine and Justin's shared range rover.

"Hey Carla!" I call over to her, once Justin has run around to open her door and help her out. She makes her way towards us, leaving Justin to giddily carry her bags. Whenever he's with her he couldn't look more chuffed; I secretly hope that that's what Niall looks like whenever I'm near him, because I know that I certainly look at him in that way.

"How are you?"

"Tired! I'm always feeling rushed off of my feet these days." I laugh and give her room to walk in, forgetting that Niall's behind me and nearly flattening him.

"Easy." He laughs at me with humour in his gorgeous eyes.

"So who's this?"

"Oh, Carla this is Niall, Niall this is Carla."

"Seriously Rosie?" She wraps me in a tight hug and takes her coat off. "I know who he is but... Who is he?" So that’s what she’s hinting at.

Niall is definitely better at these kind of things because he answers for me. "Last thing I heard was that I’m Roselyn's boyfriend?" He raises an eyebrow at me and then pinches one of my cheeks lightly as I blush, a signature Niall-chuckle rising from his throat.

"That is adorable. Way to go girl." She bumps fists with me jokingly and then takes Niall's hand to shake it.

"It’s nice to meet you Carla."

"Oh, you too. I must admit that I've always been a fan. It's quite embarrassing really..."

"Embarrassing? You used to do one direction tattoos with Lola and have musical sleepovers with her too!"

"Musical sleep-?"

"Never mind." Carla cuts off Niall’s question quickly before she has to explain and gives me the death stare but then laughs it off. "Okay… maybe embarrassing is an understatement..." Niall just chuckles and goes out to greet Justin and to help him with the bags. Bless him.

“Brother!” He does a little kick-hop and then goes running towards my older brother, so that they collide half way between the car and the front door. Justin is basically the same age as Niall but still towers him like the rest of the boys; Niall maybe taller than me, but he’s actually quite short for a guy. He’s just perfect for a short ass like me though.

“So how are you?”

“Amazing.” I answer sweetly. I like Carla; she’s always treated me as an equal and has never taken the two year age difference between us for granted. “What about you though, seriously by the way…?” I can see that, under the fine layer of foundation and bronzer, her skin is quite peaky and transparent. Her hands comes up to smooth over her blonde pinned quiff that has been made out of her side fringe; all of the veins stick out like little blue and green rivers under her skin. She can’t just be ‘tired’.

“Hmm… I’ve not been feeling too good lately, actually. It’s not so bad today though -just a minor headache.” I can tell. She’s obviously used a huge amount of concealer under her eyes.

“Poor thing, are you staying the night?”

“Yeah. My mum’s out of town tonight so Justin suggested that I stay round so that I’m not at home by myself.” Carla’s dad died when she was just a little kid –sometimes I forget that it’s just her and her mum at home.

“Well that’s good! I’m making dinner so it will be ready in about half an hour?”

“That sounds great. I’m just gonna run and find Lola.” She flashes me a pretty smile before kicking her trainers off and jogging up the stairs.

Justin and Niall don’t take long to enter the house and close the door to keep the cold wind out. They’re deep in conversation about football, so I just wait for Justin to take his shoes off and drop his and Carla’s bags, before pulling Niall with me into the kitchen. Justin follows as I expected and sits down, whilst Niall comes to stand next to me, beside the oven. I get a pan out and fill it with water for the spaghetti, before putting it on the hob to boil.

“So which team do you support then?”

I take a second to realise that Niall is talking to me, his arms are crossed over his muscular chest and a tight smirk if falling off of his face in amusement.

“Oh, me?”

“Yeah Rosie. Which team is it you support again?” Justin’s laughing at my lack of attention

“Oh… I don’t… You already know that Jus.”

“Well we’re just gonna have to get her to support a team then.”

“Derby County or Chelsea?”

Chelsea is the team that my whole family supports. Derby City, or whatever, is the team that Niall supports… I don’t know. Family or boyfriend? I decide to team up with Niall –just to rub it in my brother’s face. What was the team called again? Der…? “Niall’s team!”

“That’s my girl.”

I fold my arms around Niall’s waist, with a grin, and watch Justin give me a disapproving once over.

“Absolutely appalling… what happened to family comes first, huh?”

“It disappeared out the window when you didn’t come home last night.”

I stick my tongue out at Justin and hear Niall join him in laughter.

I continue to lean against Niall, with the warmth of the cooker behind us, as he and Justin chat about his trip to the States. Now that he’s home, it does sound like they got up to some pretty cool stuff whilst they were away.

Zayn got yet another tattoo along with Louis and they all visited a few places on their last days off (the days that were supposed to be spent working until the boys made a stand against management).

As soon as I put the pasta into boil, Justin and Niall help to set up the small kitchen table. We’re having dinner in here, because it’s warmer with thanks to the stove being on all evening, and it feels more comfortable than the formal dinner table. I serve the food around the table and Lola, Carla, Mum and Dad all come in. Justin gets out a bottle of white wine for everyone except Lola, who gets the next best thing with a bottle of white grape flavoured Shloer –a fizzy drink which is one of my favourites when cold. Carla decides to share the Shloer with Lola because the thought of alcohol apparently makes her want to throw up.

Half way through, my dad gets up to find three cold beers for him, Niall and Justin. All of the food is quickly eaten; with a special thanks to Carla who keeps complimenting me on how good it is and continues to take plate after plate. Niall joins her in devouring the food, and I’m extremely glad that I cooked what I thought would be way too much for the seven of us. Apparently not.

Sitting altogether, with some of my favourite people around me, makes me feel like all of the days that we spent as a family of 5 were incomplete –no matter how unaware of it we were. We are only a true family now that Carla and Niall have both joined us –perhaps one day it will feel even more right with Lola’s future partner sat between our group as well. I can’t wait for the future, especially when I think about all of the little exciting things like that. One day we could even be joined by my parents’ grandchildren –who knows?

We joke and smile and laugh for the whole evening, until it gets to around 8:30pm and surprisingly both Carla and Lollie are tired. They make their rounds to give each of us a good night hug and Niall scoops Lola onto his lap before letting her go. She squeals and protests but Niall refuses to let her go, making a mockery out of my little sister as he wraps her in his bear arms and swings her on his legs like a baby. Eventually when she is allowed to get back up again Lola messes his hair up but then places a quick kiss on the top of his head to apologise before running off. I’m so, so glad that everyone gets on so well.

“Babe are you okay?” Justin takes a swig from his can of Carling with worry painted over his features. Carla’s swaying slightly as she wishes my mum a good night.

“Hmm… I’ve got a bit of a migraine.” She’s only just finished her sentence when Niall jumps up to catch a falling Carla. Shit. Luckily he grabs her before she can it the tile and Justin quickly makes his way around the table to thank him and comfort his girlfriend. I’ve never seen anyone move as fast as Niall did –how did he even have enough time to register it? I know that I didn’t.

“No. You’re not okay.”

“She was saying she felt sick earlier.” I contribute to the situation helpfully. Niall, who has his two arms held under Carla’s arms, looks at me in panic. I’m worried.

“No, I’m fine. I just get dizzy a lot. But I’m fine.” With the help of both the boys, she stands up straight before Justin supports her weight with his shoulder lodged under Carla’s body and his arm wrapped around her hip.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes! Stop worrying I just want to go to sleep now.” Justin isn’t convinced; I don’t think anyone is to be honest, but it’s my mother who humours her.

“Come on love.” Mum gets up to help Justin take her to bed. I hope that she’ll be okay very soon; that it’s just a passing illness that sorts itself out quickly.

Niall sits back down and squeezes my hand tightly as I sip my glass of wine.

“Good night Carla.” She looks back at me with a smile before everyone leaves. Only Niall, my father and I are left at the table now.


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