Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


88. Bruises


I wake up in the morning with a throbbing pain in my lower back. I open my eyes warily to see what’s going on around me. My throat hurts and the whole room is going in and out of focus, causing me even more pain around my temples.

My throat is parched, my skull feels like it’s caving in… what the hell happened to me last night? Somehow, both Sophia and Eleanor have managed to squeeze into my bed, with Eleanor fast asleep opposite me and Soph, sleeping head-to-tail between the two of us. Rachel is asleep on the white couch that sits on the opposite side of my bedroom, with mounds of blankets bunched up around her, leaving only a messy bun visible on the top of her head.

Sophia’s already awake and sitting up against my headboard, with a pillow on her stomach to support her iPhone. She giggles sweetly as I squint through thick lashes and try to push myself up. I can’t go any further up than resting on the backs of my elbows. Everything from my hips down feels immobilized.

“Soph… What’s wrong with me?”

“You’ve got a hangover and I bet the ice skating didn’t help… you okay babe?”

“No… I feel dead.”

“Well alcohol obviously isn’t your greatest friend… and the pain is probably just the bruising starting to show up. You’ll be fine later on.”

“Doubt it…” I fall back onto the bed and cringe as my head hits the pillow.

“The boys say hey by the way.” She shoves her phone in front of my face and I am greeted by five gruesome faces. A few tongues stick out at me, Liam has his face scrunched up and Niall is trying his hardest not to laugh at my state.

“Go away.” I flick my fingers at the camera and watch them all start chuckling at me.

“And good morning to you too babe.”

“Shut up Harry.” He sticks his tongue out at me again –pulling his ears out at the same time. “You’re not making my morning any prettier you know.”

“Glad to be of service.”

Lou speaks up over the top of his sarcastic friend. “Is Eleanor up?”

I just shove Sophia’s hand so that the camera faces the girl that sleeps opposite us and hear his disappointed “Oh…”

“Why are you guys up anyway?” I don’t even bother to open my eyes to wait for their response.

“Rosie, you know what time it is right?”

“No. Shock me.”

Everyone laughs as Sophia tells me. “Its half 4.”

“Why am I awake?”

“No you muppet -in the afternoon. Your mum said to remind you that you need to do your washing today before she gets back…”


Sophia directs her next question back to the boys “She’s not very talkative when she wakes up, is she?”

“That’s Rosie for you. Little miss grump.”

“Niall, sh, don’t remind me.” We both laugh softly as he remembers what I’m referring to and proceeds to tell everyone the story of how he threw me over his shoulder to wake me up and take me downstairs for breakfast.

“Jheeze Louise. That’s a service you should be paying for Rosie –you shouldn’t be taking it for granted.” The death stare that I give Louis causes him to shut up. “Woah, okay -I’m being quiet now. Sorry.” He pretends to zip his mouth and Zayn rubs his hair roughly.

“What are you girls doing today?”

“Sleeping.” I reply with a yawn and Sophia nudges me to stop me from falling asleep again.

“Hey, I’ve been sat here by myself for ages –you’re not leaving me again.”

Liam shouts out indignantly “Hey! We’ve been face timing you for an hour now!”

“Yeah, yeah, but it’s not the same when you’re so far away. Love you babe.” Sophia gives him a virtual kiss to say sorry and the rest of the boys cringe –Harry and Louis in particular.

“Get a roooooom!”


“Jealous Harry?” I don’t even have to think about my come back whilst I drift in between sleeping and waking up.

“Yeah yeah.”

“By the way she’s still sleeping so you don’t need to worry.”

The snicker that he gives me says ‘wait-until-I-get-home-and-I’m-going-to-tickle-you-until-you-wet-yourself’. Sophia giggles from beside me and the rest of the boys clap him on the back.

“By the way Rosie, well done on your first positive article!”

“Yeah yeah, I keep telling people I only reversed, it wasn’t anything speci-” the look that both Sophia and Niall are giving Louis tells me that he wasn’t talking about the viral video of me making an escape from the paps.

“Wait… what news coverage? What story’s this?”

“I bloody told you not to say anything!” Sophia looks disgruntled but she manages to forgive him soon after. Niall has one hand over his face, and he’s shaking it, as if embarrassed by his best mate.

“Sorry Rosie… I forgot you only just woke up.” Louis shrugs his shoulders and gives Liam’s camera a half smile.

“Right guys, well I guess we better go so that I can show her. See you all later!”

“Love youuuuu!” Zayn shouts to no one in particular and it makes us all laugh.

“Bye guys. Bye Li!”

“I’ll text you Rosie.”

“See you later everybody!”

They all wave back and the call is ended.

“Sophia, what was Louis talking about?”

“I’m sorry, I was going to show you this later- when it was just me and you- but I should have known that Louis wouldn’t have been able to help himself.” She smiles fondly and reaches for her mac book, opening it onto a bookmarked article.

Oh no…

Rosie Stephens Wins the Hearts of the Public as she Comforts Big Time One Direction Fan and Cancer Battler in Remission

Olivia Woolcott, cancer patient who is currently in remission, got very lucky yesterday evening when she was provided with the opportunity to meet her idol’s girlfriends Rosie Stephens, Sophia Smith, Eleanor Calder and mutual friend Rachel Stormes at London Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland.

One member of Staff –named Mike Taylor, age 22- was working on the ‘Storm-coaster’ at the particular time, when they met Olivia for the first time. He recalled all of last night’s events for us.

“It was just a regular shift for me. I was watching the rollercoaster ride and permitting customers onto the ride when I recognized one particular group as being the girlfriends [and friend] of One Direction.”

“At first I couldn’t believe it –all the women in my family have grown up loving the boy band, including my younger sisters and one of my older sisters also, so I know who they all are.”

“I tried my best to act professional throughout doing my job, but I had a hard time concentrating -they are all very pretty girls, naturally.”

“There was one particular point that touched my heart. Over the last few days I must admit that I had been allowing the media to change my opinions on Niall’s latest girlfriend [Rosie Stephens] to be a cheating and horrible person. I was shocked because a small group of teenagers followed them onto the ride shortly after. One of them [Olivia] was very small and was being bossed around by her other friends. It was Rosie who suggested that she came and sat next to her on the ride.”

“It truly touched my heart because the little girl was being picked on and was honestly petrified of the ride I was managing. After all, it is well known for making older men -such as myself- scream like little girls. Rosie started off talking to her and getting to know her. She was extremely good with Olivia and treated her like one of her own siblings or friends.”

“The best part was that, on the CCTV cameras, I noticed that Rosie took hold of Olivia’s hand and was comforting her the whole way through the ride. It made me realise that not everything in the papers about Niall’s girlfriend this week has been strictly true. The accusations have all been made by anonymous sources and the events are described extremely briefly. I think that if any of the last articles had been true then the source’s identity would have come out to the public. However, because they continued to remain anonymous, I have been forcing myself to question whether the sources from previous interviews actually knew the real Rosie Stephens?”

“Rosie is a sweet girl with a loving heart and great deal of understanding and empathy for those around her. I would encourage every member of the public and One Direction’s fan base to also question the things that they see in newspapers and the media –especially if the source has been listed as anonymous. It is not impossible to make things up in this day and age. What I saw last night was not something that she could have made up. It would have been impossible for anyone with an ounce of hate in their body, to act with the love and care that Rosie showed, towards this girl - who was originally a complete stranger to herself and her friends.”

“After they got off the ride I saw them exchange something –either twitter accounts or phone numbers- and all of the girls willingly took pictures with them.”

After interviewing Mike we asked him whose team he was on. “Definitely Team Rosie. How could I not be after witnessing those events? And towards a cancer patient too! I could only hope that my sisters, one day, get a chance to meet her and be treated with the same respect and love that Olivia was treated with.”

We must admit, even here at SugarScape, all of our thoughts towards Nialler’s girl have changed tremendously over the last few hours. We want to hear your thoughts on the loving Rosie Stephens in the comment section below. Is it all real? Are you team Rosie? Who is she really? What do you think about Rosie, Sophia, Eleanor and Rachel’s new-found friendship? All of the best responses will be featured in our next article.

I’m lying with my head in Sophia’s lap, dangling my phone’s twitter page precariously over my face. “What should I say to her?”

“Whatever you want. I’m guessing you should just keep it light though –she won’t want a fuss.”

I bite my lip and turn away from Sophia’s natural, friendly face to open my DM’s.

‘Hey Olivia, I just wanted to say that it was lovely to meet you last night. I noticed your friends weren’t being particularly nice to you so I also wanted to let you know that friends will come and go over the years but you will eventually meet the people that will stick by you no matter what. Just remember that. Lovely to have met you anyway. :) Rosie x’ I press the send button before I can ‘hum’ and ‘har’ over it.

I sit up carefully, trying not to put much pressure on my lower back or coccyx, and walk over to my wardrobe to remove my dirty laundry along with its basket. I throw my phone back onto the bed’s duvet and I’m only half way across the fluffy carpet when Sophia coughs purposely.

I turn back towards her and see her eyes on my back, just where my pyjama t-shirt rides up to show my tanned skin. Although I notice that the skin there is not tanned; its blue and purple and green.


Sophia’s eyes are wide and unsure of what to do or say. That explains the inexplicable aching and soreness. The purple skin itself, shows just how many times I had fallen over last night; far too many times, to be mildly honest.

“Don’t worry… I think.”

“Is your skin supposed to bruise that easily?”

“I hardly ever bruise…” My fingers glide over the skin and I cringe whilst I increase the pressure to find the point where it is no longer bearable; it doesn’t take much.

“Uh oh…” My stricken eyes reach hers and then neither of us can help it; we burst out laughing together. The damage may be quite visible, but last night was one of the best evenings that I’ve ever had out with friends; all finished with a sleepover and a few Sourz shots when we got home. It was fun; it took my mind off of Niall being so far away.

I collect my laundry, like I originally intended, and add a top from last night to the pile. I close the door to my wardrobe and leave the basket by the wall; ready to take downstairs once we wake the other two up.

“Do you need to go see a doctor about it?” Sophia’s still worried with the state of my back and bum.

“For bruising? No, I’ll just use lots of lotion and tiger balm to reduce it. If it hurts I’ll just take a paracetamol or something…”

“Okay…” She smiles at me and starts tickling Eleanor’s feet to gently wake her up.


“Mmhhhm?” She’s amused with the way that Ellie is kicking her legs around under the covers and covering her face with a smile.

“What time is the boys’ flight arriving on Sunday?”

“7:30pm.” She takes one look at me biting my lip and knows exactly what I want to ask. “I can pick you up if you want?”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, of course –otherwise I’ll just be a nervous wreck too. At least picking you up will put my mind at rest for a bit.”

“Mine too. Is Harry’s car at the airport?”


“Will there be enough room for everyone, including luggage?”

“You worry about the weirdest things, little one –surely if there wasn’t enough room it still wouldn’t matter. They hire chauffers for a reason you know…”

I laugh in an embarrassed manner and then scoot out of the room with my laundry basket. Sophia goes to wake up Rachel and El whilst I’m gone; leaving me alone to my own thoughts, my hang over, my laundry and my very stiff body.

A/N: Hi guys! Hope you enjoyed this chapter. You're all giving me so much support that i thought that I would make the effort to get to know all my readers a little better :) So, if you could, comment your name, where you're from and your favourite character from my story. It can be anyone you want :D Hope you're enjoying this story because I looovee writing it. New chapter soon hopefully! Keep reading! Nialls_Tribute xo


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