Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


152. Brighton Rings (Updated with Rachel's POV)


“So, what’s the plan today?” I smile, pulling my pink superdry t-shirt on that has somehow managed to make a permanent residence in Niall’s flat, along with a couple of pairs of skinny jeans and my new pink, blue and white Nike Blazers. He pulls on one of his own t-shirts from where he stands on the other side of the bed –dressing it along with a pair of his usual low-slung jeans. He then matches my shoes –opting for the gold pair that I brought him. They look good. Really good.

“Well we’ve got a bit of time to go out before the midnight memories shoot, so Louis and I were talking about us all going out together. Zayn and Perrie have somewhere else to go and Liam wants to stay at home, so it will just be us, Louis and Eleanor. Is that okay?”

“Yeah sure.” I smile, feeling reluctant for the couple that he missed out.

Niall must have spotted my look because he instantly addresses it. “I asked Harry, but he said they can’t really come out. Especially if it’s just us three couples. It will look like a triple date and you know what’s going on.”

“No, I understand.” I force myself to smile; trying to cover up the disappointment that I know will be showing in my expression.

“You’re a rubbish liar.” He laughs, throwing one of his grey hoodies for me. I put it on and load my phone and purse into the pocket. On second thoughts I move my beanie and sunglasses from my bag to my pockets too. They’re a permanent fixture in my life at the moment. It’s amazing how oblivious fans and paps can be when I’ve got them on. To them, I just look like any other average, brunette teen.

“So where are we going with them?”

“Brighton.” He grins. My heart grows fond with the memories that my family and I were able to create on the little coastal town south of London. Just far enough out to get into the country and feel the fresh sea air, but only a forty give minute drive from London –ideal to get back from, to get the boys to the shoot on time.


 "Yeah, El went there with a few friends and she was raving about it. We went there a couple of times but it was only for a photo shoot on the pier -we didn't get to see much else."

"I love Brighton. It's one of those places where you can go in the summer or the winter and there are always things to do."

"You know it well?" He picks up on my familiar tone of voice.

"Me and Rach used to talk about moving there when were done with sixth form. We went a few times by ourselves as soon as we finished our GCSEs."

"You better not be thinking about leaving me."

"Course not." I bury my hands into my pockets and give him a shrug.

"Good." He winks light-heartedly and slaps his thighs; checking for all of his essentials, before holding out his hand to me and cocking his head to one side. Sometimes I wish I had a camera permanently attached to my eyes. The fans don't even realise just how handsome he is -it’s in these moments where he's being himself and is able to forget about all of the cameras that he looks his best; these moments where I grasp his hand and watch the happiness run straight through him as he watches our clasped hands. But it makes it more special -it tells me that he's mine.


"Do you really have to go?"

"When work calls, work calls..." Harry pouts before pulling on one of his tight white t-shirts.

"You suck." I ball up the duvet that we had been sharing in my arms and lean back against the keyboard. We had just been watching goggle-box -an absurd concept where you watch people's reactions to different TV programmes, on another TV programme-when Harry saw the time.

"Yeah, yeah. I know. I’ll be back quite late. So do whatever you want until I get back. Or you don't have to stay..."

"I'll just surprise you." I smirk, not giving anything away.

"Okay." Harry leans over the bed, supporting himself on the duvet with his hands and one knee; pulling my head forward to place a few fluttery kisses there.

"I just want you to know..." My eyes meet his green ones in interest and something immediately vanishes from them. "Actually... Um, uh, if you go out then there's some money in the cupboard at the back." He rolls back to standing and shakes a hand through his gorgeously ruffled hair. "Just, uh, treat yourself. I won't be back until late. I'm sorry Rach. Sorry."

"Don't worry, I probably won't go out anyway –I’ll just order some food or something."

"Okay fine. Do whatever you want. See you later Ray. Uh, yeah."

"See you." I wait until he's out of the room before repeating myself. "You suck Styles!"

"I know, I'm sorry lovely." And with that he leaves. I get up to find my phone and text Rosie, wondering whether she'll want to do something whilst Niall and Harry are gone.

I type quickly into our constantly occurring and ever growing messages. 'Ugh. Boys and their work. Want to do something whilst they're out? I don't want to be bored by myself :( hope you've been having a good day! Xx'

I've not even reached the kitchen to tackle the pile of unattended dishes when my phone buzzes in my pocket. 

'Would love to. Down in Brighton right now with Niall, Lou and El.' Ooh, that's nice. 'Once we've dropped them off at about 8 I’ll give you a call and see what we can get up to together before they finish. Missing yoou xx'

That's weird. Rosie said that they're dropping the boys off at 8... But it's only 4 now. What the hell is Harry up to?

And then it hits me. He never told me it was today. He never said! He didn't even give me the time to prepare myself for this; mentally or physically...

"Oh..." I whisper to myself, already feeling the silent walls of the flat collapsing in on me as I look around the room. My heart starts to pound and my hands go clammy as I take in every single thing. All of this takes place in the short moments before the hand of a present ghost penetrates my chest and snatches my heart to twist it harshly. "So this is when it all starts..."


We've been walking through the old lanes; admiring the cute little boutiques, old vintage shops and tiny cafes, with cakes dancing along the window displays. 

"I'm not in the mood today Niall." I whisper when a group of girls start freaking out from a distance. I don't want to say it. I know that stuff like this shouldn't be taken for granted. It's a positive; it's Niall and Louis' career, but there are some times where I just wish things were a bit more chilled out. I hope Niall doesn't take it the wrong way.

Luckily, he takes my hand and squeezes it tight. "Don't worry."

We start to take a stride in their general direction, allowing them to come bundling over in joy as I predicted. I hang back as much as possible and let go of Niall's hand at the last possible second.

"Niall! We never thought you'd be here! Why are you in Brighton?"

"We never get to see you cause you're always in London!"

"How are you liking it here?"

"It's great." He smiles back at them, reassuring me with a few backwards glances whilst I lean against a nearby lamppost. "Me and Rosie just came down here for the afternoon with Louis and his girlfriend."

"Louis and Eleanor are here?" One girl practically screams. I wish I had as much energy as her; I don't even know what's come over me… I just know that I'm not going to be able to fake a smile and jump around when all I really want to do is to run into the nearest shop, where Louis I,s and hide in the back with Eleanor.

"They've just gone into a shop. He'll be out in a second."


"Can we get some photos please Niall? We don't want to bug you but it would be amazing."

"Sure..." He rubs his hand together and I look up to find a few of the girls and Niall's eyes on me. He starts to take some selfies with them but comes to the rescue when one fan asks if she can take a picture of me. "No photos of Rosie. Just me okay? Take lots and lots of photos of me." He sticks his tongue out for the camera -Miley style- and I can just imagine the tweets and blog posts that will be flowing through the social media sites once they get uploaded to the Internet. I feel bad because a few of them look disappointed that I don’t want to be in any photos once they’ve stopped killing themselves with laughter at Niall, but I don't even have to say a word as he addresses the situation again. "She's just having a bit of a crappy day. Aren't you love?" I nod with a smile, as sincere as I can muster, before readjusting my grey beanie over my hair.

They all fuss around Niall and Louis, once he comes striding to join the small huddle, leaving El by my side and giving me some free time to recollect myself.

She takes one look at me and smirks to herself. "One of those days huh? I know what they're like."

I nod with a roll of my eyes. "Tell me about it."

"But..." She sings backing away from me, towards a girl who's holding her arm out and asking El to join them for a picture. "That's why you've got to make the most of it on the good days." She's right. A good image can't be maintained with little-to-no effort.

I'm just looking at the street around us, whilst the guys sign an assortment of notebooks and phone cases, when I notice a girl standing beside me. She's definitely one of the group -her phone's got Louis and Niall's fresh signatures on the back.

"What do you think? You like it here?"

"Love it." I whisper quietly, amazed by one of the small boutiques that has row after row of glittering heels in the shop front window.

The girl turns to me, her bright red hair blowing in the wind that constantly surrounds this coastal town. "I'm Laura."

"Hi." I smile awkwardly, confused as to why she's wasting her time with me rather than spending it with the others. I’m rather surprised actually. But of course in a positive way –I’m flattered.

"Don't worry. I'm not gonna shove a camera in your face or anything. I already got my stuff signed so I might as well give the others a chance."

I nod and take in the sight if the crowd where most of the girls are craving for attention, rather than acting maturely like this girl. I know it's not their fault. I understand.

"I like your ring." I point out. It's a weird shape, but it interests me, so she holds it up for me to get a better look and I take her hand to steady it.

It's a long, thin, silver arrow with pierced hearts that spirals around her middle finger between her two knuckles.

"Thanks. I've got another one like this. It's a baby dragon that looks like it's holding on to your finger. My friend makes them."

"They're cute."

She takes it off so that I can get an even better look and places it in my hand. I roll my fingertips around it, seeing it from every angle. "You can have it Rosie."

"What?" Where did that come from? I only complimented her for it…

"Keep it. I can get my friend to send you some more too."

"No don't be silly. It's yours." I try to hand it back to her but she purses her lips and holds her hands up.

"Seriously. It's yours now."

It's obvious she won't take no for an answer. "Well... are you sure?"

"Yeah, of course! But..."

"But?" I raise my eyebrows and encourage her with a newly found grin.

"But you do music right? You can sing?"

"Yeah..." I frown, not understanding how I would be able to repay her with my voice.

"Just promise me you'll do some music. Sing a song. Upload it to YouTube. Start your own album –whatever. Everyone will love it. Seriously, if you put your debut out tomorrow, I'd buy it! I know most of my friends would too." Is she serious? She hasn’t even heard me sing. I know it’s knowledge in the fandom but are they really that supportive that they’ll encourage someone without even understanding their talent?

"I'm not that good."

"Shut up." She laughs. “Everyone's been raving about you since that concert of yours. Do you know how many fans were there?" There are a lot of fans in my school -that much was made clear when the boys were practically mobbed once the show was finished.

"I mean... I guess-"

"And if you aren't that good, at least prove it. Give it a try -see what happens."

I bit my lip, really emotionally involved with what she just said. She's right. The idea makes me excited -imagine having my own single. That's crazy, but I guess there are ways of getting there. There's always a way.

"I agree." Someone speaks from behind me, wrapping their arms around my shoulders and swaying momentarily. I hadn't even noticed Niall creep up on me.

The red head is all smiles as I turn to see Louis and Eleanor heading this way, with waves to the slowly decreasing group of girls.

"Ready to go?" Niall asks, kissing my cheek quickly.

"Sure." I smile, blushing at this public display of affection.

"Just think about it." The girl adds, tightening my hand around the ring she gave me. "I'd be your number one fan."

"Hear that Rosie? You’re already achieving your own little group of fans." Niall turns to the girl. “Don’t worry,  I’m gonna be persuading her for the next 50 years if that’s what it takes.”

He stands up straight and motions for us to follow after Lou and El.

"See you later then. Thanks for the photos Niall. Bye Rosie."

We wave goodbye and walk away when I look down at the arrow spiral in the palm of my hand and turn back. "Bye Laura!" She only just hears me and turns back to wave once again. I wait until she's out of sight before showing Niall.

"Look what she gave me."

"That's cute. Your first gift from a fan." He replies, taking it from me to fit on my ring finger.

"Niall..." I whisper, pushing some hair from my forehead back under my beanie. What if a photographer sees and gets the wrong idea? He must realise because he interlocks our fingers and puts our hands into his jacket pocket.

"What?" He jokes, a cheeky grin on his face. "You never know -maybe one day it will be a real one."


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