Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


1. Arriving Home


“You coming into Croydon today? I wanted to pick up a new coat and scarf. My others are ruined since we had that heavy snow just after bonfire night. I tell you what Rose, I wasn’t amused when you dragged me out to go sledging with you. I still haven’t bloody recovered! Neither has my poor coat for that matter!” she looks genuinely disgusted at the memories we had made from sledging down that hill, not even four days ago, to find ourselves sitting in an unseen mud pile at the bottom. Her face is a picture and I just have to burst out laughing.

“You’ll get over it Rach. I found it quite hilarious actually.” I reply, still laughing. I look over my shoulder and see she has stopped in the middle of the road that we're walking to get home from school. She looks at me as if to make a point -that nothing about the situation was funny- but it just makes me giggle so much so that I'm now doubled over and clutching my chest.

Rachel carries on walking to where I'm stood and as I look up I can see that she is trying her hardest not to giggle at my outburst “You coming with me or not then?”

“Sorry, I can’t Rach. I’m taking my sister to the One direction concert at the club in London remember?”

“Oh shit. Yeah I forgot about that.”

“Lucky you -it’s all I’ve been able to think about since I woke up. My ears are going to be deafened by all of those little screaming girls. I don’t get why you only have to say ‘One Direction’ and suddenly a group of girls start screaming or hyper-ventilating. Sadly, one of those little girls is going to be Lola tonight and I have to take her.”

“Cut her some slack. She’s 12! We were once like that, remember?” Yeah, and now I wish I had done more with my young-teenage-life than obsess over boys with alter-egos and smug personalities. Now we're 18 it's plain to see the cons of ‘fan-girling’ over people who will never give you the time of day due to their crazy lifestyles and loaded wallets.

“Ahh well. Lola is excited and as long as it goes okay, I’m not too deafened by the end of it and she’s satisfied for another year then I don’t mind giving up my time tonight.”

“That’s the spirit!” Rachel exclaims with a wink “Just remember some girls would kill to be in your position tonight! Going to see them in an exclusive concert with only 73 other people? Lucky you!” I roll my eyes at her, but when she puts it like that it doesn’t seem so unbearable.

We've just arrived outside of my house and although it's getting late, my older brother is on the drive just drying off his pride and joy from a previous wash. His car I mean.

“Justin! How are you?”

“Hey Rach, I’m good thanks!”

“Flirt. He has a girlfriend.” I cough as I gave my best friend a huge hug and walked towards the door of our house. I look back and she is still giggling -twisting her long black hair round and round her finger until she reached the bottom and the red dip dye was visible. She only ever does it as a joke -we all know that -including Justin's girlfriend. “Text me when you get home!” I call as I walk into the hallway and take my shoes off; brown oxfords with a slight heel on them.

I wait for Rach to depart and my brother to enter the house before closing the door. She only lives around the corner, about 8 houses away, but the thought of her walking by herself scares me.

As I open the door into the living room I'm jumped on by a bouncing blonde girl who wraps her legs around me and clings on tight like a little monkey. “Rosie! You’re home!” I laugh and hug her tightly.

“Someone’s excited. Been waiting for me to get back?”

“No kidding, she’s been sitting by the window waiting for you since she got home at 3pm.” I look down to the armchair in the corner and realise it was my dad who had replied. He has a smile on his face; obviously proud of the love his children have for each other. I look at my phone and see that it's 5:00 now.

Lola climbs down and looks up at me brightly. She has straight blonde hair that contrasts with my dark curls and height wise she comes up to my chest.

“Sorry I was late, I had music rehearsals. I text mum about it but I didn’t know if she had told you?”

Justin walks into the living room, suddenly holding a box of microwavable pasta that had already been half eaten “No she didn’t tell us. She had to run out for a business meeting and said that she won’t be back until you’ve both left.”

“It’s okay though. I’m glad you’re home. Can we get ready now Rosie?” Lola's still in her blouse and skirt from school, although she's slung her blazer over the back of the sofa as she always does.

“Okay monkey. Run up to my room then and grab your clothes that you want to wear.” She runs out of the room, but before I leave I pick up her blazer and walk out into the hallway where I hang it on the coat rack.

Our family is reasonably wealthy so our house is very spacious and homely. I ran up the cream carpeted stairs and walk across the wide hallway to the room on the end of the corridor. Our house has 6 bedrooms although only 4 are used regularly. ‘Roselyn’ the door read. I walk in and find little monkey already sitting on my 4 poster bed placed against the opposite wall.

Lola loves my room and comes in here whenever the opportunity arises. The carpet is a creamy white, like the hallways and corridors outside, but the walls are a refreshing lavender colour.

I have vintage wooden cabinets and dressers around the room that are painted white -alike the wood of the king size bed. The material above the bed is lavender chiffon that falls from the posts and is wrapped around them lovingly. The duvet on the bed is the same lavender colour that runs around the whole room and upon my bed alongside Lola is cushion after cushion piled against the headboard that is made up of little pieces of mosaic mirror.

The four-poster, king size bed is my pride and joy of the room. Everybody that ever comes here loves it and my mum had designed it for me since the day I had started getting too big for my toddler bed.


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