Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


79. Airport Blues


Harry and I are standing in close proximity, leaning back against his practically empty luggage trolley and watching all of the other couples moulding from 2 people into 1.

“Aaahh… well, this is depressing.”

“You can say that again.” I laugh and look over to see that Harry already has his soft eyes on mine. We both look away and watch Zayn, who is quietly talking to a security guard close by, who is one of the few guys that will be travelling with them. Most of the others will be leaving with us girls once the band has checked in.

“I’m glad you’re here. Normally Niall’s my single buddy to keep me company but ugh. He’s turned into one of them as well now.” We both look over to where Niall is pressed right against my best friend, his trolley left behind them as if it has been completely forgotten. It’s still hard to believe that I only these guys because of her meeting them first and, of course, her predictable relationship with the baby of the group, Niall.

“That’s what love does to you.” I shrug my shoulders, remembering what it was like to feel in love but, to be honest, I haven’t felt like that in a very long time. “They are a good couple though –you have to admit.” We both watch them, my elbow rests on top of my folded arms, my hand just under my chin to support my squinting face.

“Yes. A really good couple -but it still makes me sick.”

“Me too.” I laugh with him, and we concentrate our attention on each other. “Thanks for the lift earlier by the way.”

“Oh it’s no problem at all. Did you enjoy dinner?” We had all met up for a small meal at a London bar and restaurant to have some food and a chat before we were spilt up for seven days. I’d had a lamb chop with mint gravy and a Yorkshire pudding. I couldn’t exactly remember what Harry had; some sort of pasta or rice dish.

“It was okay. Not the best I’ve ever had but it wasn’t bad.”

I laugh brightly and nudge his arm. “A local pub isn’t normally equipped for serving boy-bands.”

“Hey, who says boy bands eat any differently to normal people?”

“’Not the best I’ve ever had’.” I imitate his accent with a wink and he chuckles softly.

“That wasn’t half a bad accent –better than you’re impression of Louis at least.” For some reason I couldn’t grasp Lou’s Northern accent at the dinner table earlier and so made a complete fool of myself -naturally in front of everyone. I’m not extremely grateful that Harry still hasn’t dropped that turn of events yet.

“Hey…” He laughs softly and I sway from foot to foot as I smile to myself. It’s easy to feel comfortable around Harry –we’ve been really close lately and I’m even being mistaken for his girlfriend in lots of newspaper and internet articles.

They couldn’t be further from the truth –Harry is more like the guy best friend from high school that I never got the chance of having –but it’s amusing all the same to see so many speculations. The thought makes me more aware of all the camera’s lenses which are mostly trained on the pair of us. I look towards the paparazzi and see their lenses move quickly as Rosie and Niall start snogging. It makes me laugh in amusement. How can a bunch of people be so entertaining to the whole world? It’s so hard to understand because I am now one of them.

Throughout all of this, however, one of the most comforting things is how much time Harry and I have been spending together as great friends –our personalities are really quite complementary to each other.

For example, on Friday he came to pick me up from London when I was drunk and today he invited me to go out for coffee with him -before we met up with the others for dinner and came here.

“Hey look at the bright side of leaving the UK…”

“What?” His expression is enthusiastic and he can probably sense a crappy upcoming joke.

“At least you won’t get called out at midnight, to pick up your drunk friend… again.”

“Thank fuck for that.” He laughs in an apologetic manner before carrying on. “But you can assure yourself that if I do get any drunk messages I won't even hesitate to call Modest and get them to send you a big bulky security guard that you won't be taking any of your alcohol-influenced crap.” We both smile. “I would come and pick you up, whenever you needed me to, but god only knows how far you will have run from the ‘giant red candle’ before my plane could arrive.” The giant red candle was from when I was describing to him where I was over the phone. Apparently the whole street that I was on was lined with Christmas lights and that was the only thing I could remember about my location whilst under the influence of alcohol. Why I thought that would be helpful, instead of the bar’s name, I have no idea. Luckily my sister was sober enough to tell him where we were.

“Oh god…” I groan as I try to remember exactly what else I had said to him, on Friday night, whilst hitting the London bars with my older sister. “What was it I said?”

“There were a few unintelligible and slurred comments that my ears protected me from hearing,” Oh fuck… thank god he won’t admit what I said. It’s obvious he does know but his smirk is a signal that it’s more to save my own embarrassment and dignity rather than prove anything to me.

"Uh oh."

"Yes -uh oh.”

"Don't worry -I'm never drinking again."

"The amount of times I’ve said that and I still enjoy a good drink." He smiles in a jokey way and then observes the rest of his friends. “You said something about this ring by the way.” He holds up his hand so that I can see the glittering black band that he always wears on his fingers –the whole time I’ve known him it’s always been there –I can’t imagine him taking it off… but he does.

He holds it in the palm of his hand to show me. “You said that it had magical powers and that it must be how I found you.” I raise my eyebrows at him. “Yeah… you were pretty out of it by then…” we laugh together and he holds the ring further out to me. “You said it makes you a nice person and that it makes your hugs really good. I think you also said something about how it attracted penguins…” I can’t stop myself from giggling at how crazy I sounded on Friday evening.

“But anyway. You can wear it because you also said that it keeps me safe.”

He holds his palm out to me. “No. It’s your ring –you always wear it!”

“Just think about it like you're keeping it safe for me, until I get back then? Okay?”

His smile is hard to resist so I roll my eyes and take the black ring from his hand, sliding it over my thumb so that it’s tighter there than around my small fingers –and less likely to fall off. “Okay. Until you get back.” He smiles at the ring, like he’s just won an argument, and I poke the dimple at the corner of his mouth to annoy him.

Harry puts his hands on the bar of the trolley behind us and leans back, his eyes carefully trained on Liam and Sophia, then Rosie and Niall.

"I know the sight is sickening, but I can't help feeling jealous whenever I see my friends like this."

"You're only human -I'm only just realising how torturous it must have been for Rosie to watch me walking around school with Miles every day." I decide not to look over at Harry whilst bringing this subject up -I don't want to see the darkness in his expression that I know will be there.

"God damn it. Just come here and give me a cuddle."

I walk into his resigned embrace and stay tucked under his arm. "I'll miss you whilst we're gone, little one."

"I think I'll miss these hugs, and the phone calls when we can't sleep, the most."

"Why would you miss the evening phone calls?"

"Time difference you idiot."

"Oh yeah." We both chuckle and his chest moves against my hair as the laughter rattles inside his ribcage.

"If you see any famous people tell them to follow me on twitter." I add jokingly and he laughs.

"Who do you class as famous?"

"Hmm... Obama?"

"You're pushing your luck." His voice is tinted with a smile.

"I'll be your best friend for ever and ever and ever and ever!?"

"Ok, you got me... I'll pass your URL on to him." He chuckles and then we're pulled apart by Zayn.

"No! You can't have him. Harry's mine."

There's something oddly sexual about the way he clings onto Harry and winks over at me -it causes me to giggle, past caring about what I sound like or who's watching. "No Harry. Don't be her best friend -you can be mine and you don't have to get famous people to follow me on twitter -they already do."

I shove both of their arms lightly and then join them in the hug. The flashes of cameras go crazy as we make a small group hug and then I realise why; everyone else has come over to join us and we are a jumble of colognes, arms and beautiful people. All joined together by something amazing; friendship.

Unsurprisingly, Louis doesn't take long to find a way to dive over the three of us in the middle and everybody else on the outsides of the tight huddle. “GO ONE DIRECTION!” He screams into the airport. I hear Sophia's tutting, Liam's groans and the paparazzi's laughs -meaning that he probably ended up on top of them.

I feel safe at the heart of the group hug; under Zayn's toned bicep, Harry's warm arms, Louis with his stubbly cheek pressed against mine, and Harry's and Rosie's fingers clutching my coat so that none of us can’t wobble over.

These are all of my favourite people and we're so close in a completely surreal and amazing way; there's no other way to describe it except that we are a family made up of loving friends. A brilliant family that I hope will never get the chance to be separated by age or any horrible experiences.


We've just emerged from the group hug and are all standing awkwardly, as close to our partners as possible, understanding that it is now time to say goodbye. No one wants to go. No one wants them to go. No one wants to be the first to say goodbye either, so Harry and Zayn urge their mates on. "Come on boys. I want time to have a good look through duty free before the plane gets called."

I grab for Niall's hand, one last time before he can walk away and send him one single thought, just through the use of my eyes. It means that I love him and I don't want anything to happen to him and that he has to stay safe for me. He sends me back a similar message, just as intense, but this time with a verbal reassurance. "I'll be fine. You don't need to worry; keep your phone on at all times and ill text you when we land."

"Okay. Have a good time," Niall raises his eyebrows "Or at least try to."

"Okay." I let go of his hand and he pulls his trolley away with him. Louis and Liam follow behind him and none of the boys can stop their eyes from darting back at us every few seconds.

 I walk over to where Sophia stands, closing in on her left whilst El and Rach make their way over from her right. We stand with our arms round each other’s backs, keeping the support that each of us needs, and chatter quietly between ourselves. The check-in desk has been specifically reserved for one direction and so it takes them all but two minutes to hand over their luggage. Niall leaves his trolley there and throws his separate backpack over one shoulder -it carries his laptop and other flight necessities- before turning and waving. 

We watch them disappear through the security entrance, throwing jokey punches at each other's arms -already starting the week long banter that they'll have. It is the first time I feel complete excitement for him; he will be going away with his friends. All of them are so lucky to have jobs like that -it would be anyone's dream to travel the world with your friends and get paid enormous amounts whilst doing so.

I start to smile as they disappear down the corridor; Niall and Louis turn around at the exact same time, right before they walk out of sight, to carry out their plan of blowing kisses to El and I. Their smiles beam across their face and it makes me laugh, but then they are gone and all traces of my upturned lips are gone.

Instead, I stand shocked and pained, my eyes tearing up, but I don't want to cry, because this is good -they are going away on business and will have such a good time.

Sophia turns her head away from the doors and smiles sadly at my glittering eyes. "The first time is the hardest. You know that. But I should warn you –just because I know that you're in this for the long run… The second time gets better but after that you need to be prepared -it will be just as hard, just as painful, every single time from then on. Somehow you’ll just be able to find a way of covering up the emotions instead of showing them."

I take her hand, to squeeze it, and my phone goes off inside of my jeans pocket. I take it out and there is a newly delivered message on the lock screen where Niall and I are cuddling on his sofa.

The message says:

Love you. Don’t be upset. I’ll message you before I get on the plane. Nialler xx

I take his advice and put on a brave smile.

Sophia’s comment wasn't supposed to comfort me –it was supposed to inform me- but I am glad, because sometimes the truth can be more assuring than a little white lie.


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