Actions speak louder than words

Might be really crap 1st fanfic sorry!!


1. Chapter One- The new guy

'"MEL!"Rosie shouted whipping the covers from my body.

"Urgh" I groaned curling back up into a ball "Melanie get your lazy arse up!" "Why?" I mumbled into my pillow. "Because if you make us late... again. The principle ain't going to pleased, besides there is a stupid assembly today." "Urgh not the new kid honor welcome shit?" "Unfortunately yes" "There is no point!" I cried out eventually heaving my body out of my bed, "Well get dressed you lazy gal!" she laughed "I'll be with Harry!" she laughed running out of our dorm. I rolled my eyes and walked to my wardrobe. "So Rosie didn't wake you eh?" "She hates me remember Mel?" I nodded- Rosie and Wirral (she hates her name) had a fall out over Harry. Silly yeah. I sighed and pulled on my sweatshirt and leggings. "Wirral get up!!!" 'No. don't give a crap' she grunted. "Besides I have a free period so shut up!" I giggled. "What?" "Wirral you need to get over it!" "Urgh, I'll meet you down there. Go." I sighed pulling my hair up into a tight, high ponytail. I walked into the hall and sat at the back of the hall with Rosie and the lads. Harry, Liam, Niall and Zayn. Ok so uhm let me explain. Wirral and Rosie fell out over Harry, they both liked him. Harry went for Rosie and Wirral was fine with it but Rosie made up a rumor and yeah.... We all groaned as the headmaster stuttered. "H-Hello children" "Oh boy" Liam muttered making me laugh. "MISS MELANIE HUGHES!" "Sorry sir" Niall chuckled so i hit his crotch making the others laugh. The principle looked at them but just rolled his eyes. I sighed and spotted Wirral walking to the office. Huh? I shrugged and looked forward. He blabbered on before introducing 3 new lads. Louis Tomlinson, Kaine Jones and Curtis Campbell. "Oh shit" the lads chorused  "What?" I asked "Louis tomlinson." they said narrowing their eyes at him.

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