Finding hope.

Emmy is 16 whose battling through depression and self harm she's currently making her journey to recovery so she decides to join a institution for young adults that go through mental health. Join her on this journey where she finds love and friendship and even more filled with twists! Read and see :) I know pretty shit blurb but I'm not good at blurbs sorry!


3. The Earlton mental institution

Emmy's pov

we drove past so many farms and forests until we went up a hill which i could see a pointy little spire sticking out from the hill, I realized right then that we was there i could see the wooden plank which engraved 'The Earlton Mental Institution' underneath the the big engraved letters laid small tiny ones which says 'specialized since 1990 for the young' before I took my eyes of the wooden engraved plank i was there at the place where people like me was trying to recover or was to messed up to be in the normal world, my dads car pulled up to the long drive way, the building was old it looked like an abandon church the spire made it look more like it, as i admired the view my dad unloading my luggage someone was walking right through our direction a woman that had a strong accent which i couldn't think where from spoke up saying

"Emmy Maria Clark?"

i turned round to face a woman with blonde hair that was tied in a tight bun with a bright blue crystallized eyes  she was wearing natural make up but the mascara she wore brightened her eyes she had perfect pearly white teeth which she matched with a beautiful smile, she was wearing a white uniformed dress which had blue pipping on her collars and the bottom of her dress, she wore a light blue cardigan and black laced shoes she had name tag which said 'Nurse: Greta' 

"I'm Greta i'll be your nurse from now on (shaking my hand), i'll be showing you round and helping you settle in and discussing your daily routine"

i wanted to say hello or even nice to meet you to Greta but before i could say anything at all to her my dad interrupts me and introduces himself to my nurse

"Nice to meet you i'm Emmy's dad Greg Clark" he puts his hand out to indicate he wants a handshake from Greta, she smiles while giving him a handshake

"you two Mr Clark, unfortunately were running late with our schedule so better get going", she leads me and my dad inside the building she speaks about the building saying how in 1988 it used to be an abandon church and how 1990 a Psychologist Doctor called Raymond Edgar bought this place to turn it into an institution for young adults like me and ever since its been here, she shows me around the building she first showed me my room which i have to share with another patient unfortunately when i got there my roommate wasn't there which made me even more nervous because who knows who'll i'll have to share with and what happens if this person doesn't like me and what happens if she doesn't want me to share with her before i kept thinking of the negativity of sharing a room with someone which is out of my comfort zone because i've never shared a room with anyone ever before unless sleepovers with Bella counts then maybe i have? who knows, mean while Greta told my dad to put all my luggage on neatly done bed which i can later unpack after Greta shows me around.

the second place she showed was  a room called the 'live room' its place where people just sit around and watch tv or do something like paint or draw or craft anything to suit you really after few piles of stairs she leaded me to old looking library there where comfy cushions and fairy lights around some book cases which made it look ten times better and even iPod docs and vinyl records and players I  loved the library already to be honest  i loved anything that had books involved i'm sort of a book worm i felt some sort of an energy when i got showed there my dad smiled at me when i saw the library 

"this library is amazing" i said to Greta and my dad.

"its my favorite place" the voice that spoke wasn't from Greta or my Dad, instead it was from a pierced blue eyes that had dark jet black hair and olive skin, peeked out from a book he was reading

"Noah? you shouldn't be here at this time your scheduled to see Dr Simmons"

"chill Greta! Dr simmons is sorting out an emergency patient she'll  see me afterwards she dealt that, so for now i'm gonna enjoy this god damn book and do what i like doing which is read" he gives a cheeky smile and a wink at him.

"very well then!, ahh Noah Meet Emmy she's new to Earlton Institution"

"well hello dreamy brown eyes" he hands his hand out for hand shake, can't believe how flirty this guy is, even in front of my father..

"hello to the guy who i just met but is already trying to flirt with me" i give him a smile 

which leads him to smirk


me and my dad and Noah turn to see Greta's beeper going off which means shes needed for an emergency

"Oh Crap i have to go unfortunately he tour has to end here for you, i'm very sorry Mr Clark and Emmy, i tell you what Why don't Noah show you the rest of the building  and if Mr clark would like to say his good byes to you now emmy then i can take him to another nurse so he can do some couple of papers and information that'll he need to fill out if that's okay with you?"

I realize that i can't really say no which is unfair because someone needs her help, "yeah that'll be"

"will that be fine for you Noah?"

"yeah that'll be fine, i'll have to do it after my appointment with Dr Simmons though but after that i'll get her from her room and then i'll show her around?"

"that'll be great, thank you so much!"

my dad comes towards to me hugs me and says his good byes and says his usual dad stuff which is stay strong for me, stay out of trouble which funny cause i doubt i can cause any here haha he says how'll he'll miss me and stuff like that and how he'll come and see me every once a month on visitation day, which is only once a month when all parents or friends and other family members can come and visit the patient which sucks that means i'll have to wait until next month for my dad to visit me cause the visitation day this month has already be done.

i tell him how i love him and how i'll be fine here and tell him to look after himself i give huge hug to him before i knew it Greta leads him downstairs to fill some papers and he was gone.

i tears rolled down on my cheeks, when suddenly Noah taps me on my shoulder

"you'll get used it, i know it sucks right now but trust me it'll be worth it"

i wipe the tears off with my jumper "i suppose your right"

"i am right, i'm always now"

"someones is a bit full of them self" i reply with a smile

we both laugh, "Ahh Noah i've been looking all over for you" a nurse looks kinda annoyed at Noah 

"luckily i saw Nurse Greta on my way and she told where you was, anyways are you ready? because Dr Simmons is now ready to see you" 

she smiled at me and says "oh you must be Emmy Maria Clark, Greta's new Patient, nice to meet you! i'm Martha Noah's nurse" 

"yes i am, nice to meet you as well"

"i'm sorry to ruin this moment but Noah you have to come with me now"

"okay Martha..just one second, Emmy what dorm number are you?"

"erm i'm.." i unfold the sheet of paper that has a map of the building and information of where my room is and what number, "i'm dorm 12B" 

"oh. okay" he looks down and all of a sudden his face turns from happy to bit of gloomy as if i said something wrong...well have i? 

"i'll come and get you there okay emmy?" before i could even reply okay he's been taken by Martha..

I decided to make my way to my room but i kept thinking why his tone of voice and mood changed when i said my dorm number '12B'...somethings just not right..

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