Resisting you.

She doesn't attention seek. He adores attention. She has no friends. He has everyone at his feet. She loved him. He broke her.


11. 9, parties, perverts and chances, day five.






So I enter Mia and Lydia's cabin alone. I still haven't spoken to Harry since. 

"Lana!" Lydia calls spotting me, their apartment is bigger than mine,  it has a sitting room, with a couch, a coffee table and a T.V. I can't really make out what colour the walls or the carpet. 

"Hey, Harry isn't here is he? I haven't seen him in a few days but a couple of people said that he was looking for me. I feel a little bad for it," I say biting my lip. 

"Erm, well, yeah." Lydia confesses awkwardly. 

"Where is he?" 

"He's, look come in here!" Lydia changes the subject dragging me into the living room. 

"Why is Harry in here?" I ask looking around to find drunk teens dancing. 


"Hey baby." A creepy dark voice rasps, I feel an arm sliver around my waist. 

I look around for Lydia but she seems to be gone. 

I'm spun round to bump into a tall brown haired boy. 

"Let me take those clothes off you." He whispers into my ear, sick fills my throat as my failing attempts to get out of his grip makes me weaker. 

"Richie no." I plead as tears fill my eyes. 

"Let's go upstairs." 

I then feel my body being dragged out of the intense crowd and up about ten steps. 

He places his hand over my mouth, I try to bite but his grip is too strong for me to even open my mouth. 

He gets to a white door, and opens it I squeeze my eyes closed in an effort trying to squeal. 
I open them to a shock, a sad heart crushing shock, Harry. But he's not alone. 
He's with Mia. I stare into his shocked green eyes, I then switch them over to Mia with disgust. 
I shake my head and close my eyes. 
I can't see this, I can't see a bed with two. I can't see naked bodies loving each other. 

I'm soon dragged out of the room, I hear my name being shouted repeatedly. 

"It's not what it looks like!" 

"I'm sorry!" 

I'm not even sure why I should be so hurt, I'm not with Harry. He can fuck who he wants. It's just it told Mia everything, my feelings for him. She just stabs me in the back multiple times, back and forth, until all the blood is gone and all that's left is a corpse, a cold white corpse. 

A pressure on my hips rips me from my thoughts, 

I look to see Richie slamming his hips on mine. 

He ties a piece of cloth around my mouth preventing me from saying anything. 

I shake my head in my only protest as Richie ties me to the bed head rest. I kick my feet up and try to scream but the cloth makes it harder to hear anything. He grabs my shirt and pops the buttons from it, he opens it and then pulls my skirt down.

He unbuckles his belt and pulls down his trousers. 

I close my eyes as his hands lay on my shaking legs. They slide further up my legs, onto my inner thighs. 

"Leave her the fuck alone!" A shout is heard. 

I open my eyes and tears flood out blurring my vision. Richie is then pulled off me and thumped against the wall. 

"Lana, I'm so sorry." A worried English accent ringing through my ears. 

As much as I don't want to speak to him, right now Harry is my only saviour. 
I feel a material being pulled up my legs, Harry buttons up my shirt masking me feel less awkward. 

He unties my legs and then arms. 

I pull the cloth from my mouth. I go to say something but cry. Just cry. Into his arms. My latest experience just can't be expressed by words. I'm cradled into Harry's arms as he hushes me. 


"Harry, I don't know what to say to you." I say, unsure whether to smack him or thank him. 

"Thank you Harry you are the greatest boy ever and I never want to live without you." He says with a girly voice fluttering his eyelashes. 

"No, I mean, do I hit you or kiss you?" I say instantly regretting the kiss comment. 

"Kiss me? You thought about kissing me?" 

I look at his lips, I think, Harry's lips crash against mine, it kiss back, feeling the full to his soft touch, his tongue sliding in and traveling my mouth.

"You just thought about it again!" Harry shouts clapping. 

"No I wasn't!" 

"Yes! You want me! Admit it!" 

"Do not." 






"Yes! God damn it!" 

"You do! Ha! You admitted it!" Harry shouts in achievement. 

"God! Harry! Why are you so self-centred!" I push out in frustration. 

"You're such a bitch!" Harry confesses. 

"Fuck you!" I shout. 

"You want to do what to me?" Harry jokes winking. 

"Aha, why is it only midnight we get along and like any other time we dispose each other?" I ask still laughing a little. 

"I don't know." Harry sighs. 

I look down to see his fingers edging closer to mine. I don't think he quite realises it though. 

Harry looks straight into my eyes and just smiles. 

"What?" I ask looking down to his smirking face. 


"Whatever! Well I better be going sleep!" I say getting up from his bed. 

 "Ok, nighty night night!" Harry jokes, it's what we used to say after our like three hour phone calls at midnight. 
I smile at his remark and leave the room.


"Why do you hate me?" I ask, unsure why I have asked him, I just have. 

"You seriously don't know do you?" Harry explains with a sigh. 


"Well, Richie, he told me, you kissed him, I then asked Amber, she said it was true and that you'd said loads of horrible things about me and you'd cheated on me with loads of others when you went on holiday." Harry explains almost crying?! But none of it is true?! 

"What? No? I'd never kiss Richie, when I was on holiday I got sick and couldn't leave the hotel." I object, I mean why would Amber do that? Is that why she fell out with me? 

"Why would they lie? Amber was your best friend, Richie is, or was mine." 

"Amber fell out with me the same day you dumped me, Richie has been trying it on with me ever since we first started going out!" I say almost too desperate to get that out of the way. 

"I, I-I don't know what to say." Harry sighs.

"Then say nothing, you were lied to by your friends." I say rubbing his back. 

"No, I hurt you, physically and emotionally, I can't take that back, I can't take any if it back because those years you suffered and I out you through hell when I could've been loving you." Harry cried into my shoulder, this is the first time I've seen Harry cry, it hurts me to see him cry.

"Harry, you've caused me so much pain, but you felt hurt, it's understandable because now you know that I'd never hurt anyone, not even a fly. So why would I hurt the one I love?" 

"Love?" Harry asks, I said love? 

"I loved you then, I loved you since you hurt me repeatedly, after a while I begun to hate you. You scared me, you harmed me. But you didn't know and I forgive you for that." I assert, Harry keeps his head down wiping his eyes.

"I'm sorry. For everything, I wish we could forget that." Harry put forth sobbing. 

"Well, we can't. But, we can move on." 

"Really?" Harry looks up in hope. 


"So what now?" He asks in a little confusion. 

"We start by not trying to drive friends out of the picture, not shagging each other's friends and not being a complete ass every five minutes." I cheekily explain. 

"Well just put all the weight on me why don't you." 

"Sorry, but just start by being friends." I suggest. 

"Ok." Harry looks up and smiles. 

"Since we have nothing to do today, why don't it just be me and you. Friends." 

"Friends." I agree shaking his hand, I stand up from the curb and wait for Harry's response. 


"Harry what's up?" I ask crouching down in front of him. 

"It's just, how could I be so stupid?"

"You were blinded by lies, I thought we were moving forward, c'mon Harry let's go we have to get to class!" I say attempting to pull him up from the curb. 

"Ok." Harry gives in and gets up. 

"Why do we even have to go to a lesson? I mean, we are here with the school but honestly why?" I whine as we walk towards the building. 

"Because they want us to get a good education," 

"I guess..." I say as we enter the school doors, loads of people rushing around the place. Madness. 

"Harry!" A girly shout is heard. 

"Oh no.." Harry sighs annoyed. 

"Harry babe! You haven't called!" The girl with too much makeup looking like an orange... Also pink over died hair, it's all dried out. Ewwww. 

"I've been busy Kiera." Harry states through gritted teeth. Should I leave? 

"Well I've missed our late nighters babe." 

"We finished with each other last week." Harry tries his hardest to push himself away from her. 

"But babe I miss you! Besides don't you miss the way pie bodies touched?" Kiera, please leave, I am here you know?? 

"I know, we had some great times." Harry sighs rubbing his forehead. 

"I'm gonna go." I say slightly pissed off, couldn't Harry just erm leave? 

I stand and wait for a reply but it seems the sexual tension between them is just too much for me to get in the way. 

"No reply? Ok so I guess I should whisk myself off to fairy land where a dick head doesn't ignore his partner to stare into a slags boobs." I rant. 

I again wait for a reply, nothing. Ok! I see it now! Just let Harry be his player self. 

"Fuck you!" I shout before running off. 

I ran pushing through people holding back a few tears, ignorant bastard. 
Why do I keep giving him chances? Why? Or am I just getting angry too easily? 

"Lana!" A manly American accent is heard. I look down to find a hand on my wrist. 

"Tyler? Oh I'm so glad to see you!" I say going for a straight up front hug. 

"Woah, someone's happy to see me!" Tyler jokes hugging back. 

"Let's get you out of here." 

Tyler pulls us from the packed halls into a toilet block. 

"What happened?" 

"H-arry, girl, Kiera. Flirting. Front of me. Ignoring." I manage to splutter out in between sobs. 

"No! Look you don't need him. You have me. What class do you have first?" Tyler asks comforting my vulnerable state. 

"E-English." I splutter. 

"Ok, well let me walk you there, I have history so I won't see you for another half an hour after me class will you be ok?" Tyler asks as we head back out to the hall mob. 

We cross through to the English class CU2.

"This is me!" I say trying to be happy. 

"Ok, well I will see you around lunch," Tyler explains bringing me into a tight embrace. 

I walk to the music department since I have nothing better to do, a piano is heard faintly as I nearer the blue door. 

"Don't try to make me stay
Or ask if I'm okay
I don't have the answer
Don't make me stay the night
Or ask if I'm alright
I don't have the answer.
Heartache doesn't last forever
I'll say I'm fine
Midnight ain't no time for laughing
When you say goodbye.
It makes your lips so kissable
And your kiss unmissable
Your fingertips so touchable
And your eyes irresistible.
I've tried to ask myself
Should I see someone else?
I wish I knew the answer.
But I know, if I go now, if I leave
Then I'm on my own tonight
I'll never know the answer.
Midnight doesn't last forever
Dark turns to light
Heartache flips my world around
I'm falling down, down, down,
That's why.
I find your lips so kissable
And your kiss unmissable
Your fingertips so touchable
And your eyes irresistible
It's in your lips and in your kiss
It's in your touch and your fingertips
And it's in all the things and other things
That make you who you are and your eyes irresistible.
It makes your lips so kissable
And your kiss unmissable
Your fingertips so touchable
And your eyes, your eyes, your eyes,
Your eyes, your eyes, your eyes
Irresistible." An angelic voice, lyrics shooting straight to my heart, somehow making the lyrics so relevant to a situation I'm in right now, midnight is the only good night, we keep nearly holding hands, looking into my eyes, it's all too familiar for my liking. 

I walk away from the classroom, unsure of what I would want to see in there, him. Or another. Either way would trigger strings in my heart. 


Harry!! No! You can't Do this! Stop this madness! Stop being so rude and face it! You two are meant to be! 
So you guys ship Hana? Or Tyna? 
Sorry if the chapter was all over the place but I promise it will all tie in soon, I'd like to thank @ketsia for helping me! She has some great fanfics so go on and take a look cause they are super good! 
Remember! Like, favourite! Comment! You know the drill;) love you tophat lovers! 




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