Resisting you.

She doesn't attention seek. He adores attention. She has no friends. He has everyone at his feet. She loved him. He broke her.


8. 8, don't blow it, day two.



"I love Mexico!" I shout over the top of the bridge on my tip toes, listen of an 

"Ahahaha, oh dear Lana you are one crazy girl sometimes!" Harry says grabbing my waist taking me down from the little ledge I take my grip from the railings. 

"What now?" I ask brushing little bits of chipped paint from the railings. 

"How about we go get something to eat?" Harry suggested pointing over to a restaurant. 

"Yeah ok!" I agree and walk along side Harry. 

"Wait this is a Mcdonalds?" Harry says in confusion. 

"Well they are world wide you know!" I say shaking my head at his confusion. 

"Are they not British?" He asks knitting his eyebrows together, does this boy know nothing?!

"No! American! Oh dear, you should know this!" I say laughing at what he's saying. 

"Oh, ok." He shakes his head dipping it.

We enter the familiar designed fast food place and go straight to the first in line. 

"Do you know what you want?" Harry asks looking at the board.

"Yes, do you? Or do you think they sell Kentucky fried chicken?" I raise my eyebrow making a joke from his earlier remark. 

"No I know this time." He says with a firm voice cracking a little from the air in this country, I mean seriously the air is so different here, like thinner than the English crap.

"Hola, el inglés?" I ask, Harry looks a little weird at me, all I asked if she could speak English. 

"No." She shakes her head, oh dear this could be fun.

"Ok, patatas fritas grandes y, errr, Liso doble hamburguesa con queso, con una fanta naranja." I say a little nerve racking. Hopefully I ordered large chips with a double plain cheeseburger and an orange fanta. 

"Ok es eso?" She asks, is that it.

"Sí." I say realising a huge sigh, hopefully Spanish will pay off. 

"What the hell was that? Harry asked shocked.

"Do you learn nothing in your subjects?" I ask a little funny, but then again he probably sits around talking to girls all the time. 

"Erm, maybe?" He questions himself, what an idiot aha. 

"Are you ok to order yourself food?" I ask laughing. 

"Yes!" He says trying to prove himself of what I'm not sure he can. 

I look to see the surroundings, it's like it's still england, the restaurant has the same red and yellow chairs, the big comfy chairs, white celling, it's just a bit odd. 

"Done!" Harry said proud of himself, I guess he proved me wrong. 

"Well then, I guess you can speak Spanish," I say biting my tongue, wait aren't I forgetting something? 

"Money! She didn't charge me anything!" I say raising my voice a little. 

"Don't worry I paid for you!" Harry said smiling, laughing at my anger. Aww really? That's so kind of him! 

"Aww thank you!" I say crashing an embrace onto him, he happily encloses and rubs my back showing an acceptance. 

I brake it and show a big toothy grin. 

"Foods ready!" I say looking at my tray of food licking my lips, oh am I going to eat them chips! 

I pick up my tray and sit by the window, I always sit by windows, it's just me! 

"Still a window sitter eh?" Harry asks sitting opposite me. 

"Hell yeah!" I say smiling, Harry just smirks at my weird comment. 

"So do you like this Tyler guy?" Harry asks not taking his vision from his food, what do I say? 

"I don't even know myself." I say a little guilty since I have no real feelings for him, just his plan. 

"Oh right." Harry says biting hard onto his burger.

"I could ask the same about Kayla?" I ask awkwardly to Harry. 

"She likes Tyler, I think." Harry says taking another big bite into his burger. 

"It's just yesterday, I seen Tyler try to his you, you didn't look comfortable." Harry said moving onto his chips, why does he have to talk about Tyler? 

"I didn't want to kiss him because the last time I kissed someone I fell in love and we both know how that went." I say snapping a little, I'm referring to harry, he should've caught on by now. 

"So you're afraid to fall in love?" Harry asked a little concerned. 

"I'm not saying that." I refuse to admit such a powerful question. 

"So why won't you kiss another guy?" Please Harry stop with the interrogating! 

"Why? You really want to know? I don't want to scare anyone away with me, I don't want to do anything wrong, I don't take risks! I just play it safe I've been doing so since I was thirteen cause taking risks just isn't worth the after effect." I say making eye contact with him now, he knows exactly what I mean. 

"Well sometimes risk taking is the only option because the rush from it is great, but now it just feels wrong with now right in it, just regret." Harry feels regret? Well that's a first. 

"Regret? Regret with who?" I question, confused. 

"Every girl I've slept with I shouldn't have because I should've saved it for my first love, but I let that slip, that's my regret." Harry says looking deeply into my eyes. 

"Harry, I'm gonna go now." I say getting up. 

"One day you will take a risk and you will love it, just wait for the right one." Harry said as I walk out. 

I don't need to take risks to live a real life do I? Or do I to really live? Argh boys! 

"What's up?" Tyler please in the kindest way possible piss off. 

"It's just Harry." I say bluntly, seriously Tyler let me think to myself for once.

"Oh and Kayla? She likes you." I say spoiling the mystery for him. 

"Really? Well I like someone else." Tyler says sitting down, great now I actually have to have a conversation with the dude. 

"Who?" I ask still not looking at him. 

"I'm not telling you, yet. I need to be sure first." Tyler says with slight shyness. 

"Ok," I reply simply. 

*Harry's P.O.V*

"Harry! You didn't come see me last night, I was lonely." Oh fuck off Kyrah, I don't want to hear any of it. 

"But that's ok cause I guess you can make it up to me now." She says in a seductive way, it's not working! 

"Not now." I say not even looking at her, I get up from my seat and squeeze out of the booth.

"Why? I can make you feel better." She said pressing her hand to my chest, I look out the window to see Lana with Tyler, I just want her to get away from him, he's trouble and all he wants is to hook up with her, I'm not having that. 

"Kyrah, I said not now, not now, not ever, don't call me again." I say getting out of her grasp, I run out of the restaurant to breath, I look over to find Tyler incredibly near to kissing Lana. 

I can't have him touching her. 

"Lana!" I shout over to her and Tyler. She looks over and smiles, I walk over to them which have a little gap in between them, I take this advantage to sit in. 

"Harry what are you doing?" Lana aggressively whispers in my ear, I smirk and give Tyler a father smile. 

"Just protecting you." I whisper back. 

"So Tyler, how are your grades?" I question, if she's gonna get with this guy then he needs to be smart enough to treat her with respect. 

"Straight C's." He says like it's something to be proud of, please! I'm on mostly B's and A's and so is Lana. 

"Cool, who was the last girl you slept with? And when?" I ask making him feel even more unwelcome.

"Kayla, last night." He willing admits, he actually admitted, I look over to see no Lana? Oh dear. 

"I'll be back," I say getting up smirking, I know what I did was wrong and hurting Lana, I just can't stand her getting hurt without me to fix her. 

I look to see her storming down the path way. 

"Lana!" I shout, she just keeps past pacing away, I should fix this. 

I run to catch up with her, I grab her wrist but she's too reluctant to stop to hear me out. 

"Please, just listen!" I say trying to get my breath back. 

"What is there to say Harry?! You made me look like a complete fool! He is a nice guy! I know you don't like him but what is there to stop you from me liking him?!" She shouts, almost tears coming from her eyes. 

"I'm sorry, I just wanted to prove to you that he isn't right for you!" I say is plead she finally comes to a halt with a mass of anger filling her face with red. 

"What and who is?! Nobody in this world is perfect and certainly like you've just proved no one here right?! So why don't you do me a favour and leave me alone." Lana replies say raising her eyebrow. 

"I'm sorry, please don't run away from me." I say jumping in front of her stopping her from wherever she's planning on storming off to.

She shoves from my grip and carries on with her bad mood, now I am, I grab her and pin her to the wall. 

"I said don't run away from me." I say with a clenched jaw, my anger has boiled to the ignorance of this girl.

She gasps at me raising my fist to her, I look at my action and put it down again. 

"I'm sorry, I just," I say taking my grip from her completely. 

No words from Lana are said apart from the fear in her beautiful brown eyes. 

She runs off leaving me in regret, I punch the wall and rest my head onto it cursing. 
What did I just do? I thought you promised no more hurting her! 

"I guess this is my queue." A sweet American male voice walking past me, fucking Tyler. 


Lana's P.O.V 

"It'll be ok," Lydia reassured me, I really hope so... 

"Thank you, I just, you know when you're in love but there's something holding you back?" I say with my head on the table. 

"Yeah?" She asks rubbing my back. 

"Well I have that, every time I'm close to having the feelings like these for Harry he goes and fucks up." I say letting out a long and complicated sigh. 

"Well, I think you both have a complicated past that, well needs to be loved and hated, I know you love him and by the sounds of it, he loves you back, you just need to realise it and stop running away," she says making me realise that I'm wrong. 

"You know what? You're right, I'm running away from love when I should just take it in, it's just he's the biggest player ever and I need to somehow change that." I say biting the inner of my lip. 

"Yeah, you do. I'm gonna help, you need to sing to him." Lydia says making me shoot up in surprise. 

"Wait? What no!" I protest feeling my palms go all sweaty. 

"Trust me, you missed announcements, you got through to the big show next week, you should sing one that relates to him completely." Lydia suggests, not bad lyds not bad! 

"Hmm, but what song?" I ask, biting my lip. 

"What about 'the ugly truth' Lauren Aquilina? It describes Harry only seeing the outside of you and not looking at what you really are, have you heard it?" She asks sparking a smile on my face, HOW DOES SHE KNOW?! Oh wow! She's known internationally! 

"I love her! Woooo! I can't believe it! You know who she is? Your not English and you know who she is!" I exclaim hugging Lydia tight. 

"Err yeah! I always listen to her tracks, they're great! She just has that passion about her you know?" She says smiling widely flashing her perfectly straight white teeth. 

"Then will you sing it?" She asked hopeful.

"Yes!" I say happy, yay! 

"Good! Now follow me," Lydia instructs getting up from the bench. 

"Where are we going?" I ask getting up anyway as she starts to walk. 

"Well, you need to practise right? So now! Now you will practise!" Lydia replies grabbing my wrist and pulling it towards her direction. 

"No! I can't! I mean I don't know! I don't think I can. Not now." I say in my own confusion. 

"Argh, you are so confusing!" Lydia says stopping right where she is which is in the hall. 

I look to see a familiar face ahead, Tyler! 

"Tyler!" I shout over to him, Lydia looks at me with an excited confusion. 

He flicks over his vision to me. 

"Who's he?!" Lydia whisper/shouts. 

"Tyler? Oh he's cool, he's helping me with getting over Harry." I whisper back smiling. 

"What no? You and Harry are meant to be together!" Lydia replies with worry in her voice.

"No! I'm not! I think I like Tyler anyway," I say winking at her. 

"No!" She protests taking a little tantrum. 

"At least see how nice he is first!" I whine to her raising an eyebrow, she just sighs and looks up right in my eyes. 

"Fine!" She says just as Tyler arrives. 

"Hey! Are you ok?" Tyler asks rubbing my shoulder, I'm guessing he's talking about earlier events. 

"I don't even know." I say in a sigh. 

"I'm sorry," Tyler says again referring to earlier events. 

"So," he says picking at his nails.

"Look, I appreciate the apology but you don't have to make conversation. Besides I have others things to do." I explain still annoyed. 

"Ok." Tyler replies before walking off. 

"Bye to you to." I whisper to myself, maybe he is just one fucking tool, or he just doesn't understand how to treat a girl in this situation. 

Some people are just complicated. 


So I feel like this sucks:( I want some suggestions and I will give full credit to those who do. 
Comment! You have thumbs! You have hands! I will upload another soon, I just have loads of exams soon!! I'm sorry for disappointing you!:( 

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