Resisting you.

She doesn't attention seek. He adores attention. She has no friends. He has everyone at his feet. She loved him. He broke her.


3. 3.


I walk to school I have no effort to run today, I'm going an hour early hopefully I won't be caught by Harry. 

"You really have no clue do you" oh for fuck sake, what time does this guy wake up?! 

Then I stop in fear, I should really run but I'm scared about what would happen if I do. 

"P-p-p-p-p-please" stuttering again?! You really need to stop this madness. 

"Oh-oh-oh-oh how about no" why does he have to mock me? Why can't I just be left alone? Why me? And why lie that he likes me when he loathes me? 

His hand then raises it drops rapidly and marks my face. I hold it with my hands before I see him yet again raising his fist. And punching my gut. 

"Owww" I cry out I look into his eyes to show him raw sadness. He looks back with an. Apologetic look. Maybe he will stop if I heat up his weak spots. But he shakes it off and then continues his rhythm of punching and pain. I fall onto the floor witnessing blood drain from my hair line. 

"Have a nice day" Harry chuckles walking off. Why does he have to be such a prick all the time?! 

So I just lay here, feeling sorry for myself. 

I get up and stumble up a little, I finally catch my balance and walk to school. I hate myself for not standing up to that ass but I don't know, if I ever do he'd kill me. 

I get into school and go toilet, repeating the same thing everyday, dabbing wipes on my cuts, undoing my ponytail to cover up blood along my hairline. 

It's just a routine thing now I guess, I'm used to it? 

I walk to my locker to see jay already there, hair down, makeup. I don't know if I like it, I mean she looks pretty with it on but she's naturally beautiful, it's just a shame on how shy she is around anyone and everyone, well apart from me but that's different.

*seven hours later*

Mexico excites me. I really can't wait! I get away from Harry, the whole trip excites me. And I leave on Sunday! Yay! 

So I happily exit the school gates, I look around familiarising my surroundings, I scan closer to see my mothers car, what is she doing here?

I pace faster aiming my towards mum. She hasn't spotted me yet but maybe she will feel watched and turn? 

"Lana" I hear a low dark voice. What does Harry want? 

"Harry not now, my mum is over there" I say as he follows my point over to the black mercedes. 

"No, I'm coming with you" what? Is this boy on crack?! He's not coming with me? 

"No." I say budging past him. He just follows close behind, hot on my steps. 

I get to my car and knock on the window of my distracted mum. 

"Oh yeah! Get in both of you! Just jump in the back" so she actually asked Harry to come with us? Why? 

So I hopped onto the back seat followed by again, Harry so I scooch up on the leather seats to the next spot. 

She started driving, why did she pick me up? 
I look at Harry and shoot him a glare, he just smirks a little, why can't he just leave? Jump out the car?! I don't know! 

I look down to see Harry's hand inching closer to my thigh. Not this again, does this guy have problems? Like seriously does he have some kind of like ermm what's the name? I don't know but can't he keep his hands to himself? 

I look up at him, I shoot a glare into his eyes, he looks back and without warning he grips my thigh. 

"So you two!" She says in a cheery upbeat voice, what is she doing? Why is she so happy? Not that it's a bad thing, it's just well she's not at work and picking me up from school. Not normal behaviour. 

"As Harry's staying at ours this weekend I thought I'd pick you up" and now I remember, the worst weekend yet. Well apart from Mexico of course, still buzzing like a bee for that. 

"Mum? Remember I need to go say bye to jay tomorrow, she moving away tomorrow" I say reminding her, I look around, sooner I find myself looking at my legs, I it then reminds me that Harry's hand is perfectly entertained on my thigh. I move it down, I see a smirk arrive on Harry's face as he traps my hand under his while he travels all the way up my inner thigh, what's this boy doing? He's then stopped by my shorts, I feel a smirk on my face as his smile drops. 

"I'm saving it for later" these words send shivers all over. As he leaves a hot breath from his soft whisper, What's he planning? I look over as he figures out my weak spots, I have goosebumps, it's like he's actually attempting to turn me on or something? 

"Yeah, sure" she said smiling. I swear everyone's insane but me, we reach Harry's street, a bright smile appears on his face, he must love this place. We pull up to his drive and my mum turns the ignition off. She opens the door and gets out, Harry does the same as do I. 

We walk up to his door where Harry opens it. 

"Sarah! Lana!" I hear happily ringing towards us. Must be Anne. 

 "Hello" me and mum say in unison. Weird but what else was I gonna say? 

"Harry will only be a minute, have a good day at school?" Have a good day! No. Never! 

"Normal" I groan a little bitting at at my inner cheek. I'm actually scared for tonight, I mean, I'm not a virgin but that was cause I was raped once, and once only so if me and Harry get to it, which I really hope not, it's gonna hurt like a bitch. 

I feel myself zone out as I stare forward while my mum and Anne talk. 

"So you all ready?" Oh Harry's back down, I was enjoying my gaze at the stairs! 

"Yep! Bye mum love you see you tomorrow" aww I love the fact that Harry loves his mother, it's cute. Although he's a twat that should get multiple punches to the face, he's cute around his mother. 

So we all say our goodbyes and again enter the car. My stomach turns when we enter my street, I'm scared of what Harry's gonna do. I hope he lets me off. We pull up to my drive and mum parks. 

We exit the car and enter my warm house, I run upstairs, I wonder what I shall change into? Hmm 

"Shit I forgot you were here" I say rubbing my head in shock as Harry enters my room. 

"Yeah yeah, well I'm gonna get changed" harry said smiling, why is he smiling? He only evilly smirks, no smiles! 

"Ok" I say opening my wardrobe. Why is Harry smiling?! Showing his dimples, such a prick. Why does he feel the need to be a prick and then be nice? 

I look at my clothes there's not a lot in my wardrobe since most of them are packed for Mexico. 39 days without Harry, sounds like heaven. 

I just grab my dark high waisted shorts since my house is warm and well so is outside so I pick out them and a dark blue jumper, I turn round to see Harry's not in the room, must've gone into the bathroom? So I undress and well re-dress. 

"I liked the black lace" shit! I though he was in the bathroom!

"Harry! What the fuck?!" I shout, shit this dude has problems! 

"Sorry! Didn't realise you had self respect and all that" he said smirking. I look down at my watch to find its already five. 

"Get on the bed" Harry demands a sudden change of mood I see. Normal... I'm actually scared. I thought he would be nice, apparently not. 
So I perched myself awkwardly on my bed waiting to be slapped or something. 

"Why are you so scared?" He asked in a evil tone. Why do you care? It's not like you cared before? 

"I-I-I-I" for fuck sake! Spit it out! Why can't I just do that one thing?! Just speak! 

He slapped me. I held my face in agony. Harry's such a bipolar! Smiling and then anger, what the hells up with him? 

"Harry! Lana! Down here!" I hear a call, thank you mother! 

So I rush downstairs to see mum in a short mid thigh black dress, she had black heels on and her hair down. She looked like she was out to pull, I turned to Harry who was currently wide eyed. 

"So what do you guys think? I'm going out to an office meal" she said smiling kindly, I just can't believe she looks this beautiful! 

"Mum you look stunning" I say hugging her leaving Harry to stand awkwardly. 

"Yeah you look beautiful Sarah" Harry said checking her out. Ew, I really don't want Harry going round calling my mum a 'milf' of something horrible like that. 

"Thank you guys, well I'm gonna go now but I've already ordered food do you here's the money for it and I will be back around one or so, but I love you bye" my mum said kissing my cheek and walking off. 

"Bye love you!" I shout as she exits, I didn't really care as Harry had already opened his connection with his mother. We then exited through the front door. And then the house became silent. 

"So I wonder what were getting" Harry said breaking the awkward silence... 
But nice we're onto that subject hmm, I wonder! Could be Pizza, Chinese... I'm not sure! 

"Yeah, I don't know!" I say with a little chirp to my tone. I walk over into the kitchen to see if she's left money, which she has. 

*knock knock* 

"Must be them!" I say happily fast pacing to the door. I open it to be greeted by a lady holding a white plastic bag, must be the food! 

"Hello" I say kindly as Harry walks down with the money. 

"That will be twenty five pounds please" she said like it was a routine thing, at least she has a smile! 

So Harry handed her the money, she puts it in her little bag thingy. 

"Thank you" she said before walking off, so I closed the door and walked to the kitchen with the food, I am so hungry! 

"So what is it?" Harry asks as if its like a major deal or something. 

I open it to chicken, boiled rice and naan bread. 

"Indian!" Harry calls out making me laugh a little, I guess he likes Indian food then. 

So I walk over and get some cutlery and drinks. 

"This food looks awesome" Harry said with a wide grin, well my mum does know how to choose the food!

"Yeah I know!" I say looking at the well presented food. So I took the plates and spread some rice curry, naan bread, I love food so I put loads on my plate, well as did Harry and we sat in the living room.

"What's it like having your kind of life style?" I ask curious, I mean honestly he's popular got all the girls at his feet in the school, it must get a little bit annoying. 

"Well you shag girls, talk to everyone, everyone's kind, well apart from you" Harry said, the last part a little shocking since he's the one that beats me. 

I nodded, a little moments peace crept its way up pushing in making the conversation die. 

"What about you?" Harry you had to break the silence... 

But where do I start? 

"Well, I have one friend called Jay, she's leaving tomorrow, I get beaten by you, no ones kind to me, oh and I get pervered on everyday by a guy that wants me to shag him" I say stabbing my fork into my food, it's true everything, that's what he wanted? That's what he got. 

"Oh... I just thought your life was perfect" Harry said a little guilty of something, I hope he's actually coming to a realisation that he's hurting the hell out of me. 

"Well I'm gonna clean up" I say getting up. I feel a little awkwardness between me and Harry, he should feel awkward, cause he's a dick and I hope he knows it. 

So I walked into the kitchen and put my plate and cutlery in the dishwasher. 
I then run up to my room to check my phone which is currently on charge, no messages, normal... I have a feeling this nights gonna be long... 

Oooooooh sooooo! What's gonna happen? 
Aaaannnndddd who's watched the video to story of my life?! Who cried? Who just loves the boys and just wants to kidnap all of them and force them to be adorable all day? Just me? Oh ok... 

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