Resisting you.

She doesn't attention seek. He adores attention. She has no friends. He has everyone at his feet. She loved him. He broke her.


14. 11, misguided foolery

"I can't believe I'm not in the final!" Jess moans angrily to her little posy of fake bitches.

"You! You stole the title from me! You fixed the judges votes!" Jess complains like a wild lion with spit flying from her mouth.

I just sigh and walk away down the stairs of the stage back into the green room.

"Well done!" Lydia congratulates pulling me into a tight embrace.

"Thank you, Jess is going on a mad one." I say winking.

"I spoke with Harry, he really likes you!" She mentions all happy.

"Really? Or is he just playing a game, I've had enough of that. Maybe I could be his friend but I highly doubt we could be in a relationship again." I mention sighing.

"Well you two would make a cute couple." She comments.

"Well if he really does like me he will make the effort." I say arching my eyebrow.

"How about we go get something to eat?" Lydia suggests.

"Well I'm actually meeting Tyler now!" I say looking at the clock behind her.

"Ahh well see you tomorrow!" Lydia finishes smiling.

I smile at her and then exit the door to see a waiting Tyler.

"Let's go! I'm thinking my place."

"Then let's go!" I say with a tooth grin.

We walk down the wide path past each cabin. We come to a halt as Tyler feeds through his pocket revealing a key.

He opens the door to an almost identical room to mine.

"Make yourself comfortable."

I sit on his bed and kick off my sandals.

"You know, I've been waiting so long for this." Tyler mentions sitting on his bed.

"What do you mean?" I ask.

He edges closer to me staring at my lips.

His head moves as his eyes close, I follow his movement, his lips hungrily smash into mine as the kiss is instantly passionate. Tyler leans over onto the top of me removing his shirt. My hands climb over his body unbuckling his jeans he pulls them down and the drop to the floor. He peels my dress off my body revealing my red matching underwear.


"Oh my!" Lydia exclaims with her eyes wide.

"Shhhh! You can't tell anyone!" I say laughing.

"Well does Harry know?" She asks arching her eyebrow.

"No." I say biting my lip.

"Are you going to tell him?" She seconds.

"I might, if he asks." I say sneakily.

"Okay. Is that not Tyler over there with Kayla?" Lydia points out behind me.

I turn around to see Tyler lip locking with Kayla. I storm over with Lydia close behind.

"What the fuck?!" I exclaim pulling Tyler from Kayla.

"What?" He asks like its nothing.

"Well why the fuck would you sleep with me and then start with her you playing twat don't bother, talking, communicating or even looking at me ever again you I swear to god I will do something stupid that you'll get the blame for." I say with a firm raised voice.

"Okay, I don't need you anymore so it doesn't matter to me; all I needed you for was my fuck sheet you are just another stupid girl that I can add to my tally." He harshly replies.

I slap him forcing his face to spin to the side.

"What's going on here?" A familiar deep voice nearly shouts.

"Harry?" I ask turning around to see a furious face of Harry, his fists clenched and his eyes sharp.

"What the fuck did you do to her?!" He asked storming towards Tyler.

"Your girls a slag." Tyler sheepishly comments.

"Say that one last time. I dare you." Harry challenges facing up to him.

Tyler backs down and turns around like he's about to make a run.

Harry grabs Tyler's shirt and spins him back around. He throws a punch to Tyler's lower ribs. Tyler doubles over in pain and winces, he gets up and punches Harry's jaw line, doing nothing but grazing him, Harry gives a loud growl and aggressively throws Tyler to the floor and holds Tyler's face turned to the floor. He punches Tyler in the jaw.

"Stop Harry!" I shout running towards the anarchy.

"He isn't worth it." I say with a lack of hope.

Harry gets up and fixes his hair and pulls me away.

"Are you okay?" He asks opening the janitors door.

"I'm pissed off but I'll be alright." I reply smiling.

"Why'd you let him take advantage?" He asks closing the door.

"He led me on." I say rolling my eyes.

"Harry you're bleeding." I alert to him, I look around to see a green box, with a 'first aid' scratched sign I take it and open it to see an antiseptic wipe, I tare off the top and take out the wipe. I gently dab it over the spot. Harry flinches a little. I dab again to see the bleeding stop.

"He shouldn't be bothering you anymore." Harry speaks up.

"I shouldn't have been so stupid!" I say shaking my head.

"It's okay now." Harry reassures.

"I know." I say with all vulnerability.

"You hungry?" Harry asks going off topic.

"Yes! Starving!" I reply with a little bounce.

"Let's go then." Harry replies smiling.

I nod and we trail off to the little coffee shop which is only a short distance ahead.

We enter and already people are sat down with their refreshments.

"What do you want?" Harry asks without looking.

"Cheese nachos, coke with no ice please?" I ask with a shy yet confident smile.

"Okay then." Harry replies.

I look around the space for an empty table, the chairs are a light brown colour with the circular tables a pale blue, the walls covered with art and fake vines with small roses.

"I'm gonna go get us a table." I suggest, I receive a genuine smile from Harry as a reply.

I walk down between peoples tables getting either smiles of judging stares. I reach the end to a small two seated table directed near a corner, I slot myself in the seat nearest the wall.

I see Harry walk over with a tray of food, my eyes fill with lust as the smell of melted cheese catches my sense of smell.

"Food looks amazing!" I say taking the warm plate.


Hi! I will be updating every Tuesday now, I know I haven't been updating for ages but with everything at home and with family has gotten me really really down, but now I'm gonna update more. If you have any suggestions to what I do just kik me elliiebell or even leave a little comment my twitter is elliewrighty223 if you want to follow? Love you guys!

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