My Dog

My first dog


1. My Dog

“God morning kids” I said. “Today we will be talking about dogs”. The kids started talking both at once.  “Be quiet everyone!” I shouted. The kids stopped talking and looked excited at me. “I’m going to tell a story about the first dog I got”.


   It was my birthday, and I was up before my parents. I ran in to my parents’ bedroom, jumped up in their bed and shouted “It’s my birthday, it’s my birthday”. They opened their eyes and looked at me. I shouted again. Mummy said “yes honey, it is” and smiled. I almost push them out of their bed in excitement. I ran down the stair and in to the living room. On the table there was one big present. It was a cardboard box with a pink band.  There were holes in the lid. Daddy said “open it, but be careful”. I opened the present and in it was a little puppy. It was looking at me with its big brown eyes. The dog was the cutest one in the world. “It’s a girl, and her name is Princess” mummy said. Princess was a little Labrador. We could play all day with all her toys. I throw a ball and then she ran after it. She had a bed were she took a nap, but she slept in my bed at night.


“Nårhhh…” the kids said.


   1 year later. Princess was not a princess any more. If I wanted to play with her, she would bite me and push me over. I couldn’t sleep in my bed, because she would lay on me. It will be told that she was not the lightest one. She wouldn’t do as she was told. She took the food from the table, and we couldn’t have guests, because she would bite them.


“That was the story about my first dog” I said. “But what happened to her” the kids asked. “We gave her to the animal protection” I said.

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