1. Part One: Journey







“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters in the end”

- Ernest Hemingway


          Her name was Jade Eileen Murdock. Jade was about five foot eight and had coarse dark brown hair. Her skin had a very precise olive tone to it. There where only about two freckles on her face and she usually had her hair braided or in a pony tail. Her sclera’s where always clean pearl white with large dark brown irises. Her glasses where pink and had infant roses all down the side. Jade had pretty teeth except for her slight overbite and the wear on her teeth from playing the French horn. It was completely noticeable that Jane didn’t wear makeup like all the other Lahser High tenth graders. Did she need it? No, Jade was completely beautiful not being smothered in adult cosmetics. Although, Jade didn’t mind putting on lip gloss every now and then to impress her crush.


          Jade wore really nice clothes. Not very upscale for her title, but nice enough not to look bad. Jade usually wore a skirt or pants with a blouse or sweater. She barely ever wore tennis shoes and usually wore trendy flats or chacos. Could you tell what her favorite colors were? Yes, Jade often wore navy blue and olive green. Yet her glasses were pink, which still remained a mystery to all of her friends considering her love for olive green and navy blue.


          Jade was highly gifted musically and both intellectually. She had already taken the ACT for the second time in ninth grade, scoring exactly three points higher than the first. Jade was not very easy to understand. If you didn’t know her it would seem as if she was a high society snob who lived in a prestigious community and only valued others with the same title as her, but she was different.


She lived in the more impressive side or the more valued metropolitan area of Michigan. Jade lived in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Jade’s dad, Robert Murdock, and Jade lived in a French Normandy mansion just north of Bloomfield Hills’s golf course. Their house was an olive green with a barn like design on the left part of the house. The house was perfectly manicured and showed absolutely no signs of daily activeness. Their house had a regular classic arched door on the front that was a lovely cream brown. Other parts of the house were fine too. Robert Murdock paid the most expensive workers to make sure his humble abode looked completely flawless. Their yard was always freshly cut and really green, no matter what time of the year it was. Their house had a slightly inclining retainer wall and two vehicles parked in it most of the time.

Robert Murdock was a classic guy. He enjoyed just the minimum opportunities of being rich. Robert Murdock drove a charcoal black BMW 350. Similar to his house, Roberts car was always clean in the inside, washed on the outside, and in perfect condition near the engine area. Robert Murdock was about forty- nine or fifty and really acted really similar to a younger person due to his busy schedule. Robert was about six feet and five inches and had really long legs. Robert wore large rimmed glasses and had pale dirty blonde hair. His hair was usually cut to where his bangs were gelled over the top of his head and yes, Robert did in fact have a head full of hair. His face had some wrinkles, but not a lot. He had dark blue eyes and really large ears.


          Robert was always all over the place, whether it was town, another state or just around his office building. Robert Murdock owns Darjon Industries in Michigan. Darjon Industries factory is located south of Bloomfield’s golf course, near the Industsrial Lake Shore district. Robert’s primary office is located at Eastis Tower in Downtown Bloomfield Hills. In his side of Eastis Tower he attended daily meetings, breakfast meets, luncheons, and conferences all the time. He had an intern too. It wasn’t just an intern . . . it was a non- paid intern.


A Darjon industry was a business that sold parts for cars. They mainly just manufactured thing like speedometers.


Robert Murdock also owned another company and that’s where he made most of his money.  Darjon was just kind of a thing on the side. The company Robert owned over seas was really discreet. The company Robert owned over seas was called N.M.O.S (Nuclear Weaponry Over Seas). The company wasn’t illegal or anything, it was just that the government didn’t wasn’t a one to know about it over in the U.S. They got the weapons transported over here by going through Strait of Gibraltar and coming through the Atlantic.     


His intern was Zac Hoff. Zac was rather a relaxed person. (Being an intern and all) Zac was not very nervous, cowardly, or easily frightened. Zac had curly blond hair and his skin was a darker shads of beige. Zac wore dark brown rimmed glasses and had an incredibly large nose. He was commonly being referred to the toucan intern by his boss. Zac had braces and usually kept them either white/silver. He had never thought to get the colors changed to flamboyant neon colors like all the other tenth graders that went to Lahser High. Zac was also in the band. He played the English horn. Zac usally wore cargo khakis or blue jeans. He wore black converse most of the time and occasionally crocs.


          It was a month until school ended and the band had their spring concert.

Mr. Grigsby and Mr. Prather, the two band directors, had been prepping the high school concert band since January. They were going to play numerous songs from the Baroque period.

          It was a normal Friday morning and Jade was already awake around six-thirty.

          Jades bed room was circular. When you walked in, there was a medium area with a couch and then about five or six steps up to the main part of her bedroom. There were two white pillars and white railing connecting from the wall to a pillar from level one and level two of Jades room. Then there was the stairs between the pillars. It had light, olive green walls and navy trimming. She had a white queen sized bed and a small white chest near the end of the bed. Jade’s room was extremely modern. The doors to the closets were also circular and her room had two large white windows over seeing everything. The walls held Julliard posters, banners, awards, pictures, and just beside the dresser, which was left of her bed, was an intercom system controlled from her dads loft office. Jade’s bed had a polka dot pattern as the spread and other relating pieces to match. Jade usually kept her bed room slightly above regular room temperature. It wasn’t hot, but it wasn’t freezing either. The ceiling was white, but had a navy pattern of lines crossing each other, so basically a grid. The floor of Jade’s room was mahogany hardwood. Jade had a round fuzzy like area rug that kept the floors from getting too cold. Her room had three lamps controlled by the light switch just beside the bed, on the opposite side of the dresser. On her desk, Jade had a computer, and I pad charging station. Her desk was diagonal from her bed. In the middle of the room Jade had three bing bags in the direction of her TV. 


          Inside the door, adjacent from the dresser, was Jades bathroom. Unlike Jade’s bedroom, her bathroom was rectangular shaped. The walls were pastel pink and had stone tiling. She had two sinks with a white toilet on the end wall to the right, considering you came in from the left. Her shower was in the left corner when you walked in. Her shower curtain was navy with white writing of random notes in various places, sizes, and fonts.     


          She walked down stairs and headed to the kitchen on the main floor. The upstairs hall way was a light brown color with cream trimming. It was considerably long since it was the hallway that also included the movie theatre and recreation room. It had light hardwood floors and a painting that Jade’s mom had completed during her art classes. The hallway was dim with wall lamps about every three or four feet. Then when you came to the end of the hallway, there was a staircase that led you to the kitchen.



          Lora, the house maid, passed Jade on each of their regular schedules. Then Jade went back up stairs after she had greeted her father that morning and got ready for school.


          Lora was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. Then when Lora turned eight her family moved to Florida. Then when Lora was sixteen her family moved to Michigan. Now that she is twenty-four she is, well she’s a maid. Lora had brownish tan skin and had dark long silky hair. Her english was really well, but she still had a heavy accent. Lora usually wore a trendy jumpsuit and her tennis shoes. Robert Murdock thought since Lora was living in the rich part of town she might as well look like a rich maid.


          Jade hadn’t got her driver’s license because she hadn’t turned sixteen yet. Jade was in fact one year younger than all of her other fellow tenth graders. Because Jade was so smart she had skipped the second grade when she was at Lake Shore Elementary. Therefore Jade couldn’t drive to school and she had to catch a ride with her neighbor, Julie.


          Jade ate a granola bar and grabbed a bottle of orange juice on her way out the door after hearing Julie beep the horn of her silver smart car.


          Julie Smith had been Jade’s friend ever since third. Julie was one of the people who didn’t pick on Jade after Jade skipped the second grade. They had been neighbors for ever and had many of the same opinions and interests.


          Julie had dark brown hair. She usually had neon braces and she resembled Flo from TV. Julie was in band and played the tenor saxophone. Julie commonly wore very trendy clothes. Julie had dark brown eyes and semi- pale skin.


          So Jade got in the car and they were off to Lahser High. Many of the teens who went to Lahser high were counting down the days until school was out for summer break. Jade didn’t want school end considering she was a geek freak.


          Julie’s car in the inside was very fun. There was a mini Harry Potter that hung on the mirror inside. Julie also had the most vibrate color schemed seat colors. Jade always new she was in for an adventure whenever she rode with Julie.


          “What do you think we’re going to do in band today?” Julie asked


          “Just probably practice for the Spring Symphony.” Replied Jade


          “So do you think that you’re going to get invited to that summer training program at Julliard?”


          Jade had been waiting all school year to get her invitation to go to one of the finest summer programs in the country.


          “Well, I hope I do and if I don’t I guess I’ll just get better then try out next year!”


          Julliard was a music school in New York and Jade had wanted to go there ever since fifth grade. Jade had done plenty of research about it and decided that it was her dream. She had also noticed that playing an instrument as hard as the French horn that would do nothing but benefit her.


          On the way to Lahser High they passed the Bloomfield golf course and West Nova suburbs. Lahser High was just south of West Nova and just miles north of the real inner city of Bloomfield Hills. They finally had arrived at Lahser high School, Home of the Spartans. Lahser was a really big school and looked really nice. Like all of the other buildings in Bloomfield Lahser was a perfectly manicured school. Lahser High was designed to look like a modernized version the capital building, but much smaller. It did have a large parking lot and plenty of students, faculty and administration. Lahser had large arched windows in the front and numerous doors in the front too. Lahser was made out of stone and brown cream bricks. It had to be the most astonishing building in its area.


          Jade and Julie got out and reported to the news room on the third floor. At Lahser half of the third floor was used for extra curricular activities and other less important things than regular classes. The news room was pretty large compared to a lot of rooms at Lahser and was fully equipped with modern news devices.


 The news room had cream tiles with brown walls and green trimming. On the walls of the news room were painting from former news students and pictures of Mr. Mayfield and his students. When you walked in the news room there was a little platform then you walked down a couple stairs to the anchor desk, teleprompter, camera, computers, and a music system. The students on the news crew were Faryn, Julie, Merritt, Tyler, Layne, Zac, and of course Jade.


Tyler Morris was one of Jade’s best friends. He was tall and had brown hair. He also wore glasses along with a watch no matter what. He usually wore a collar micro-fiber shirt and blue jeans. He was known for wearing his famous North face jacket similar to one of his friends. Tyler was super smart and had not been intimidated when Jade skipped a grade and threatened a lot of the people in the upper class.

          Merritt Harmony was the most generous, helpful, and caring person you could ever meet. Merritt played the flute. She was average in stature and she had short curly blonde hair. Merritt didn’t let anyone walk on her or bully any of her friends. Jade and Merritt had a sister to sister like bond. They were always seen together in band, Mr. Mayfield’s classroom, and news crew. Despite the fact that they both wanted to be Drum Major, or that Jade preferred Elizabethan and Merritt loved trochaic writing. Or simply the fact that they always wanted the same thing no matter what, it couldn’t get in the way of their special friendship.


Faryn Vanuatu was also on of Jade’s best friends. Faryn was an extremely gifted individual. Jade and Faryn resembled in many different ways, both intellectually and physically. Faryn was a little taller than average. She had light blondish red hair. Her skin was also olive like. Faryn was more mature than usual in the sense that she was a mother like figure; always asking Jade the difference between right and wrong . She loved literature and science. She had big eyes with light green irises and white scleras.      


          Mr. Mayfield was the honors literature teacher at Lahser. Mr. Mayfield was really short and surprisingly supper skinny. It didn’t matter though because all of his students absolutely loved him. He had the world’s best classroom. It wasn’t and ordinary classroom it was different. On all the walls were posters about politics, encouragement, English, literature, debating, sports, and music. Mr. Mayfield didn’t believe in the ‘regular” class criteria or the normal lesson plans.


          The news was broadcasted at exactly seven fifty- five. That meant that the anchors for the day, the camera person, and the music person all had to ready by seven fifty. At seven fifty-five they had to be running through the show for the final rounds. All of the people on news crew had to be at the news room by seven thirty-five.


          It was only thirty seconds until broadcasting time and Faryn was turning on the DO NOT ENTER light outside of the news room door. Julie and Zac were anchoring that day and joking around as usual.


          “ Julie: Good Morning Lahser High, I’m Julie!

          Zac: And I’m Zac

          Julie: Today For lunch today we will be having Chic – Fil – A course or Olive Garden course. Students, don’t forget to bring money for our special once a month, Subway breakfast next Tuesday.

          Zac: Today is a B day. Attention students, all halls on the second floor past the math hall will not be open until X block is over due to college credit exams.

          Julie: Congratulations to the Math Team for wining first place in the county tournament on Wednesday.


          Zac: Don’t forget to come out and support the Spartans tonight when we [lay Colombia High School.


          Julie: Well, that’s all for today, so tune in next Monday for another edition of the Spartan News! ”  


          After the broadcast Julie, Jade, Faryn, Merritt, Layne, and Zac were all headed to the band room which was just around the corner. Tyler wasn’t in the band and preferred electives instead of band.


          The band room was huge. After all Lahser was a 6A categorized school. The band room was really tall with green sound absorbers all over the walls. There was one window on the north side of the band room because that window was one of the windows visible from the front of the school. When you walked in the band room you went up steps. When you got up those steps you could take a left, which led to the private practice areas and Mr. Prather’s office. On the other hand you could take a right and you would in up in the main rehearsal hall. It was really amazing. And in a semi oval shape were risers big enough for chairs and stands. (Not the kind just built for choirs.)Since everyone in the arc wasn’t on the same level, this made it easier to watch the director conduct. Then a stand was in the center of the ensemble. When you got to about the sixth row of the risers you went up about three stairs and there was a percussion platform.


          Mr. Prather was the assistant high school band director. He was new to the school and had moved from Vestavia, Michigan. Vestavia was just east of West Nova suburbs. Mr. Prather was really tall and goofy looking. He had dark brown hair and had a slight beard. He was commonly teased about his over use of the word “hey.”


          When they got to band room Jade was called to Mr. Gigsby’s office. Mr. Grigsby was the primary director he had been teaching music at Lahser for about twenty five years now.


          “Yes, sir.” Jade said with extreme nervousness


          “You’ve been accepted!” Mr. Grigsby said with a complete smile on his face


          “You mean that I get to go to the Julliard program this summer?”


          “Yes, that’s what I mean.”


          This was the biggest news Jade had ever received. She was going to go home and tell her dad everything that had happened.


          The Julliard Summer Program was absolutely fantastic and not everyone got in. After band, Jade had to go to Mr. Mayfield.


          When Jade got to Mr. Mayfield’s class everyone was congratulating her and just making sure she new that they were really happy for her. Faryn, Julie and Merritt were already planning an outing for that Friday.


          Mr. Mayfield’s class had two sides of desk. The desks on each side faced each other and were mainly used for debating. Mr. Mayfield really loved to debate and see his students debate too. Jade always sat on the second row in the first desk on the right side where she was surrounded by all of her friends. Today Mr. Mayfield had already said that they would be discussing palindromes since they were so heavily studied in America. He began with and article printed off the internet and after it was passed around he began to read it. Knowing absolutely nothing about palindromes Jade was kind of amazed.


 The article talked about how they were used for clues and signal of suspicious activity. The article that they were reading was by a Korean journalist named Ellis Kim. Mr. Mayfield really adored her work and found it fascinating. When Jade looked at the clock it was 10:31 a.m. and almost time to go. At Lahser High school you were allowed to only attend regular mandated classes. Since jade was an honor student she had the whole years worth of criteria and credit almost done; these past few weeks there was no point in her actually coming to school unless she just wanted to hang out with her friends. So basically Jade could go on and advance to the eleventh grade in about a week or two after her assessments were all looked over by the county board of education.


After class, Jade and Julie got all their stuff and went home. They both decided they would stop by Panera Bread on their way home and so they did. After going to Panera they stopped by the Bloomfield Hills Galleria and got caramel lattes and then went home. It took them about forty minutes to get home considering all the stops that they had made.


When they got home they went to Jade’s house to talk about what was going to happen over the week as far as shopping, sleeping, and TV.


Jade’s house was just a little smaller than Julie’s. The houses resembled a lot on the outside. Julie had an older brother, but he is in college. His name was Jake and people often confused Julie and Jake for twin sisters and brothers.       


          It was a really hazy morning and there were no signs of any kind of local wild life to be seen. That night it had rained and stormed, but this morning looked very dark.

Bloomfield Hills was just depressed looking and not very “on top of it” that morning.



Jade was up at 7:30 that morning talking to her mom about what was going on since she had been gone. Vanessa, Jade’s mom, was on a business trip in Luxembourg about a line of clothing that she had recently designed. She was planned to be gone for three months and Vanessa had just told Jade that everything went quicker than expected and that it would on take about two more weeks for her to come home.


          Vanessa Murdock was medium in height and about the same in thickness as Jade. Her and Jade resembled a lot. Vanessa had always loved coming to see Jade perform in competitions and concerts. After all, Vanessa was always telling Jade about how thing were a world of a difference 28 years ago when she was in high school.


          When Jade was one the phone suddenly the ground started shaking along with the walls, tables, and everything else around her . . . the phone line went dead.




It was only two years later, but it felt like it had been forever since the revolution. Two years ago the government collapsed under President Martha Vienna. All of the power had gone out of the country and people were fighting for their lives. No one new what had caused this power outage, but hopefully someone would soon find out. It was 2016, but citizens living throughout all through out the four territories lived as if it were the late 1800’s.


Militias had taken over the nation and the nation was divided into three territories and a national republic territory. It was super deadly to try to escape a territory and your Head Lieutenant not know. The western part of what used to be the United States, from what used to be California to Montana, was know known as he California Republic. Government leaders out there had moved the capitol to Sans Francisco. It was the second least harmful out of all of the districts.


The second district was the Missal Federalist. Mississippi and Alabama had teamed together and combined their names. After that they annexed most of the South East. Their territory was the half of the former state Texas and Kentucky.


The most important district was the Murdock Republic. Robert had stepped forward and was leading the northeast union together to find a source to bring back all of the power. Their territory included half of North Dakota and every thing right of it.


Republic City was the district that everyone was moving to. It was not very dangerous and it was fairly nice since the revolution. Republic city had a border from Arizona up to the second half of Montana to the other half of North Dakota. Republic city was between the California Republic, Murdock Republic, and the Missal Federation. On a map Republic City resembled a long trench shaped.


Jade and Julie had forgotten all about going to Julliard. They didn’t even know if it even existed anymore. There was no way of finding out either. It would probably take over three months for horses to carry them to New York, Murdock Republic. Fortunately Vanessa had returned back before the power outage. The capitol of Murdock republic was in Bloomfield Hills where everyone that had been first class before the revolution served as a member of the Murdock Republic Parliament. Jade, Julie, Faryn, and Merritt had been doing nothing but research in the Bloomfield Hills Library.


It really wasn’t even a library any more. It had been used as a shelter when the Missal federalist tried to invade on the Murdock republic. The girls could only go read, study, and try to find out what had happened only in the day time when the sun was out. Every now and then they could burn some candles in there, but they never wanted to risk it.


When Jade got home she went to her dad and told him about all the research done that day. He thanked her and went on to other important matters.


That evening the parliament of the Murdock Republic decided that an agile task force must go and check on all of the other territories. They were all meeting at the auditorium of the Lahser High School which had recently been turned into the capitol building for the Murdock Republic.


The Capitol building’s auditorium was big enough to hold every on the Parliament. During the meeting it was decided that Julie, Faryn, Jade, Zac, and Layne be the task force. They had been picked because out of all the teens of the Murdock Republic they were the most intelligent. Merritt and Tyler couldn’t go because they had to stay and do research for the defense department of the Murdock Republic.


The task force had been mandated to leave the next day. It was an opportunity knocking at their door. Jade, Julie, Faryn, Zac, and Layne were little scared, but they all knew that that they had to complete this mission or the Murdock Republic might never know what was happening outside of their territory.


Later on that night all of the task force met up at Julie’s house for what may have been their last meals in the national capitol of Murdock republic.


The Revolution between all the territories had been terrible and had made people look miserable. Jade no longer looked perky or well groomed every day like she had been two years ago, she had frizzy hair and looked tougher in the face. Other than that she still had glasses and still usually wore the same clothes as before. But, now she carried around a pouch because she just couldn’t have her dad drive her where ever she wanted to go and she needed to have all the vital accessories such as her knife, binoculars, matches, a canteen of water, and some other items. Jade and her fiends were no longer in the tenth grade as if they could attend school; they were all 17 and 18 now.


It was time for the task force to leave. They had done all they could to prepare themselves for this mission and they were all extremely nervous. They headed out for North Republic City that night.


Not knowing what to say Jade asked if everyone was okay. They all responded with the usual yeah, yes, and yep. They were all walking through a deserted area near Lakeshore industrial district. The night was foggy and silent they heard of nothing going on except for the sound of a raccoon scrambling through some old material parts near a factory. They were walking at a pretty fast paste due to their eagerness to get to California Republic. They walked for about seven miles then s they decided to set up a camp near the Lakeshore district in a deserted wooded area. Julie, Faryn, and Jade all had smaller backpacks than Layne and Zac, but it really didn’t matter how big the backpacks were it was just a pleasure to have one.


Layne and Zac started a fire out of two matches and some anything flammable that they could find. The girls set up three tents. One for Zac and Layne, one for Jade and Julie, and the last one was for Faryn and all of the camp materials so they wouldn’t get rained on.


 They had to all ration their food because it was really scarce. They sat around the blazing red and orange fire for about and hour and figured it was time to get some rest so they would have a descent amount of energy for tomorrow’s journey. They slept silently for the next seven and a half hours until Jade and Zac woke up. They each got out of their separate tents. They were both still very tired, but they each figured it was time to get ready to go. As they stretched and yawned in the cool morning air birds, flew, squirrels played, and somewhere in the California Republic got up for another day of uncertainty.


Since Jade and Layne were the first two to wake up they figured they would go ahead and wake the rest up, so they wouldn’t loose any time.


By noon they had advanced about 21 miles outside of Bloomfield Hills and they sill had another 12 hours to go. The walked until it was time to stop for a short break down by a creek in a woody area. They all filled their canteens with what they hoped was fresh water. Julie and Faryn sat down on a large rock while the other look so precisely at a map to see how far they had made it. They had to go around Lake Michigan to get to Northern Republic City.


After their break they put on their camping backpacks and headed out. They still had a long ways to travel so they all thought of doing everything efficiently and quickly. There was really no time to play around, but every now and then they joked around or did something to pass by time.


They kept track of everything that they were supposed to be doing and they were al properly dressed for the climate. They had on hiking boots, thick pants, toboggans, gloves, and appropriate shirts and pants.

Layne and Zac, the only two boys in the group, had been doing most of the hard work as far as making fires, catching animals, and getting in the rivers to fill up all of the canteens.


Layne had been one of Jade’s best friends since the third grade. Layne had always been there for her and was considered part of her circle of best friends. Layne was mixed. His mom, Audree, was Bulgarian and his dad, Andrew, was from the Republic of Togolese. Layne Bordeaux was tall and had wavy dark brown hair that flopped on top of his head. He looked like the typical foreign kid, but he spoke English. He had light brown eyes and always had a smile on his face now matter what, but since the revolution it had faded with time.


Where they were walking was this lovely wooded area with tall trees, rivers nearby, and beautiful river wild life. As Faryn walked by a small creek near numerous rocks, she thought to her self about if only everything could’ve looked this peaceful after the revolution.

It was nightfall and Layne and Zac were setting up the camp around the outer shores of Lake Michigan. It was a windy night and it had been the longest day they all said as they had gathered around the fire eating some type of fish they caught earlier. It looked like salmon, but neither of them was sure. After that night’s dinner they got into the tents for some rest.


“CLIT CLOCK CLIT CLOCK” they were all awaken sometime early that morning. Confused and not knowing what was going on they all looked annoyed. It was a Murdock Republic General riding a brown and cream pony joined my others holding lanterns.


What do you want Jade angrily barked. Nothing the General said, I’m just securing the Republics boundaries. Well by the power of the Murdock families rein I dismiss you. Jade hated doing that and acting all bratty in front of her friends, but she was tired from yesterday’s journey.


Shortly after that the Task Force woke up and got ready for the day. Julie, Jade, and Faryn used the lake water to wash their faces. On the other hand, Layne and Zac were filling up their pockets up with things like seeds, acorns, and other things incase of an emergency.


They started walking and starting off their day pretty descent besides the whole “general” incident. When they were walking they had been on the same path as a semi wide pond. There was a tree trunk stretching from on side to the other. They all looked at each other and decided it was time to face a small fear. The grasped their book bags and slid to the other side of the pond. Jade didn’t want to do it and she believed she couldn’t. Every one had made it across except for her and Zac. So Zac took Jade by the arm, put his hands around her waist, and guided her across the pond. When they made it across jade was so amazed about how well Zac had handled the situation. She kissed him on the cheek and said thank you. Zac didn’t know what to do at all. He had had a crush on Jade shortly after taking the job to be Robert’s intern.


 After that, the group began to walk some more until the came to the top of a mountain. They all peered down into the valley it looked over. Every turned and looked at each other and they were as happy as they could be right know. Over on the other side about 17 miles from there was a village decorated with candles and lanterns.


Layne said they just had to keep a straight path and maybe they could get some help from the people of the village.


The group heard thunder and then they saw a lighting flash in the distance. Julie and Layne both agreed that it would be best to start advancing as fast as possible incase of flash flood or mud slides. Going down the mountain was really difficult. It was raining, but not bad. It was more of heavy mist. A small hill on the mountain was super steep and rocky. Their boots were able to grip to the mountain as much as possible. Then quickly out of nowhere Jade started to fall. Screaming help she slipped from the top of the hill to the bottom. On the way down she scratched her forehead and bruised her arm. When she got down she fell onto Zac’s chest nearly knocking the both of them down. Everyone scrambled to her attention in order to see if she was okay.

 She was.


When every settled down they scratched the dirt of their faces and wiped dirt off of their clothes. They continued to walk up small hills and even steeper ones until they reached a small oval shaped opening in the wood surrounded by pale brown oak trees. It was the perfect place to setup their tents. Even though it wasn’t nightfall it was appropriate to start setting up the camp. It was the only thing they could do because the rain only got heavier from that point on.


While hurrying to put their tents up they realized how they wouldn’t be able to start a fire or go hunting for food. So they had to innovate. They had to find a way of being warm while in the cold, but it wasn’t an impossible task.


It was morning and the task force had already started out for that day’s journey. As they were walking along a green cover meadow they checked the map and marked where they thought they were. Despite the fact that they had a compass it was really no use to a group of 21st century teens. They had all mastered the intellectual state of knowing all of technologies functions. That was all over with now. They assumed that they were a lot closer to the Republic City boundaries.


The sun was out and everything had dried back up. Leaves were still damp and rivers, lakes, and ponds were full. The air scented of pure outside. Not the kind of scent when you played outside, but of heavy scented pine tree, honeysuckles, and other plants. The sky was tangerine color and filled with crows flying from east to west.


Then they heard a noise. It sounded like a sergeant yelling at someone. They stopped everything they were doing and looked around to see if anyone had been following them. The first though that came into Jade’s mind was that it was a Republic City Official somewhere nearby. After searching all around them they continued to walk. Then they came to a line of tall cranberry bushes and peeked out to see what was on the other side. It was the Village. The question of who yelled was still a mystery, but it kind of didn’t matter anymore because they had reached Republic City.


The village was small. They didn’t want to frighten anyone so they camped out behind the bushes for about an hour loading their backpacks with cranberries. It was the same voice again.


“What do you think you’re doing and who are you?” a woman asked surrounded by toddlers all the way up unto children in their preteen age.


The task force stopped and slowly crept from behind the bushes.


“We were just grabbing some fruits Ma’am” Julie replied


“Well get your filthy hands off my food” she responded while approaching closer and closer.


This woman was about 50. She had on a navy apron with a long gray dress on with black boots. She had brownish silver hair that was pulled into a bun. She had a few wrinkles on her face, but not many. Her eyes were like stone. She stared at every single member of the task force up and down being disgusted by their choice to steal her food.


“Well we were just wondering if we could stay here until we leave out to the California Republic.” Jade asked


“Why do you need to stay in my housing?”


“Because my friends and I are from the Murdock Republic and we’ve been sent out on a mission to go to the California Republic to collect valuable information.”


“Interesting and may I ask who your friends are.”


“Yes, I’m Jade Murdock, This is Julie Smith, Zac Hoff, Faryn Vanuatu, and Layne Bordeaux and we have been walking for really along time.”


“Okay, my name is Ruth Ellen and I am the mother of this orphanage. For taking my fruit I planted myself you will have to all do chores if you wish to stay here for just a while”


“Yes Ma’am”


Ruth Ellen showed them around the little village. It was shabby, but it could rest them as they got ready to head out in a week or so. The village was located close to a farm. It had about six little houses for all of the orphans to stay in all covered with lanterns on the porches and in the windows. She said one of them was available because it was empty and no one stayed in there. All of the houses were really small with maybe one window located in the front. The houses were equivalent to about the size of Jade’s old living room. This was gigantic to be a living room but too small for a house. The houses were more like fancy shacks or dorms. All the houses were scattered out across the meadow with a normal sized house beside a barn located by a potato farm.


That day they went and unpacked their clothes that they had been wearing for the last past two months. The clothes were heavy with sweat, river water, and a few blood stains from scrapes and little cuts. They all asked Ruth Ellen if they could wash their clothes on a washing board or with sponges. She told them to go out to the small shack behind the main house. They crossed a small dirt pathway and headed behind the main house to get the washing utensils.


When night fell the village glowed with the lanterns and candles. They had even had dinner a little while earlier. Ruth Ellen provided the task force with potato and beet soup she had made over her fire area.


 The house that they were in was labeled HOUSE SIX. It was a two roomed structure. It had a small fire place they had little logs burning. In one room there was a pair of bunk beds and in the other room it was the same. So eight beds in all and only five of them. They said it was nice to be able to stretch out a little more than usual. During the night it was quiet except for the faint voice of a coyote howling in the distance.


In the middle of the night Zac and Jade came out of their little separate rooms and cuddled up against the pillow that lay on the floor and whispered to each other about how much this journey had changed them and fortunately this adventure was bringing them closer together. As Zac held Jade tight in his arms while her head lay on his shoulder they just enjoyed the moment before it was back to journeying along through Republic City.


That morning everyone woke up and had a cup of hot coffee Ruth Ellen had been boiling over night with the same fire she had used to make supper the night before. Jade and Zac sat by each other at the table inside of the main house where they were joined by the task force and two orphans.


“What are your names?” Julie asked the two orphans


“My name is Micah Broderick and I’m 13.” Replied a kid that had short and curly dark brown hair. Micah also had large silver rimmed glasses. Micah had on brown cargos and brown boots. He also had on a grey thermal shirt. He was also slightly taller than the girl he sat next to.


“And my name is Joci Smithson and I’m 12.” Replied the girl slightly shorter than Wade. Joci had darkish blonde hair and orange freckles. Joci had on blue jeans with a purple sweater on.


“Cool names, where are the others?” Jade said smiling.


“Well . . . most of our parents were sent away to help lead Republic City after the Revolution and some of them died, so the kids just sit in their dorms doing nothing because their to sad or upset.” Micah explained.


“Oh, I’m sorry” Jade said as she looked sadly at the two of them.


After breakfast everyone started on their chores. The task force had to dig up all of the beets, potatoes, cabbages, collards, and turnips before the first frost bite. Then they went and picked the fruits left on the bushes. After that they put their products into a basket and Ruth Ellen told them to wash them because they were having cabbage soup for dinner.


Then they all finished their chores, so they went back to their dorm and sat around and talked. They were joined by Micah and Joci.


“So, does either of you two know how to get from here to California Republic?” Layne asked.


“Yeah, to get from here to the California Republic you have to go to the southern border of Republic City turn right which is west and go up north until you get to the capitol” Micah answered.


“Why?” Faryn asked curiously.


“Because if you don’t you might run into the Protestrial Zone” Joci said.


“What’s that?” Julie said as she frowned due to her poor understanding of why the group would have to go all the way to southern Republic City.


“Okay you see not everyone in Republic City wanted to remain neutral during the Revolution. Near the California Republic boarder is a group of extremely violent protesters who kill and destroy. If you go in their territory they’d probably kill all of you. On maps their zone is located like a long semi- circle that borders most of our western border with the California Republic. Their zone is south west from North Republic City, which is here.”


“So what you’re saying is that we must go south then turn right/west to get to the California Republic and that we just can’t go diagonal from here or we would probably get killed.” Layne said.


“Exactly” Micah replied.


“Why can’t we just turn instantly from here and travel west into the California Republic?” Zac inquisitively asked.


“Because the same type protestors live exactly west of here. They say it’s about something to do with being split up by the California Republic Officials” Micah said.


“How are we supposed to get to the California Republic then if we really don’t know where to go?” Julie frowned as she asked Zac.


“I don’t know. I guess we’ll just go south until we smell salt water.” Zac replied shrugging.


“Well I might have an answer.” Micah said.


“What?” Everyone turned and looked at him.


“I know a girl who lives in South Republic City, in Tye Town. She might know how to guide you guys across the border.”


          “Well, where does she live?” Jade asked


          By that time Ruth Ellen had called everyone to come eat supper. Joci, Wade and the task force got up and headed out to the main house to eat. Wade said he would tell them the rest tomorrow after noon. Ruth Ellen said that the shores for tomorrow would be to straighten up around the main house.


          After dinner the task force went back to their dorm. There that sat doing completely nothing. They got out the map and marked their new course depending on the information that they had gotten over the last several days from Joci and Micah.


          Finally they all went to bed after they had completed their revised version of their course. When they got in bed they weren’t asleep. They just all lay their talking about how grateful to have found this shelter and helpful orphans.


          It was the middle of the night when both Jade and Zac got out of their separate beds and met each other once again, but this time they felt as if they had liked each other since for ever. It wasn’t just a small relationship anymore or at least not to them.


          When everyone woke up in the morning Jade and Zac had already returned to their separate rooms. They all started immediately on their chores. It wasn’t very hard considering they were inside.


          The main house was nicer than house six. It had baby blue walls. Picture frames with beautiful paintings of flowers and coral décor. It also had an upstairs. The main house was really tall. Zac went up the stairs to see what it was like, but it was really nothing. He looked out of a window up their where he was joined by the reflection of Jade. They looked out of the window together and realized how far they’d really some. Out in the distance you could see small houses far away, the earth slightly curving and many trees.


          Then before they could turn around Ruth Ellen snapped.


          “What are you two doing up here?” She screamed


          “Um, nothing we were just . . . .” Both off them murmured


          “Well go clean, NOW!” She commanded


          They hurried down stairs and began to clean. The rest of the task force cleaned without any breaks, due to the fear of Ruth Ellen.


          That after noon they returned to their dorm tired and worn out by chores. Then there was a knock on the door. Julie opened it and it was Micah and Joci.


          By that time everyone wanted to know more. Micah and Joci walked in the room and sat on the floor Indian styled, that’s when he began to tell how they would be led across the border of the California Republic.


          “Okay. It started when I was eleven; mom and dad got a divorce. They thought I would be better up in North Republic City. After that decision they sent me up here with my cousin and the initial intensions were for me to live with my grandparents. By that time the Revolution had already started and my grandparents never got the word I was coming. Then, not knowing about the Protestrial zone my cousin was killed. I fled up here and I’ve never left. On the other hand, I had a sister. Her name is Hero. She was sent to Tye Town and that’s the last I ever heard of her.


The group had said goodbye to everyone and thanked Ruth Ellen for her generosity. Then they left out that morning after saying a special goodbye to Micah and Joci.


They knew the journey ahead was going to be tough, but they all knew they could handle it.





It had been only a month since the task force left the orphanage in North Republic City. They had been traveling south for a good bit now. On their way to Tye Town they saw some signs that warned them of danger and they avoided it their best.


“I can’t wait until we get to Tye Town” Faryn said with a look of tiredness and disgust.


“Well, according to the map we should be their in a couple of days. Depending on how fast we keep traveling depends on when we arrive.” Layne said.

They all kept walking with their backpacks, collecting any and everything they deemed worthy for their trip. They were now walking through a forest full of tall trees and wildlife. They could see orchids growing in some places and every day they hoped they would finally come to the stop and end up in Tye Town. You could here the birds chirping in the newness of the morning.


At five they all sat down on whatever they could find. Layne pointed out to Julie that the chipmunks moved hilariously and they scurried everywhere. It had been a long time since they all just sat back and relaxed. It seemed that way after spending a week with Ruth Ellen.


Zac reminded them that they should probably start back walking if they wanted to get there soon. So they all packed up their stuff and continued walking. Then finally Julie heard talking. The group ran and they stopped at the end of a cliff. They read a sign that said Welcome to Tye Town.


Tye Town was not at all what they expected. It wasn’t a little small village or anything. It resembled the setting where Julliard was. Tye Town was huge. In the distance you see miles and miles of city. People, every walking and talking as if the revolution hadn’t even occurred.


The buildings were tall with chrome and glass out looking the city. Banners hung up and had things like, “Lets Stay Neutral” or sayings like “War doesn’t Affect a Great City.”


 Julie just couldn’t believe it. It was larger than the former New York and it smelled of roasting food and fires in the middle of streets that belonged to groups of homeless guys who were all around the same trashcan.

“This is absolutely amazing!” Jade said, she couldn’t believe after almost two moths of traveling from the orphanage this is what finally stood as the reward for their selfless dedication.


First of all Tye Town had to be regulated, some could come in and some could leave. But it wasn’t like that for every one. The teens found a hill and continued to go to the Tye Town Regulation Center. It looked like a booth with gates controlled by the person in the booth. Instead of just one booth it was about ten booths lined up side by side. The city had a large tan wall made out of bricks to define the boarder. So they all continued to walk until they were stopped by a guard a few feet before the booths and guided to booth Three.


The woman in the booth was a heavy set woman and had black hair.

She said,” Welcome to Tye Town please list the information provided on these tabs and report them back to after you all are finished.” The way she said it made it sound like she had said it at least a millions times before.


          Layne took one and after that, so did every on else. With the form every one also grabbed an ink pen.  The form was a light Khaki color and it had navy ink prink, which made it look like it had been typed from a typewriter. The form had questions like, Name, Date of Birth, Original or Previous, District, Medical concerns, etc. Then Jade thought and asked every one why the tab had the question medical concerns on the list.


          Then Jade, still wondering her question, went up to the booth lady and aked what did the form mean by medical concerns. Then the women looked at Jade and said,” The form means do you have and disease which can be transmitted throughout the population of Tye Town. Not only diseases, but immune system abnormalities.  Minor conditions such as such as chicken pox or measles. Please answer truthfully. Conditions such as asthma, allergies, and excreta can be okay. Just make sure all you and your friends answer truthfully once again. After this you will be admitted to the Medical Testing Center to be tested for anything you have like, staphylococcus aureus or streptococcus pyogens, and pneumonia. Sometimes when you test for a UTI, medicine will be provided for a few dexes.”


          Jade said thank you and went back to the group and explained everything the booth lady had just said. After filling out their forms, everyone returned them to the lady in the booth as she put on glasses and started reviewing them.


          After about thirty minutes the booth lady said okay and let them through after cutting of the bottoms of there forms and handing them back to them. After they entered the gates they walked down a road that was completely astonishing. The streets were red cobble stone with houses on both sides. It was very obvious that this was a part of the suburbs, but there were tall green water oaks they made the scenery so much more beautiful than it already was. The houses had been kept up so well despite the fact that power was currently non- existing and that right now what was previously the United States – well it was just districts dependent on culture of the regions. It was beginning to turn night and the sky was going through that transition where the colors blended together as if they were one. They kept walking down the street getting closer and closer to the sound of the live city.


          After about and thirty minutes of walking they came to another row of gates. This time on the cement built booth, there was sign labeled Medical Testing Center. They all got to the booth and it was a man. This one was tall looking with reddish blonde hair and a slight bit of a mustache.


          He requested, “May I see your badges please?”


          Nervously, Jade said, “Badges- we don’t have any badges, nor were we

given any at the front line of booths.”


          “Well may I ask what booth you were directed to?”


          Julie then jumped in and said, “Booth three, we were directed to booth three.”


          “Ah, I see. Booths one through four is particularly for new citizens. The rest of the booths you just hold up your citizenship badge and you’re let through. Since you all aren’t citizens may I see your bottoms from the forms tab?”


          Then every one took the bottoms of the forms that they had received from the booth lady. The man looked at them closely from behind the transparent plastic window. The gates opened and they were let through. It was still getting darker and darker. The sun was setting and the group still couldn’t be set to roam about the great Tye Town. After that they walked down another street with houses on both sides, very similar to the first street they walked down.


          After about fifteen minutes of walking, they came too what looked like a court building, but instead it was labeled Medical Testing Center. They walked front of the building. The building had a bronze roof and it was a cream color on the outside and clearly made out of stone. Tall columns went from the top of the room to the bottom of the small platform where you went a step up to, to get to the door.


          The inside of the building was not really busy. The floors were polished concrete and the space was just very open. They went up the front desk and asked a young a women about the testing they had to do. She told them that all of the doctors were gone for the day and that the only ones left were just administrative employees. She told them that in cases like this they would need to camp out in the lounge area B until morning. She told them that it was to the left hallway of her desk up a stair case to the right and it should be there.


          The group followed her instructions and passed lots of people with stacks of paper work. When they went up stairs the lounge area B had blue carpet, three recliners, a small sofa, a desk, and a large leather chair with an ottoman to go with it. The room also had a circular window that overlooked the city. It was now as dark as it was going to get. Before every one went home, the front desk lady from before came with a few candles and placed them on the desk, so it wasn’t just as dark in the lounge area B as it was is the face of the night. The city however remained lighted with natural sources such as fires, glowing items, and other things the group had never seen before since the revolution.


          They were in Tye Town and closer to their destination.


          At six in the morning, the staff for the Medical Testing Center returned to there jobs. About forty minutes later, a man in a white lab coat came and woke the group up. He explained that his name was Dr. Novak. Dr. Novak was tall. He had curly hair and glasses that made him look older than he probably was. Dr Novak however, did have a lisp on certain words that he said, not at least bad enough for the group to worry. Then a nurse came with blue scrubs on. She told every one that her name was Nurse Mia. Doctor Novak took the boys down to the testing room and Nurse Novak took the girls to a different testing room.


          In the testing room the teens weren’t embarrassed at all, despite urinating in a cup and having a shot in their, well gluteus maximums. Then they were tested for any type of abnormal heart arrhythmias with an advanced stethoscope. Due to not having any power, the urine was not put in a machine and tested, but it was examined under microscopes by highly trained pathologist. After that every one was sent to the next floor above them and had blood pricked from their thumbs.


          Nurse Mia then returned everyone to the lounge area B, and told them their results should be ready in about an hour and a half to two hours. The group said okay and every one without a question returned to their sleeping places where they had slept previously before. After about and hour Jade woke up and looking out the window. People were starting to fill up certain areas of the street in Tye Town.

 The only thing that stood in their way was getting to the California Republic.

          About an hour and forty minutes went by and Nurse Mia came back and told them that everyone wasn’t completely healthy, but every one was in good enough health to be released. The group was happy as far as being released, but they all wondered who and what was wrong with any of them? Nurse Mia reported that all the caution signs were nothing but bad allergies and if necessary, they could sign up for the proper medications.


          The group then thanked Nurse Mia. Before they left the Medical Testing Center, they each grabbed a map of Tye Town. It was larger than they thought. The city went on for miles and was extremely populated. This was larger than the old New York City and it was worse. There were more people and there was no power.

They looked at the maps and noticed that the city was divided into five sections. The sections were Hugo, Ebert, Aniston, Vines Crest, and York. The acronym, H.E.A.V.Y, was written across the top of the maps to help people remember the names. The main question now was which section do we go to? They were already in Vine Crest, but something about the size of the houses and the elegant buildings told them that they weren’t very suitable to this section. Faryn had remembered that when she talked to Micah alone one night that he said something about Hero, his sister, living in Hugo. At the time she couldn’t put Hugo and Tye Town together, but she did now. They looked at the map and saw that Hugo was as south as you could go until you reached the ocean.


          The group was sick of traveling. They thought about it and said that there should be a was for them to get to Hugo quicker than foot. They were in a piazza behind the Medical Testing Center and asked a stranger if there was any source of transportation in the city.


          The stranger was an older woman. She had blonde hair and green eyes. She had on a charcoal coat, a white shirt, black pants, and black boots. She was wearing a red scarf and pink earmuffs. She looked well groomed and extremely kind. You could definitely tell she was of the upper class. The woman told them that there was a city train. It wasn’t a train that ran by power, but it coasted downhill and used the potential energy it had stored, to get it uphill.

          They all thanked her for her contribution in making their journey a lot easier. Then they walked down Fifth Avenue on Piazza Street. Piazza street was long. It ended with a large house overlooking the road. Their were business building along the road; then there were apartments on top. The business weren’t very crowded. They paste Monee’s Golden Treat Bakery. The bakery was made out of crimson bricks. The windows were large and rectangular. The window sills were large enough for a microwave to sit on it. The Monee’s Golden Treat Bakery sing was made with black letters that were really curvy and behind that, was a cream colored piece of wood that held the letters. The sign hung from the front and below the navy apartments that sat on top of Monee’s Bakery. There was a sweet aroma that filled the air with pleasantness as the teens walked by. They could see an older man putting what looked like biscuits, into the fire pit oven. Monee’s Bakery had walls that were a pastel burgundy and pictures cluttering up every visible wall in sight.


          The group only wished that they had enough money to purchase one of the biscuits that would soon come out tasting warm and reminding them of the times when life was simpler.


          The teens kept walking were they passed Allen’s Accounting. Surprisingly enough, Allen’s Accounting was full of people all working at desk. The people were writing down something without every looking up. Rows and rows of people busy at work. Then they noticed water dripping above them from the top of one of the apartment balconies. They backed up and went to the other side of the street. A kid that looked to be about eight was looking in shock and his eyes were gigantic.


          The kid had on blue jeans, black rubber boots, a gray sweater, and he had just knocked over a jug of water. The he looked back and saw a man. This man was similar looking to what could have been his soon. They resemble in the sense that they both had red hair, despite the fact that the mans hair was lighter and not as rich as the hair of the little kid.

“Carter! What have you done?” Exclaimed the man, while yelling at the top of his lungs.

          “I, I just …” the kid said as he shook”

          “I just told you to sit the jug out by the balcony. Now look what you’ve done. We just got this water today! How are we supposed to make it last a couple more days? You are so irresponsible! I don’t understand. I guess you expect you and me to die from dehydration. You go inside and get the mop. You know we can’t afford more water. I guess we will have to go to the bay tomorrow and I can’t afford to keep skipping work!”


          By this time the boy was wailing in tears and red from embarrassment. Everyone walking the streets heard the outrage and stared. Jade, Faryn, Julie, Layne, and Zac all felt so bad for the poor kid, but they didn’t know the kid and they couldn’t do anything about it. They were all strangers, so they kept walking south.


          The sky was beginning to turn orange and the amount of people that were on the streets was starting to decrease and the group was growing weary from the travel. They kept walking until it was darker. The group was on Smith Street and they saw a sign that read: Soup Kitchen and Homeless Shelter. The teens had to face the reality that they were in fact homeless. They also needed food and it was beginning to be chilly. After about forty minutes of walking they found a sign that read: Tye Town Smith Street Soup Kitchen & Homeless Shelter. The building was large. It was made out of cinder clocks that were painted tan. The building overlooked the small houses around it and it was being overlooked by the even larger building around it. The sky was as still and as dark as could be. When they took a breath you could see the fog coming out. The Tye Town Shelter and Kitchen had medium sized windows that displayed the small lights from candles. The door to the soup kitchen was large and it was mahogany brown. Layne knocked on the door. A teenage girl, that looked to be the same age as the members of the task force, answered the door. She was probably just as tall as Jade. She looked Indian, but she didn’t talk with an accent.


          “Hello. My name is Marlie” The girl smiled.

          “Hi” Everyone said and introduced themselves to Marlie.

          “Would you like to stay here?”

          “Yes, please.”

          They all walked in and the Tye Town Soup Kitchen & Homeless shelter was really nice. The walls had pictures on them. The floors were burgundy carpet and really clean. It was warm and there weren’t very many people. The few men and women that they saw were saw were fast asleep on cots with blankets. There was a stair case left of the entrance when you walked in. Marlie explained how the first floor was for men and women; the left side was for men and the right side was for women. The second floor was for teens and the boys, left and girls, right. The third floor was for just women and children. Then the basement was were the showers are.


          The teens looked at Marlie with confusion. She knew the look and had explained it many times before. I know what you’re thinking she said. Yes, in Tye Town we have a semi functioning draining and water system. Every house that has a shower must have the shower in the basement. This way, water from the bay flows through several filters and after that it goes through underground pipes. Then from the main pipes, it is carried through by pressure to domestic pipes. Then they went down stairs so she could show them what the showers looked like and how they worked. The showers were small rectangular spaces. Then Marlie pointed out that on the ceiling, above every shower, there was a grid system made out of metal. She explained that only at certain times of the day water was released from the bay, into the pipes, and then came out from this metal series of tiny squares, the grid system. The water releases, were only in increments of five minutes. That way, too much water was not taken from the bay. So, you would stand under that vent like ceiling structure and for five minutes, then water came down with a good amount of pressure. It was only one of the latest innovations from the scientific community of Tye Town.


Marlie automatically assumed that they were going to ask about how plumbing worked. Then, to her amazement, they did in fact ask her how plumbing worked. Sewer systems actually worked almost the same was as before the revolution. Everything in Tye Town, as far a draining and plumbing, was based of pressure. Like the shower systems, you could only use domestic plumbing at certain times of the day. Every five block was a Sanitation Station. That was a from of public bathrooms that used a different type of system that enabled people to use the restroom at almost any time of the day, bt now people had gotten accustomed to make their dieting schedules fit the schedules of when they were able to use their own home bathrooms. Now, in Tye Town, in every household, there was a regular toilet and a taller looking toilet. The taller one was used just for urination. That way, it could flow out to the treatment building. The taller toilet’s pipes went straight down and gradually curved, that way it just flowed to the sewage tunnel. It also prevented backups in the system. On the other hand, the smaller toilet was used for the opposite. Users had to wait at certain times of the day for the toilet to fill half way up with water. The when you were done, you had to hold down the knob long enough to here a FLAP sound; that was the way of letting a person know feces had left their domestic plumbing. The flap sound was when a series of mechanical system had carried the “used” water out into the nearest main pipe. For this, water from the Decatur river, the largest river nearest to Tye Town, was carried from underground pipes to the city main pipes and then to the domestic pipes. Then because the water had so much pressure, it would open the flap, thus filling the toilet half way. The only reason why it didn’t fill the toilet up all the way or make it overflow is because after half way the water had lost a significant amount of pressure. The flap would close. Afterwards, when a person held down the knob, the water left that didn’t fill up the pipe was released in and the contaminated water flowed out, thus pushing the uncontaminated water out of the flap, which is when the flap closed again making the toilet empty.


          After Marlie gave them that explanation the teens could understand why Tye Town was in such great condition after the Revolution. By that time the group went back up stairs where they were guided to the kitchen by Marlie and she gave them that nights leftover’s, which were potato soup and half a baguette. She told told them that there were blankets in the closet on the second floor and to please be as quite as possible considering that everyone was asleep by now. The she disappeared into the darkness that led into the private quarters of the shelter.         







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