My one and only

Okay so this is my first story ! Yay! Okay so im taking some ideas ive read about. this has mature content ! I would rate it 12+ years ! So this fan fiction is about Niall Horan and it takes place in Ireland . Read more to find out more (:


1. The old days

 I trudged up the stairs with my jacket over my arm, my iphone in my hand with an opened text from Niall , I`d thought I`d never see . The text read: Hey Grace ... I really miss you... I wish we never wouldve faught like that... its just ... well i was going to ask you out that day but i slept in a little too late and im just sorry that i didnt get to take you out to breakfast that morning... truth is , ive been thinking about you non-stop and i cant help myself. can we be friends again? maybe even more then that? 


It had been to years since ive seen that jerks face. i told him i never wanted to see him again. what didnt he understand?! I finally reached my bedroom and plopped on my bed and re read the text... over , and over ,and over again. I finally realized... AWW HE SAID HE WAS GOING TO ASK ME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM THE JERK!!!!!!!!!!!! I texted him back.

To: Ni<333

Hey Ni, I just re read that text a couple of times. i was such a jerk! We can totally be friends again. Omg Ni i miss you soooo much. Meet me at the diner at noon. (; 

My phone started buzzing to Live While We`re Young. It had a picture of Niall with his contact: Ni<333 I slid my finger across the screen. "Hey Grace!" He said with joy in his voice "Oh my gosh!!!! Niiiiiiiiiii I miss you" I said sniffling a little. "HEY HEY HEY HEY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!" He said loudly through the phone speaker. "Whattttttttt" I said with a deep gloomy voice. "THERES NO NEED TO CRY NOW MISS PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!" "You made my day" i said with a slight giggle. "See you at 12:00" 

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