Fix You *A Louis Tomlinson Story*

Jess lost her family when she was only ten years old. Her life has been a mess ever since. She won't let anyone into her life, but when she by coincidence bumps into a lovely boy named Louis, will that change? Can he fix her?


6. Chapter 6

My eyes shut up the moment I heard her scream.

I sat in silence for a second, collecting myself. It was 2 am and my eyes were burning of weariness.

Another scream sounded from upstairs. I rubbed my eyes and rushed up the stairs and to her room.

What was happening?

Was she hurting?

I pushed away my thoughts away as I entered the room. It was dark and I was unable to see Jess. I panicked when a squeal suddenly filled the room.

I quickly found my way to the electric socket and turned on the light.

There she was.

The covers were lying on the floor beside the bed and Charli was lying on the bed, shaking like crazy, her arms hugging her legs as her eyes were shut tight. Her breath was unsteady and gasps escaped her lips now and then.

I felt my own heart beat faster as I kneeled beside her and ran my hands through my hair.

What was I supposed to do?

Should I wake her up?

I placed my hand on top of hers. Maybe that’d calm her down..?

Her breathing slowed down a bit and she moved her free hand so it was on top of mine.

I smiled and caressed her cheek carefully.

It must’ve been a nightmare…

I reached out for the covers with my left hand, not wanting to move my right one from between hers.

She squeezed my hand slightly as I pulled the covers over her body.

“It’s okay now, love” I whispered as I slowly removed my hand from between hers.

Her breathing increased immediately and tears suddenly ran from her closed eyes, down her cheek and onto the pillow.

I quickly took her hands in mine again and planted a kiss on her cheek.

“Jess…please stop crying. I don’t know what to do” I was confused and frustrated.

More tears streamed down her cheeks and I gently stoked my thumb over each and every one of them.

I let go of her hands for a second so I could go turn off the lights.

I took out my phone and turned on the flashlight so I could find the bed again.

Jess’ hands hadn’t moved, and I took them in mine again as I carefully climbed over her body. I lay down behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist.

Having someone close to her might help…

She moved back a bit and pressed her fragile body against mine. I smiled and hid my head in her neck. Her hair smelled wonderful and I took a deep breath as I tightened my grip around her waist.

She calmed down eventually as I gently stroked up her arm with the tip of my fingers.

Soon enough Jess was sleeping peacefully beside me.

“Goodnight love” I whispered close to her ear as I closed my eyes and let my thoughts flow.

My feelings for this girl had grown a lot already… It was kind of crazy, but I liked it that way.

Before I fell asleep I reminded myself to talk to Jess about what happened. I was hoping it was just a nightmare, but I had a feeling there was more to it than that…

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