Fix You *A Louis Tomlinson Story*

Jess lost her family when she was only ten years old. Her life has been a mess ever since. She won't let anyone into her life, but when she by coincidence bumps into a lovely boy named Louis, will that change? Can he fix her?


1. Chapter 1

It was just a normal Monday morning.

I could see snowdrops hit the window, as they ran down and disappeared. It was plain white outside. It had been like this every morning for the past few weeks, foggy, cold and white. I hated it…

Christmas was coming soon, and looking out only reminded me that no one was going to be there with me. I was going to spend Christmas alone, just like I’d done it last year, and the year before.

I reached out to feel the tiny water droplets that arose ‘cause of the weather and closed my eyes, rewinding to the day that changed my life.

“Jess! Kevin! Stop it, now!” It was Christmas Eve and my twin brother Kevin, my mother and I were on your way to my grandparents to celebrate. I hadn’t seen them for months, so I was pretty excited. As were my brother. And that was probably one of the reasons we started fighting in the first place – cause we couldn’t sit still. Mom kept yelling that we both had to stop and behave, but we were only 10 years old, so we didn’t listen.

It was getting dark outside, and I could see that mom had trouble driving it this weather. The roads were white, and snow fell from the cloudy, dark sky. She looked frightened as she leaned closer to the front, to get a better look of the road.

“Mommy! I-I don’t like this…” I mumbled as I held the teddy bear on top of me tight. “It’s okay honey… We’re almost there” mom answered as she turned her head for a second and sent me a faint smile to comfort me. I could see through it, so it didn’t help at all.

I looked over at Kevin, as he kept his eyes on the road and pressed his hands against the window. I could tell he was about as scared as me.

“Mommy… I don’t want to go to grandma and grandpa! I just want to go home…” Kevin cried, as he leaned forward and put his hand on mommys shoulder. I could hear his silent sobs, which made me cry too. I got eye contact with him and smiled to let him know everything was going to be fine. It was just snow and mom was there, so we were safe.

A moment after mom lost control of the car and it slid into the other lane. We all screamed as a car crashed into ours. I looked over at Kevin, who was crushed into the window. I then turned my head, “I love you mom” that was all I said before everything went black.

A single tear escaped my eye as I removed my hand and gasped.

It felt so real this time, almost like I was really there again.

I looked around in my messy apartment. That was exactly how my life had been ever since that day, messy.

I’d been living in an orphanage when I was younger, but moved as soon as I could. Nobody cared anyway.

I didn’t talk to anyone, I didn’t listen to anyone, I didn’t’ even look at anyone. Not even myself.

The one time I did, I broke down ‘cause I looked precisely like my brother and my smile looked exactly like the ones mom used to send me.

Someone should have helped me when I needed it, because it was too late now.

I was way too broken to be fixed.

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