In The End - Problems

Sequel to In The End-
Kathy and Niall are finally happy and everything seems to be going well. But there is always going to be problems...


2. Do I know you?

'Knock, Knock, Knock' I woke to someone knocking on my door. 

"Err!" I rolled over to see it was only 8:37 am. Seriously! 'KNOCK!' This knock made me jump and I fell out of bed. "Ouch..." I rubbed the side of my head and got up. "Coming!" Running down stairs I forgot I had just got out of bed and was probably not looking my best. I got to the door and flung it open revealing a pretty brunette girl that I had never seen before. Was she a fan?

"Hi Kathy" OK now I was confused. 

"Do I know you?" I asked, putting my index finger to my temple and resting my elbow on my arm which was crossed over my torso, in concentration. She rocked back and forth once on her feet. Probably trying to think of what to say.

"Yes... No... Kind of..." Great answer. I raised my eyebrows at her. She smiled sticking out her hand. "I'm Danielle Peazer, Liam's Girlfriend." I nodded in realisation and shock her hand that was in front of me. 

"Come in Danielle! I've been wanting to meet you! I've heard your a dancer! I love to dance!" I carried on talking about random things. She laughed. We were in my living room now sitting on her sofa. She bit her lip, worryingly. I stopped talking at looked at her confused, again.

"Did I wake you? Liam said you hate mornings." I laughed.

"You did but I'm glad you did. Like I said, I've been wanting to meet you... What brings you here anyway?"

"Liam suggested I come meet you because both him and Niall are busy today. I've been wanting to meet you to!" She smiled and I gave her a smile back. 

"Can I get you a drink?" I asked standing up, I was thirsty myself. 

"Can I have a glass of water?" I nodded and skipped over to the kitchen. Pouring Myself and Danielle a glass of water I caught a look at myself in a reflective sauce pan. Surprisingly I didn't look that bad. 

Danielle P.O.V

Kathy had a nice place, big and welcoming. Admittedly I thought it would be showy with expensive things and awards on display. But I didn't know her then and now I see I was completely wrong. Her home was really... well, homely. 

"Here you go!" Kathy walked back into the room and handed me my drink of water. "So... What do you want to do?" She sat, crossed legged on the other side of the sofa, facing me. I knew my answer straight away.

"Can you show me pictures of your travels?" I love seeing that kind of thing and it's also a great way to get to know people, through their photos. Kathy's eyes widened. "Was that nosy?" 

"No! I'm glad you've asked. I've been wanting to look over my pictures but haven't got round to it." She squealed in excitement, making me laugh. "I'll go get my books!" She ran off and returned minutes later with six books. "Lets start!"  


"And this is me standing on stage in Dublin!" Kathy told me with a sparkle in her eyes, you could tell she was passionate about what she does. "This is one of my favourite pictures of me and Niall!" She pointed to a picture of her and Niall on the beach. Kathy in a light blue bikini, Niall in navy trunks. 

"Why?" I asked looking at her then back at the picture. 

"It shows the real us, not the one the media shows." I looked at the picture again. They both are holding ice creams but they are shoved into the others face. You can tell they are both laughing. "See it?" She turned to me and I nodded. "I like this one to!" She pointed to one where Niall is giving her a piggy back and they are both looking at each other, the looks on their faces showed their love more then words. 

"What's that?" I asked pointing at an unmarked CD. she shrugged.

"Only one way to find out!" She rushed to the TV putting it in the DVD player and pressing play...

Little video's of Kathy, One Direction, Their fans and other people came on moulding into one long video. 

"I know what this is!" Kathy told me. "It's a video I made of the tour!" It made sense now. 

"That's a really good idea!"

"Thanks!" she curtsied, looking proud. "Do you want to watch it?" I nodded and we did. 


"It's only 11:30!" Kathy seemed surprised. I nodded. "Your a dancer right?" I nodded again. "Let's dance!" I nodded, again, and smiled. She lead me to a room and turn proof walls. "Let's dance!" she repeated. We smiled at each other. 

"Lets Dance!" I agreed. 

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