Keep Dreaming

A 17-year old girl named Abigail. Was forced to stay-awake. She can't sleep, If she sleeps,she will see a horror nightmare that is people being tortured...The people she loves will die as well..But , what is the black figure that keeps appearing in her dream ? Was the thing trying to tell her something by killing the people she loves ? Read if you want to know what happens next ! ^^


4. The truth

Tiffany smiled at me and said "Oh,he's sometimes like that..Now,let's go to school together..I'm sure he's just angry cause he's parents force him to do modelling again.."

"Modelling?He's a model?Oh,so that's why he's muscular and teacher's adore him..Well,let's go!"I smiled at her.

When we arrived at school,everyone was crying.

One of Amenda's (The student council,just to make sure if you forgets her or maybe your brain think that Tiffany is the same person xD) and said.."Tiffany and...Abby..Amenda.. -sobs-!"

"Stop crying..It wasn't your fault..Let me give you a big hug.."Tiffany slowly gave the girl a big hug.

"It was my fault!I wasn't able to save her from that evil thing.." and she started crying AGAIN! For god sake stop crying!

"Stop crying...Tell us what happened!"I grab her shoulder and shake it..Until there are words coming out of her mouth.Then,she started talking and stopped crying.

"Actually,it was our fault.She suggested us to go together on a very famous club..Then,we followed her.." she looked down.

"Don't you guys know the rule?!NO clubs!I'm go--"Tiffany was going to tell the teacher then..

The girl pulled Tiffany's hand and said.. "Please..Don't tell the teacher..We got no backup..Amenda always convince the teacher that we are not wrong..Tiffany,please.."

"Fine,but just this time!Continue the story .."

"Well,we went shopping,for new clothes to wear on the club..Then,a boy came.."

"Did you see his face?!"I asked.

"Yeah,his face was..was..was similar as Azure's face,but his face was a bit longer I guess.."

"Continue on.."

"The boy came while holding a chainsaw..He said some kind of I don't know..I really didn't hear him..But I did hear he said 'Die' ..Then,we run..And left our new clothes..Amenda's legs was pulled.I tried to help her but I barely see anything.The other girls told me to run..So,I left Amenda..And went to our special house,that we created together.We slept there together to prevent the boy killing us one by one.The end"

"hmm..Similar to Azure huh ?You may go now..Thanks for telling us the truth.."Then,the girl went away.

"Umm, Camie can you help me?"Tiffany suddenly ask.

"Sure."she looked at me with sharp eyes as if I killed Amenda.

"Stop bothering me..and Azure..And don't talk to us...Please.."

"Tiffany, wh--"before I finish my word Tiffany yelled at me.

"Please Camie!I don't want to be your friend!I know you like Azure and I don't want to be friends with Azure's fans!"

"Tiffany!I'm not Azure's fans!I don't like Azure,ok?!Now,I'm going to class!"I just walk away from Tiffany and went to class.

There are no teachers today..So,I spend my time drawing.

Drawing no.1

Drawing no.2

Drawing no.3

P/s :I didn't draw all of this.I'm not in the mood to draw..And pick your favorite image.

Then,suddenly Tiffany approached and greets me.."Umm..Hi,Camie..Whatcha drawin ? 

"First,don't talk to me. 

Second, I don't want to be friends with you.

Third, you broke my heart."

"Sorry..I thought you became friends with me because of Azure..Please..forgive me.."

"I gave you my trusted..It wasn't easy for people to earn my trust..Now,you lost it.."

"Please..I'll do anything for you to forgive me!"Tiffany started crying.

Then,Azure came and scold me..."Why did you make her cry?!Bi--"

"There is no one who could call me that word except for my parents!She's the one who started crying first!No will y---"OMG!!!

He .... Why would he do that to me ?!

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