Keep Dreaming

A 17-year old girl named Abigail. Was forced to stay-awake. She can't sleep, If she sleeps,she will see a horror nightmare that is people being tortured...The people she loves will die as well..But , what is the black figure that keeps appearing in her dream ? Was the thing trying to tell her something by killing the people she loves ? Read if you want to know what happens next ! ^^


6. The ending ..

       I look at my feet and remembered what my grandmother told me;You can't always wait for people to help you ,sometimes you have to do it on your own ..You also have to fight your fear ..

    I looked at Azure and I was crying ,my tears were glowing .I thought it was Azure's power doing something to me ,but It wasn't . 

"I'm ..not afraid of you ..." Suddenly my mouth starting to talk ,I felt like it wasn't me at all ..I started crying again and again .But ,suddenly I stop;I can't control my own body ..

I walk closer to Azure and I did something to him , "You deserve to die !" I stab him like a hundred times and I started laughing in the same time crying .I looked at him and smiled;A creepy smile .

He looked at me and push me ,I don't even know how did I get a knife .

"You and your brother don't deserve to live .."I started laughing again .But this time it was different cause I wasn't using a knife .I came closer to them and I killed both of them ,but I wasn't sure that they were dead .

So I took a stick a poke them ,but they didn't even move .So ,I stand up and walk away from their body .

Waking up 

I woke up and I saw myself when I was still a little girl .I was happy with my family ,then I started crying .My mom hugged me so tight she also kiss my forehead before I sleep .My dad took my favorite book and read it so that I can sleep .Then ,when I sleep he grab my favorite teddy bear and put it beside of me .I open my eyes and hugged my dad .He kiss my cheeks and forehead .

"Mom ..Dad ..Can't you see me ?I'm right here .." I walk closer to dad and I try to hug him but I can't because I was transparent .I walk to their bedroom and saw mom and dad crying .Why are they crying ..?

Then ,I came closer to them and heard them talking .

"How are we able to take care of her ?" Mom ask dad .

"When ,she grew much older we'll lock her up in the basement to prevent her killing other people .."Dad started to cry when he said that .

"What if one day she kill us ?" Mom started crying .
"Then ,we just have to accept the fact .."

"Why did you even make a deal with that demon ?!" Mom started punching dad .

"Please ..Grizelda ,I don't have any options !" Dad and mom were fighting .

I walked to my room ,and cried ..Looking at myself when I was a little girl .I walked closer to myself and said "Please ..Don't kill them .."

Suddenly ,there was a man;I'm sure it wasn't dad .He looked at me .And walked closer ,he kneel and kiss me forehead .Wait what ?

"Please be safe my daughter ..You don't want to know what's going to happen ..."Then ,he looked at me and said "Be safe .."

When I looked at myself he killed me .I was crying .."Mom !Dad !"

Mom and dad quickly ran into my room and saw me dad .

"ABIGAIL !!!"Mom shouted .

"Mom I want you to know ..That ..I love you .."Then ,I died.

Then ,I really woke up .I looked at everyone and I saw myself but I was the dark me ,she was killing everyone .

"Stop this !"I looked at her .

"Oh ,It is the good side of me ,my twin ..Now ..die !"She took some kind of dagger that is shinning .

"Before I kill you ..Thank you for helping me killing all the people that killed dad .."she looked at me and she was crying like hell .

"Twin ..sis ?"I was looking at her and I started crying .

"You don't remember ?Dad killed me ..because he knew that I was going to kill everyone ..Before I die you came and ask our fake parents what happen and mom and dad said someone kill me ..I was the one who's supposed to be locked up in the basement but it was too late ..I entered your body so that I can still live and kill people ..The black thing that killed mom and dad was me .."

"Well then ..If I die ..You die because you are using my body .."I took a knife ,before I stab myself the man that came and kill my twin before came and killed me .

"I'm sorry Abby ..But ,your sister have over taken your body .."he cried and hugged me ..

I looked and the man's face and said "Dad me a favor and please let me die in peace ..I love .."Dad cried and said "I will Abby ..I will .."

The last thing I saw was darkness .But dad came and I saw lightness ..E..very..thing was light ...

The End ! Hope you enjoy the story ,I'm sorry if you think the ending is unfair .

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