Keep Dreaming

A 17-year old girl named Abigail. Was forced to stay-awake. She can't sleep, If she sleeps,she will see a horror nightmare that is people being tortured...The people she loves will die as well..But , what is the black figure that keeps appearing in her dream ? Was the thing trying to tell her something by killing the people she loves ? Read if you want to know what happens next ! ^^


5. Shocker...

He kissed me on the lips..Who would he do that ?

I slapped him and ran into The Musical Park .People call it that because a girl played her viola there and died..And every night they will hear a viola and a girl singing.I was at the park until recess.

I heard a girl playing a viola,she was sitting next to me.She was also crying ;It was creepy because she was crying blood.

"Umm,what's your name ?"I asked the little girl.

" De..bora.."she looked at me.

"Well,that;s a nice name you got there Debora..So,how old are you ?"I tried to be nice with her because she has a tragic story.

"I'm..9..My mom..told me to..make a,I was sick..So,I died.."she started crying again.

"It's ok..Stop crying.."then,she hugged me but she was transparent,but I can still feel her body hugging me.

"I..hate myself..because I didn't..fight my sickness.."she was still hugging me.

"You don't need to hate yourself..You are famous..Even I can't play a viola..You are talented.Very talented.."I looked at her and stroke her head.

"I make the..performance..but..I can't because I died.."she looked at me.

"Well,my mom used to tell me,if you want to do something so badly close your eyes and imagine you're doing it .."I smiled at her then,she ask me to sit and listen her playing her viola.

She played the viola,it was so beautiful.If only I can hear her playing the viola twice.Then,she started singing it was so beautiful.Then,when I opened my eyes she thanked me and left.I was crying.

Then,Tiffany came.I quickly rub my tears.And pulled out my mp3 player.

"Camie !Why are you here ?Don't you want to go to the cafeteria ?"Tiffany suddenly came and ask me.

"I'm not in the mood to eat..Now,can you leave me alone ?I'm feeling very embarrassed right now.."my face was turning red when,I remembered the tragedy.

"Well,I bought an extra hamburger..Here you go !" I'd just ignore her and keep listening to my mp3 .

"Please,just leave me alone.."I slapped her hamburger.She quickly pick it up and put it on the table and said.."You know,you shouldn't slap foods..I'm going to class now.."then,she quickly ran away for me..I bet she is scared of me.

Then,I fell asleep at the swings.


"Oh !There you are,I thought you stop coming here.."he smiled and walk towards me.

"I'm having a harsh time right now.Please,just leave me alone.."he kept smiling at me and said.."Sorry,for disturbing but where is our entertainment ?"

"Azure..Take Azure.."I looked so weak.

"Okay,then..bring Azure !"I saw many black shadows ;It was very creepy,I was at the centre and it was like all the shadows were watching me as if I'm the clown and this is the circus.

"Brother ?!"Azure appeared at the centre and pulled the boy.

"Bro ?!I've searched you for like a thousand years ago !Father died.."The boy hugged Azure ;It was like a family reunion.

"He's the entertainer !"I yelled.

"Tiffany is the entertainer !I've been keeping her as the entertainer since we were 3 !"Azure laughed.

Then,Tiffany was at a chamber she screams for help..Tiffany wasn't the only one..

"HAHAHAHAH !!!"Azure and his brother was laughing.

"You are a fool ,Camie !"Azure was smiling at me;creepy.

Wait..Is Azure and his brother co-op to kill me ?

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