Keep Dreaming

A 17-year old girl named Abigail. Was forced to stay-awake. She can't sleep, If she sleeps,she will see a horror nightmare that is people being tortured...The people she loves will die as well..But , what is the black figure that keeps appearing in her dream ? Was the thing trying to tell her something by killing the people she loves ? Read if you want to know what happens next ! ^^


2. Black figure...

"Your a disaster ! You shut up and listen to me ! Everything you do is mistakes !" I slapped the girl. And it was like my hair was burning;CRAP ! I didn't meant to slap her it's just..I'm pretty piss off how she yelled at me..I was the one doing her craps and thing!

"Sorry..I..just don't want people to yell at me.." She grabbed my hair.It was so painful. I looked at her and said "Get out of my life you bitch !" that was a relief...

P/s:Sometimes I can't control myself.. :P

"Did you just call me a bitch ? Oh,you will regret saying that ! Take that back or bad luck will come to you..Because I am the student council..And you don't want your chair stuck at your butt,cause I'll be doing that !" All her friends was like ;You better take that back fast,Abby. Bad luck will live with you forever. Yeah,and you will be bathing toilet water..  Well who the hell cares ? I've been living with bad luck almost since I was a little girl. I don't care if I'm a joke at school or I'm a loser as long as I'm still alive and I'm going to have a beautiful future,after high school.

"Now, I the most famous and beautiful student council of Ridgeway High School will declare Abigail Camryn a loser forever !" I looked at her with sharp eyes and said "First, I don't care .Second, I hate this school anyways. And third,you are not famous and beautiful, you are just another spoiled brat who is dumb and always rely on people. Even your friends doesn't want to be with you, they are just scared that you think them as losers." I turned around and walk straight to my classroom.

I sat down and everyone was looking at me as if I killed a person."What are you jumbo heads looking at ?" Then, they all looked in front. The teacher came and they all sit back at their sits. Good..Now I feel the same way as a popular girl..SO MUCH EYES LOOKING AT YOU!

"Umm,hi I'm Tiffany Whinston...I saw you fighting with the student council..It was pretty cool you know be---" before she finish her sentence I interrupted her "First,I don't want to know your name.Second,quit disturbing.Third,I was doing that so people won't think that I'm stupid."

"Sorry..I just want to know how did you do that..Cause people easily take advantage of me..I'm a slowpoke.." Suddenly I felt kinda guilty. "Oh,I'm so sorry to hear that,so I'm kinda new you like to go to lunch with me ?" She looked at me and smiled. " Of course , I would..I'd never had friends before maybe we could be bff ! "

Then ,the teacher looked at us and yelled at us because we weren't really pay attention that time.Tiffany was pretty happy that time..She even send me a picture of her when she was still a little cute girl..We could be friends..

The bell rang,it was lunch time.I pulled out a pack sandwiches from my bag and she pulled out some kind of I don't know..Maybe some foods I've never eaten before ? "So,are you ready ?" She asked me while holding her lunch box..It was a picture of unicorns and stuff. "Sure."

We went to the cafeteria together and ate our lunch. It was pretty fun though. Then, the student council came,took Tiffany's cute lunch box and pour up at her head.Tiffany's tofu fell at her head;Damn I am pretty piss right now ! 

"Quit disturbing us bitch !" I took my diet coca cola and poured it at her head;It wasn't enough .I punched her straight at her nose,I grabbed a fork and stabbed my hand..This is enough ! 

Then,I fainted.When I woke up..It was pitch black..I couldn't barely see a thing.All I see is darkness."Hello ?!Is anyone there ? " OH GOD, NO ! NO ! NO ! I saw a black figure..The  black figure who killed my parents ! "Please,I beg of you ! Don't kill her ! She is innocent ! Please..Wait.." I started punching myself. People always say that if you hurt yourself in dreams it will wake you up.I cried..It didn't work..I saw Tiffany in front of me..I hugged tightly.. Somehow,I felt like the black figure wouldn't dare to touch us. Unless,it is waking towards a figure of a girl. I've saw that girl before. Wait is it...the student council ?

                                                                       P/s:The student council's name is Amenda Chyrtus!

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