What we had, whatever it was is now history, it's nothing, I don't care if we were best friends, that means nothing to me now..


9. unexpected

"JUSTIN, GUESS WHOS HERE" !!?? . i felt Justin tense up against me. i opened my eyes in shock. that voice could only belong to one person.  Justin looked at me and nodded, only as if he was confirming that it was in fact her. i pushed him away and started to play with the kitchen utensils. i wiped my neck, making sure it was clean and had no evidence of what had just happened. while she was looking for Justin and I, i couldnt help but wonder what would wouldve happened if she hadnt of walked in. If Justin went further and further down, but most importantly, if i wouldve stopped him if he had. i caressed my neck where just moments ago Justin had sucked, licked and nibbled on. i sighed and this caught Justin's attention. He stared at me with a sympathetic look, his eyes flashing with regret. i looked away from his brown eyes and focused on the spatula that i had un-knowingly grabbed from the draw. "Justy"? i heard her scream again. it was then that i realized Justin hadnt moved, nor said a word since we broke apart. i decided to take matters into my own hands, because if no-one did, god knows what she would do. Just as i was about to scream out to her, Justin grabbed my hand and pulled me close. "go hide, now". i pulled back and stared at him, before realizing what he had just said. i nodded my head and tiptoed upstairs. My pockets were making alot of noise, so i decided to empty them. i pulled out the rubbish and instantly i saw something i thought i lost a long time ago. on the front of the crumbled up piece of paper it said "song for ashley" i smiled, would it be wrong if i read it?. i looked around to make sure no-one saw me and there was no-one in the lounge, which made me wonder where she'd gone. i turned back around and headed straight for Justin's room, but just as i was about to open the door, it slammed open itself, or so i thought, until someone stepped out, someone i never expected to be her.... Caitlin ?

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