What we had, whatever it was is now history, it's nothing, I don't care if we were best friends, that means nothing to me now..


3. song for ashley

A/N i am so very very very sorry for not updating <3 i didnt think anyone would actually read this and i totally forgot about it :p lol but ive been busy and i never actually go on the computer anymore so im very sorry, please forgive me xx and heres another chapter for y'all xx -Myah


i woke up alone, this time it was more quieter. i got up and looked around for Justin. "JUSTIN" i screamed, hopeing that where ever he was he would hear me. when i got to the kitchen there was a note on the bench.

"Hey Ashley, Selena wanted to go out for lunch, ill be back soon, dont have too much fun without me ;) love you - Justin"

i sighed. Selena always found a way to get in the middle of what ever justin and i were doing. I love Justin but sometimes i wish it was me instead of Selena. i know thats wrong but i wish i could one day call him mine and be his. it makes me sad to know that he'll never look at me that way..

i pulled out my phone and called Miley. "Hey babes" she answered. i laughed and smiled, she knew just how to make me happy. "Hey girlfriend, do you wanna hang out" "HELL YEAH" she screamed. i laughed and looked at the time. it was 3pm. i answered and asked her to pick me up from Justins. she agreed and hung up. i smiled and decided to get ready. i didnt bring over so i decided to go upstairs into Justins room and find some. I was looking through his draws when something caught my eye.. a piece of paper with my name on it. i moved the 150 pairs of sweats and grabbed it. i know it was an invasion of privacy but i wanted to know what it was. i just hoped he wouldnt get made. i pulled it out, sat on his bed and un-folded it... 

"Song for Ashley" it read.....

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