What we had, whatever it was is now history, it's nothing, I don't care if we were best friends, that means nothing to me now..


5. Justins POV


a piece of paper rolled across the floor. Ashley froze and her face dropped. i bent down to pick it up. It must be private, i thought, if this was the way Ashley reacted. i gently picked it up and took a quick glance at it. something about it seemed odly, odly familiar, i just couldnt put my finger on it. i handed the piece of paper back to Ashley. she grasped it in her hand and didnt let it go, even When miley returned with the drinks. i stared at here from the corner of my eye. something was wrong but she was covering it up really well. Her smile was so big that if you didnt know her the way i did, you'd think that she was genuinly happy. i decided that it was time to go. I stood up, leaving a $5 note on the table and walked out. I jumped into my car and sat down. What was wrong ?? where have i seen that note before ? what was on it that was so private, that made Ashley want to hide it from me ? We tell eachother eveything, i couldnt understand it.. maybe she was suicidal, and that was a suicide note.. no that cant be it, i mean shes always happy, and besides she has nothing to be sad or depressed about.. but then again, she was a bit off today. it killed me to see that fake smile plastered on her face.. i know im being dramatic and turning something that wasnt even nothing into something bigger thatn it is but, i dont know...

i started the car and drove toward my house. i ran upstairs to get changed when i noticed something was off. my room was a mess and my top draw was open, my 100 pairs of sweats thrown across the ground.  i ran to the draw to put them back in when i realized something was missing.. 

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