What we had, whatever it was is now history, it's nothing, I don't care if we were best friends, that means nothing to me now..


8. it

The Next Morning *********


i woke up with JUstins arms around me. i smiled and snuggled into his chest, leaning my ear onto his chest so i could hear his heartbeat. i dont know why but something came over me and i gently reached up and gave him a light kiss on the forehead. i looked at him and felt guilty. i shouldnt be doing this, he doesnt like me like that... i immediatly re-gretted the kiss and got off the couch and made some breakfast. Justins arms grabbed onto my leg and i went flying foward, and onto my face. Justin was in hysterics. i shot him a look and got up to make me food. "Come on Ash it was just a joke" i continued to ignore him until he locked his arms around my waist and snuggled his head into my neck. i tensed up and he began to leave little wet kisses in my neck. i closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment.... then IT happened..

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