What we had, whatever it was is now history, it's nothing, I don't care if we were best friends, that means nothing to me now..


1. detention

i pulled my phone out of my pocket, trying not to draw attention. i glanced down and read one of the messages that caught my eye. it was about the 8th one there.

from Best friend

to Ashley

Ashley where are you ? honestly this isnt funny, ill call the cops ! Just tell me you ok !!

To best friend

From Ashley

OMG JUSTIN. calm down :) im fine, just in detention i guess i forgot to tell you ... i finish at 6.30pm :) hahaha love you xxx.


i hit send and almost immediately i got a reply. just as i was about to read the message, i heard a loud whack on the desk infront of me. my eyes shot up, i let out a quiet cry as Mrs Turner reached into my pocket and grabbed my phone. she stared at it for a moment, then she turned around and sat at her big desk. a small smirk appeared on her lips and she 'accidentally' picked my phone up and dropped it onto the desk. Even though it was only a 5cm drop i still screamed. that phone has cost me all my savings ! not to mention the fact it was an iPhone 5. Everyones heads turned in my direction and i could tell my cheeks were turning a shade of red. "Back to work" Mrs Turner screamed and instantly everyone was looking at something other than me. "Something wrong Ashley" i stared at the teacher in disbelief. OF COURSE SOMETHING WAS WRONG ITS JUST YOUR HEADS SO FAR UP  YOUR ASS YOU DONT REALIZE THAT.  I didnt want to earn another hour of detention so i put my head down and started to read the 2nd act of Macbeth. Something about Banquo and Fleance...... i was just starting to get into the book when Mrs Turner announced that it was time for everyone to leave. I got up and walked to the teacher. She wrote something down and reluctantly handed me my phone. i smiled at her sarcastically and stormed out of the room and into the hall. i looked down at my phone and read the most recent text, which happened to be from my best friend Miley .


To Ashley

From Miley

Hows detention :) haha i'll be outside waiting for you at 6.30. xx


i walked outside to see her sitting on the hood of her car. "Heeey Girlfriend" Miley screamed at me from across the parking lot. Luckily no one was around to hear it. i gave her a hug and jumped into the passenger seat. she followed after me, jumping into the drivers seat and starting the car. "So where to" ? i thought for a moment then realized that i should probably go see Justin after his 'mini heartattack' . I told Miley and she happily agreed, performing a illegal U-turn and speeding off. "Geez, i dont want to die miles" i screamed. She laughed lightly in the seat next to me. Because of Mileys maniac driving we arrived at Justins house sooner than expected. "See ya soon Miles , love yah" i hugged her ans closed the door behind me and ran to Justin's one. i didnt even bother knocking i just ran in. "JUSTIIIIIN" !! i screamed. i heard him running towards me and suddenly i was engulfed into a big bear hug. "ASHLEEEY, i missed you" i looked up to him and he was pouting. Haha its only been 3 hours. This boy must love me. "Wanna watch a movie" ? i nodded and he led me into the lounge where a mini picnic was set up and world war z was currently playing. 'this boy must love me' i thought to myself. i smiled and sat down, enjoying all this. i rested my head  on his shoulder and fell asleep.

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