Uninvited guests

Meet Kalea a 12 year old but while she is at home with her best friend Maddie the doorknob turn and then it happened it could of happened to any one but in this case it happened to her


1. meeting Kalea

Hello there my name's Kalea. I'm 12 my birthdays July 21st. I go to Southgate Middle School i'm in grade 7 my moms name is Kara. My step dads name is Mike and my brothers name is Riley he is 9. My best friend is Maddie. She's 12 too she also goes to my school. Some of my other friends are Cassy,Lanaya,Anna and Jordana there all super nice and go to my school and are all in my grade. I live in Beverly Hills. I'm in professional skating and competitive dance I do yoga but i'm not that flexible. I do yoga with Maddie she's also in professional skating but shes in competitive gymnastics instead of dance. I live in a three story house and that's pretty much me.

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