Mind Games

Alex Johns and Derek Morris are two of many who were picked to be a part of what survivors call "The Mind Games". There are a series of rooms, with something planned in each and every one of them. Some can be good, like new weapons, or bad, like vicious monsters. Some rooms trick you into believing something that isn't as it seems. Win, and Survive, Lose, and Die. Your decisions will decide on if you die, or live. How will these complete strangers do in this "Brain Teaser."


2. News&Suprises


        I smiled gently at dinner. After eating my meal of roast on my bread, I ran up to my room and grabbed my laptop. I went on the local news and saw that there was a new notification. I clicked on it and opened it. It's about a new "game". Hmm, game... I read more about it.

This new "game" is a brain teaser. Although, it's not like a game system- it's real life. You succeed, you get money, but lose, and, well, face death. You don't get to decide if you want to do this or not, you get chosen, or volunteer, if you're brave enough. Good Luck, And We Wish You The Best In... The Mind Games.

I pulled out my phone and texted Derek.

To: Derek- Hey:) Have you been online?

From Derek- About that new "Mind Games" deal? Yeah.. I know.

To: Derek- I'm kind of scared...

From: Derek- Me too..

All through the night, Derek and I were texting about various thinks- how I wanted a job, about his job, about what we were doing tomorrow, and more. He talked about how I was super nice. My cheeks were burning from smiling.

"Alex!" my mom called from downstairs.

I quickly got up and ran downstairs. I came to the sight of my sister Jaylinn, who has been away since I was 13. So she'd been away for 4 years.

"Jay!" I yelled, jumping into her arms and hugging her.

All of a sudden, I saw my brother Brady, who had been taken away when we were 5, come in from the door.

"Oh... My... BRADY!" I yelled, hugging them both.

We were both crying happy tears; I couldn't believe that they were actually here, right in front of me. My own siblings. Who had been taken away from me at various times. I ran up into my room, changed, and took them on a tour of the town. First stop was the bakery. I walked in and saw Derek.

"Hey," I smiled.

We talked for awhile and I introduced Brady and Jaylinn to him. They got along well, and I'm glad. Derek's shift ended, so he walked with us. I took them all to my secret hideout, the wishing well, my school, the lake, and other places. I can't believe they're here.


Hey Guys!:) Cailey here!(: So, this chapter was short, but... how's it coming along? Good? Bad? Any suggestions? Let me know down there! Thanks! Love you!(:

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