Mind Games

Alex Johns and Derek Morris are two of many who were picked to be a part of what survivors call "The Mind Games". There are a series of rooms, with something planned in each and every one of them. Some can be good, like new weapons, or bad, like vicious monsters. Some rooms trick you into believing something that isn't as it seems. Win, and Survive, Lose, and Die. Your decisions will decide on if you die, or live. How will these complete strangers do in this "Brain Teaser."


8. Meeting

(In the last chapter I didn't mean to put Alex Morris and Derek Morris, they aren't related)


               Today's the day we get to meet most of the people we're competing against. I have to admit, it's pretty nerve-racking. I held Derek's hand and held it tight.

"Hello everybody," Jane said happily, "I'd like to go over a few rules, and more. If you could please direct your attention to me and Rob, that'd be great."

Everyone turned and gathered in a circle.

"As you know, you've been randomly chosen to take part in what we call "The Mind Games". Basically, you go around in a sort of... puzzle. You are allowed to choose one other partner, and no more than one. Once you've done so, please stand with them and grab their hand or wrist," She said, watching people do as told. "Good, now when you and a few others are left, you may make a group, and fight with each other, or against. No tricks. You're either with them, or against them." Everyone looked at each other.

"Alright everyone listen up! In this room which we are at, you will find your hidden talent. You may not know what it is just yet, but by tonight you shall find out. Everyone has at least two hidden talents, some only one, or some three. Never more than three though. For example, when I first got my interview here, they did a series of things, and then found out that I have a hidden talent to hide, and to use a bow and arrow." Rob said as he grabbed a bow and shot an arrow in a dummy's heart, then head. Amazing.

"Exactly," Jane said, "And then once you find out, we'll train you, and help you strengthen your hidden abilities. And then prepare you for the games. Okay, now that we've covered that, you may know go explore and, or of course, go to your cabin where you and your partner will be living. We'll call your name on the loud speaker and you'll report back here and we'll see what your hidden talent is! Happy Exploring!"

     We all walked out of the huge building. Derek and I decided to check out our cabin first, then go look around. I knew already what was here. Once we knew if we were in, or not, if we were in we got a slip of paper that allows us to sign in and check out where everything is. They had restaurants, shops, library, and more, all in one place far out into the woods in the middle of nowhere. I sighed; this was going to be a long day.


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