Me & my thoughts.

Here are my thoughts on life. If you can relate, then you are more than welcome to join me on my rollercoaster of life.


2. Bullying.

Bullying is one of the most common problems we have today. I find it completely disgusting and cruel. Why would someone do/say such horrible things to someone else just because they're different?

I don't see the point.

And the worst part of it is, someone may even want to hurt themselves because of some douchebag told them they were ugly. They might have in mind about commiting suicide. Which makes bullying almost a crime.

Nobody should feel that way. No one should be judged simply by their looks. No one should be feel worthless. It just isn't right.

If you are being bullied, of course I'm going to give you advice on how to avoid it or to end it. Don't think it would be left on the side.

Well, first, if it isn't too rough, just ignore what the bullys say to you. If they don't stop, tell them with enough courage that you don't like it at all and that you want it to stop. Just don't make yourself look weak. That's how they want to feel like.

Second, if it's physical bullying, you need to tell a teacher or the principal about the situation. You can always defend yourself, but bullys are tough most of the time. If you can fight, fight. But never stay quiet.

Third, if it's cyberbullying (I've been seeing this a lot lately), then you need to report that person immediatley and block them. If they keep tormenting you on other social websites, then do the same with those. You need to keep that person/bully on full distance. Though, doing the same to them won't help. They'll just keep throwing knives at you if you give them your attention.

And last, if it's all of the above or most of them, then you need to tell your parents or friends or both about your problem. They'll help you conquer it. If it makes you happy, you can change schools or move to another city.

I really hope this is good advice for any bullying victims, because there is a way of getting rid of it and you can feel okay about yourself again.

Remember, don't ever let the bullys or your enemies get the best of you. You're better than that, ok? They're nothing but jealous assholes waiting for you to fail. They have nothing to do with their time.

But never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever think about commiting suicide!

Just don't. Please.

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