He's the father

Chloe Starlight is a 18 year old girl in love with Louis, but when he is on tour and she finds out something about her that might change things forever, she starts to panic. Will Louis leave her, will he stay with her? Find out, by reading 'He's the father'.


27. Chapter 27

Chloe's P.O.V

What the fuck is she doing here? We've just gotten back together and here she is thinking she can rock up and take Louis away from me again. Well listen here missy, thats not happening. I turned the TV off and made my way over to the door, I was shocked at what i saw; Eleanor had pinned Louis up against the wall and was kissing him. He had his eyes open looking at me, his hands were pinned above his head. I knew he wasn't cheating on me, I walked up behind Eleanor quietly and grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the floor. I stood back and waited for her to stand up. She turned around stood up. "What the fuck was that for bitch?" She yelled aggrivated at me and slapped me accross the face. I stood there and shock and pushed her against the wall and slapped her across the face and pulled her hair until she was crying. Our faces were inches away, "I did that because you were kissing MY BOYFRIEND, who the fuck do you think you are to just come to MY house and kiss him, hmmm?" She shrugged and just smirked. Oh thats it bitch. "You think this is funny dont you?" She smirked again, she's just pushed my buttons, i grabbed her fake hair and threw her out the door and into her car. "Listen to me bitch, i dont want you to be anywhere near me or Louis again, if i hear that you have you will be in deep shit, understood?" I yelled she gulped and nodded. "Now, I suggest you get the fuck in your shit car and get the fuck out of my drive way before i call the cops." She stumbled over and got into her car and reversed out and drove off. I smiled and walked back inside.

Still Chloe's P.O.V (The whole story is mainly based on Chloe's P.O.V and I love Eleanor to death, im just using her for the story!!)

I walked inside and shut the door behind me, I looked around and Louis was still standing there against the wall not moving. I walked up to him and looked him in the eyes "Baby, are you okay? I'm sorry If i scared you." He snapped out of his glance and looked down at me. "I'm fine, I've just never seen you do that to anyone before, geesh now i know not to get on your bad side if we have an argument." I giggled and leaned in to kiss him. He kissed back, It was so passionate. We pullled away and just stood there, for what seemed like ages. "Babe? I think we should get ready now, we still have to pick up the girls and the boys and make our way there." I smiled and kissed his cheek. "I will be down in half an hour, no peeking okay?" He nodded and we went our seperate ways. I ran into my bedroom and searched through my closet.

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