Hello my names Angel. Although I'm the complete opposite. They should have just named me Satan and sent me to hell. I'm not nice. I hate everyone. I'm still in school. People get beat up everyday by me. I hate school. Teachers hate me. Just the perfect life for a rebel like me. When my whole worlds crashing down no one will save me wanna know why? Cause the five people who I thought liked me are…… well I can't tell you but they've been brain washed by their leader. (One Direction not famous)


6. Chapter 6

I got up from my couch and I went into my room. I got undressed and fell asleep. Yes I sleep naked most of the time. I woke up and got dressed. I decided to skip school and let the boys find their own way around. I grabbed some money and decided to get a tattoo. I went to a place called Flames and got a tattoo of 11/25/13 aka my first kiss. Yes I know it's a stupid idea but I like it because I'm a stupid person. I made my way to the piercing area and got my septum done. My hair is naturally black so I decided to dye it back. I drove home and laid down on my couch. I managed to drift asleep until I heard someone knock on my door. "What do you want?"

"Uh your Angel right?" Louis said with a little confusion.

"Yeah I dyed my hair back to normal and got my septum done."

"Oh why weren't you at school?"

"Does this give a clue?" I said pointing at my hair and septum.

"Oh but you could have done that over the weekend silly girl."

"Ah who cares."

"Well I do."


"Cause I was gonna ask you something but now I'm not cause you skipped school."

"Tell me."

"Nope." He said and ran away. Jerk. I went into my room and got on my laptop and started playing imvu. I played it all day until my laptop died. I sighed and took a shower and went to bed. I woke up and once again got dressed for school in my usual black skinnies and leather jacket. I drove to school and walked in. Most people got out of the way and the others just stared at me and started drooling. "Hey four eyes your drooling." I said and he blushed and hid his face. I walked to class and met up with the boys. "So Lou are you gonna ask me what you were gonna ask me?"


"What! Why?"

"Because you didn't come to school yesterday. Come to my house and then I'll ask you." He winked then Harry whispered in my ear.

"He's going to ask you out. I thought id tell you so you have time to think." He said and I lost all connection to my brain and forgot how to move.

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