Hello my names Angel. Although I'm the complete opposite. They should have just named me Satan and sent me to hell. I'm not nice. I hate everyone. I'm still in school. People get beat up everyday by me. I hate school. Teachers hate me. Just the perfect life for a rebel like me. When my whole worlds crashing down no one will save me wanna know why? Cause the five people who I thought liked me are…… well I can't tell you but they've been brain washed by their leader. (One Direction not famous)


11. Chapter 11

"The fuck?" I said opening the door for them to come in.

"W-we ran away." Haley said sobbing into my shoulder.

"Well why did you do that." I said patting her back awkwardly.

"M-mom and D-dad started yelling at u-us and throwing things at u-us b-b-because-" Jada started to say before I cut them off.

"Hey it's alright just come in and sit down and we'll get this settled ok? Now if you guys need to wash up or need some sleep the bathroom is upstairs to the right, third door down and the guest rooms are upstairs and forward on the left side the second, and fourth doors down." I cracked a half smile.

"T-thank you!" Haley said hugging me tightly with Jada for about five minutes before heading up stairs. I started making more food for Jada and Haley and Lou looked at me weird.

"Why are you making more food?"

"I have guest who are probably gonna love with me for a while."

"Oh ok who are they?"

"Jada and Haley Voigt."

"Wait did you say Jada?"

"Uh yeah why?"

"There's this guy named Nick who's dating her but her parents don't like him."

"That must suck ass." I said and set some food down on the table for them. "So do you wanna go get some tattoos?"

"I've got plenty." He said chuckling.

"Then what should I get tattooed on me?"

"My name?" He said winking but more of a question.

"If that's what you want."

"Wait are you being serious you'll do it?"

"Well how about your initials just incase we break up and hate each other?"

"Yeah that sounds good, but keep it between us?"

"Yep." I said grabbing my keys and me and Lou drove to Flames. I got his initials tattooed on the side of my thumb. I told him to leave and I got another one on my lower back that's a barcode that says made by society right under it. Once I got it done I got my second holes on my ears done. You can say I'm building up on tattoos and piercings. But oh well who cares I plan to be a tattoo artist anyways. I got to my car and once I got in Lou kissed me.

"Miss me?" I said laughing and he bit his lip.

"Yeah." He said nodding. Is it me or does he like me more sexually now that he's seen me naked.

"Look Louis, I'm taking this slow ok? That means I'm not gonna let you have sex with me within two days of dating alright? The reason I'm saying this is because right after you seen me naked you've been biting your lip more and checking me out more."

"I'm sorry. I guess I just- well it's just that you know now that I've seen you naked I guess I haven't stopped seeing you naked every time I look at you. I'm sorry."

"It's ok just remember the next time you imagine me naked just let your self think about a naked fat man who's all hairy and gross." I said and he made a weird face and started saying ew.

"Ok I won't anymore I really don't need to see a man like that." He said and I smiled and drove home.

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