Forever And Always

Jenna is your average girl. But her life gets turned upside-down when she has to move to London her senior year. But it isn't all that bad when her neighbor is Harry Styles. Read to find out what happens with Jenna in her new world and a neighbor who back home she had a poster of on her wall.


8. Return of the Ben

When I wake up Harry has his arm around me and he is snuggled against my back. I smile at his warmth and feeling of protection. He was wearing a gray t-shirt and his boxers.

            I move my body a little to make myself a little bit more comfortable. He moves too then breaths out a little more. I turn my body so I am facing him and I smile.

            “Did I wake you?” I ask.

            “No, I was awake. I thought your needed some company though.” He says. He smiles and kisses my cheek. Ben never did things like this with me. Harry is so special. I know it is too early to be in love but I know how I feel about Harry and it is pure love. I wish I could tell him without him freaking out.

            “What time is it?” I ask. I probably slept until 12:00.

            “9:30.” Harry replies. I was surprised.

            “Care to go out for breakfast?” he suggests with his eyebrows raised.

            “I would love to. But I am going to run home and change and take a shower. Is that okay, babe?” I say.

            “That would be grand. I should shower too.” He says. We lay there for a few extra minutes. Then we get up and walk down the stairs. We kiss goodbye at the door and I leave imagining what he will look like when we go to breakfast, where we would go, what food you could get in England for breakfast.

            When I get home I walk directly up to my room but my mom stops me in the hallway.

            “Where the hell were you last night?” she says with an angry scowl on her face.

            “I was at Harry’s. I slept over. Nothing happened. I just met the boys and I was too tired to come home so I stayed the night on his couch.” I lied.

            “I’m pretty sure it wasn’t just on the couch.” My mom mumbles sarcastically under her breath. I was lucky enough to hear it.

            “Nothing happened, mom! I made a pledge to Ben that I would wait until marriage!” I lied again.

            “Now that Ben isn’t here you could’ve broken it.” She says.

            “Well, I didn’t and I won’t. Now if you will excuse me I have breakfast plans to prepare for.” I say and push her out of my way and close my bedroom door behind me

            *45 minutes later*

            I dress in white jeans and a navy blue t-shirt that shows a bit cleavage but not much. I slip on my Converse (like always) and text Harry I’m coming over.

            When I knock on his door he doesn’t answer. I knock again then he answers. He smiles when he sees me and his eyes light up.

            “Jenna! You look phenomenal!” he offers me his hand and I take it. And he pulls me into the house and kissed me with his hand in mine and his other on my waist.

            “I’m going to grab my wallet and we can go.” He says and walks off down the hallway. I wait there looking at the wall art then my phone buzzes. It’s Ben.

            “I want to talk to you.” It says. I roll my eyes, lock my phone and put it in my back pocket. I don’t want to think of the life I used to have in the U.S. Harry is my life now.

            “Okay, hun. Ready to go?” Harry says when he approaches me, and we intertwine our fingers together and walk out the door.


            *15 minutes later*

            We pull up to a nice diner on the west side of London. Harry says they make a killer omelet.

            “I’ll have the vegetable omelet.” I tell the waiter.

            “Chocolate chip pancakes in the shape of Mickey Mouse, please.” Harry orders. I contain my laughter until the tall waiter leaves.

            I can’t hold it in any longer and I burst out laughing. “Mickey Mouse pancakes!?!?!?! Harry, your 19, not 9!!!”

            “I like Mickey Mouse.” He simply replies. I’m still laughing but I lean over the table to kiss him. We are sitting at a table next to a window facing the side of the building. Harry says they don’t get much business so we don’t need to worry about the paparazzi.

            When our food comes Harry’s face lights up when he sees his pancakes. He was right, they do make a killer omelet.

            When we are done eating he leaves a generous tip for giving a 19 year old celebrity chocolate chip mickey mouse pancakes.


            *15 minutes later*

            When we pull up to the driveway we see someone standing at the door of Harry’s house. He had his hair in a mess, looked pale and his eyes were bloodshot.

            “Who’s that?” I ask.

            “Probably some drunk paparazzi. I get one of those every once in a while.” Harry got out of the car to go get rid of him and I followed. But we were not even half way there when he sees us and stands up. Then I recognize him.

            “Jenna! Come here, baby!” he shouts at me and holds his arms out open to me. Like he actually thought he was going to get a hug.

            “Ben, what the hell are you doing here?” I ask with my eyebrows crinkled towards the middle of my forehead in anger.

            “Who is Ben?” Harry asks, confused.

            “My EX-boyfriend.” I say to Harry, trying to get it across to Ben that we are over.

            “Who is this douchebag?” Ben asks almost smacking Harry in the face. Luckily Harry saw it coming and grabbed his arm to stop it.

            “Harry Styles. Pleased to meet you but now you can leave.” Harry says calmly but with a hint of anger in his tone.

            “No. Not until I get my honey-bear back.” Ben says and leans into kiss me. He smells like scotch and beer.

            “You’re drunk.” I say, pushing him away.

            “I’m not drunk. I may have had a few drinks at a bar before I came here but I’m not DRUNK!” his voice raised into a shout.

            “Don’t yell at my girlfriend.” Harry sternly says to Ben.

            “Oh! So now you guys are a thing! Have you done it yet?” Ben asks with his eyebrow raised and the right corner of his mouth raised.

            “Benjamin!” I yell in surprise that he seriously just said that. Harry’s face is a bright red and his eyes look like they are about to shoot lasers at Ben.

            “What? I’m sure you have because you never fucked me.” He says laughing.

            Harry has had enough of him and yells, “YOU HAVE 2 MINUTES TO GET OFF MY PROPERTY BEFORE I CALL THE COPS. OR I’LL TAKE CARE OF YOU MYSELF. YOUR. CHOICE.” Harry was holding his shirt by the coller and Ben’s toes were just barely touching the ground. Then Ben spits in Harry’s face.

            He wipes the saliva off the bridge of his nose and calmly turns to me, still holding onto Ben, and tells me to call the police.

            I dial the number and then Harry punches Ben in the jaw, hard, knocking him out. Possibly breaking his jaw. Ben lay there on the ground unconscious. He is breathing and his heart is working.

            The police come and they drag Ben into the car and ask what he was doing here. I had to explain the whole thing, Harry just looking at me with not much expression on his face. The police leave and Harry and I walk into the house and sit on the couch in the living room.

            “Harry, I am so, so, so sorry. I had no idea he would be here.” I start an apology.

            “There was no way you could know.” Harry comforts me.

            “Well, he has been texting me for the past few days. But I ignored them because you were my boyfriend now, and he was all the way back in Florida.” I confess.

            “Don’t ever hide anything like that from me again.” He says with a gentle voice. He holds my right hand in both of his.

            “Harry, I need to tell you something.” I say and try to swallow but my mouth is dryer than the Sahara Desert.

            “Anything, my dear.” He replies and kisses my cheek.

            I inhale a huge amount of hair. Instead of letting it out I use that air to get out what I was most desperately wanting to tell him. “I think I’m falling in love with you.” I smile once I say it because it felt like I was getting a brick lifted off my lungs.

            “Jenna Hakesley, I love you.” Harry says looking into my eyes with a bright smile. I’m not sure where he learned my last name because I never told him but it doesn’t matter.

            I have tears falling down my cheeks when I say this. “I love you too, Harry Styles.” We kiss and I realize that I never want to be with any other man than Harry Styles. I want Harry Styles forever and always.

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