Forever And Always

Jenna is your average girl. But her life gets turned upside-down when she has to move to London her senior year. But it isn't all that bad when her neighbor is Harry Styles. Read to find out what happens with Jenna in her new world and a neighbor who back home she had a poster of on her wall.


17. Not a People Person

Harry and I wake up to the sun shining on the beach. I flashback to last night and look at the ring on my finger. Damn, that is one big rock. I think. It fits my finger perfectly, and it has the big diamond in the center and then it is lined by 3 more smaller diamonds on both sides.

    Harry comes up behind me and pulls my hair to one side and kisses my neck. I turn my head so that he was kissing my lips.

    “That ring looks so good on you.” he says to me.

    I just laugh and kiss him more in response.

    We gather our things and bring them back to our hotel room. The maids came in and cleaned up our dinner from last night and made the bed.

    “I think I’m going to take a bath. I have sand in my butt cheeks.” I half lie. Then an idea sparks in my head. “Care to join me, Hazza?”

    “I was going to anyways.” Harry replies.

    We strip each other in the bathroom and add bubbles to the water. Harry is against the wall and I am laying on him between his legs. That doesn’t last long before I turn around and kiss him.

    He grabs the soap and washes my back with it, then advancing to my whole body while deeply kissing me at the same time.

    Then I return the favor to him.

    We go to sleep together in the California King bed in our bedroom. The last thing I remember was thinking “Man, it’s great to be engaged.”


*The next morning*


We wake up with the sun shining through the window in bright beams. Harry makes pancakes for me (that are delicious) and we spend most of the morning relaxing in our penthouse hotel room.

    I decide to call my mom with the big news that Harry proposed so I went outside on the deck to talk and get better cell service because I’m using international calling. She is so happy when I tell her about the news and she starts asking all these questions about the wedding that we haven’t even thought about thinking about planning. I hang up before she starts planning it for me.

    When I come back in Harry is watching some travelers show about the Bahamas that is in Spanish and I can tell he is understanding nothing. I laugh and sit next to him on the couch.

    “How about we have a little fun tonight?” Harry says to me about a minute later.

    “I think we have already done a lot of that.” I tease. He smiles at that thought.

    “No, I mean how about if we hit up some of the local clubs?” he suggests.

    “I don’t know, Harry. You know I’m not into that kind of stuff.” I’ve never been much of a partier.

    “Come on! It’ll be fun! Just for a little while?” Harry makes his face that I can’t say no to.

    I sigh. “Fine.” I say and he gives me a hug.

    “I love you.” he says.

    “You better.” I tease him and we continue our confusing television show.


    It was about 8:00 when we got to the club. It was really loud and really crowded. Our chauffeur dropped us off at a gay bar at first, so technically this is the second one we’ve been too. But Harry dragged me immediately to the bar and we drank a few cocktails.

    Harry dragged me onto the dance floor and we started dancing. Harry was into it right away and it took me a while to really get into it.

    Harry was drinking a lot. Between each dance he would have a beer or the occasional shot. I started getting really worried that he would get too drunk and not want to come back to the hotel room with me.

    I decided to keep him on the dancefloor away from the bar. He was kinda wasted but I didn’t care because I was having a lot of fun. We were dancing together and he did get me to do one shot and I didn’t like it.

    He started grinding against me. We sat down on an empty lounge chair near the DJ where some other couples were talking with their drinks. Harry kept trying to make out with me but I didn’t want to in public. The more I denied him the angrier he got.

    “Why don’t you want to love me?” he slurred his words.

    “Harry, not here.” I feel like I am talking to a child acting up at the grocery store.

    “Then lets go somewhere more private.” He started pulling me up from the chair. I follow him just to see where exactly he wants to makeout with me but he pulls me in the middle of the crowd.

    “Is this private enough for you!” he screams over the loud music.

    “Harry it’s not funny.” I drag him away and I call Pepe to take us home. I also call Louis to ask how to control Harry when he is drunk.

    “Harry got drunk?” Louis seemed surprised.

    “Yeah. The day after we got engaged.” I mention the engagement so maybe he will give me some extra tips. And Louis and the boys should know.

    “Oh yeah, congrats about that. And you should ignore him. He will get angry at first, but he will realize what is happening and get himself together.” Louis says. Pepe is here so I end the conversation.

    “Thanks Louis. I knew I could count on you.” and with that I hang up the phone and drag Harry into the limo.

    “Take us to the hotel.” I tell Pepe. Now it is time to ignore Harry. He was singing a song that I didn’t recognize to himself.

    “Hey, Jenna. You know, we could have sex right here, right now. Pepe won’t care.” Harry started to pull my shirt off my shoulder. I grab it and pull it back, not saying a word.

    “You know, maybe I knocked you up on purpose. That baby was gonna be perfect. And the doc said it wasn’t your fault but maybe it was.” Harry is talking about my miscarriage. This brings tears to my eyes. I was finally starting to get over that night but he brought it back and I’m pissed at him for doing it.

    Harry heard me sniffle so he made a move on me again. He sat on my lap and started grinding on me. I push him off and look out the window, still not saying anything.

    We arrive at the hotel and I feel bad about it but I make Pepe drag Harry up to our room. Once Pepe leaves Harry pushes me against a wall and tries to kiss me. I push him away but he keeps coming back. Obviously Louis’ tips weren’t helping.

    “Harry lets go to bed.” I suggest and lead him to our bedroom. I don’t really want to sleep in the same bed with him tonight.

    “Oh, you want to do this in bed. Okay, I’m down for the classy nasty way.” Harry is slurring his words and his breath reeks of alcohol.

“No Harry, you’re actually going to bed.” I lay him down and put the covers over him, not even bothering to take off his sweat soaked clothes.

“I’ll try, but you need to be here with me.” Harry made it sound like he was hinting something. He wanted to make love to me so bad but I wouldn’t because he is way too wasted.

“I’m just going to go get some water and I will be right back.” I lied. I knew he would be out in a matter of seconds and I needed some time away. I quietly grabbed my purse and phone and called Pepe to take me to the quietest bar you know.

Pepe does a really good job and takes me to a quiet bar and grill with a southern theme. I sit at the bar alone, drinking water. I see a broad shouldered man looking at me and that is the last thing I need tonight.

The man walks over and sits next to me. “Can I buy you a drink?” he asks.

“I’m just drinking water tonight. Thanks.” I say and look at something else besides him.

“Your American. I can tell by your accent. But you have a hint of British. A young, British

boy with curly hair and dimples that can sing.” the man says in a calm and collected voice.

“You know me?” I stare at him in disbelief.

“You were all over the news a few months ago. And my niece sends me weekly updates about your boyfriend/fiancé’s band. She’s a fan.” the man explains to me. I hadn’t even realized that I had been fiddling with my ring. But all of a sudden, I don’t feel engaged anymore. “Well, you are right about all that.” is all I say in return. But he keeps the conversation going.

    “If you have a fiancé and you are in the Bahamas, why are you here, alone?” he asks.

    “It’s a long story and I don’t know you.”

    “I’m Raúl.” He reaches his hand out to shake mine. I put my hand in his but he does most of the shaking.

    “Okay well my story still isn’t something you have the time for.” I turn away from him again.

    “I’m a single Mexican man at an American themed bar at 1:00 in the morning. I have plenty of time.” he jokes with me.

    I tell him the start, why we came on this vacation all up to where I am now, talking with a half stranger. He listens the whole time and doesn’t interrupt. Or make a move on me. He gives me a little pep talk. That the baby situation was not my fault and Harry was just drunk and angry.

    “I don’t want to go back to my hotel.” Tears start to form in my eyes.

    “Then don’t.” Raúl says.

    “I have no where to go. And I’m certainly not going home with you, no offence.” I had no interest in cheating on Harry, and even just sleeping in different rooms at this mans house would probably go under the category of cheating.

    “Sleep in your car. Or limo. I saw you pull in.” This guy is kind of creeping me out at how he knows everything about my night, but he is helping me and that is all I need.

    “The driver has a life too.” I say, talking about Pepe.

    “I’m sure he would understand, because he saw what Harry did to you.” He makes a good point.

    “And what do I do when or if Harry apologies to me?” I keep asking Raul for advice. I feel kinda bad but I can’t do this alone.

    “You make him beg for your forgiveness. Tell him how much he embarrassed you, how much he hurt your feelings, and that it was uncalled for now that you are newly engaged.” Raúl explains to me.

    “Thank you so much. You have been so kind.” I end the conversation because there wasn’t much more I wanted to talk about and I was getting really tired.

    I leave the bar and call Pepe. He drives me to the hotel but stays in the parking lot, he sleeps in his driving chair and I sleep sprawled out on one of the couches in the limo.

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