Forever And Always

Jenna is your average girl. But her life gets turned upside-down when she has to move to London her senior year. But it isn't all that bad when her neighbor is Harry Styles. Read to find out what happens with Jenna in her new world and a neighbor who back home she had a poster of on her wall.


6. Like Crazy

The next day I woke up at 1:00 England time. Jet lag was killing me. I checked my phone and I had 15 messages from Harry.




            “Where are you?”

            “Did I do something wrong?”

            “Please talk to me.”

            “Jenna, I’m so sorry.”


            “ARE YOU ALIVE.”

            “OH MY GOD YOU ARE DEAD.”


            “Your mom said you were sleeping.”

            “I’ll let you sleep.”

            “Are you awake yet?”


            I laugh really hard. He went from feeling miserable to crazy. I reply: “Oh my god. Chill. Jet lag. I’m going to shower and I’ll be over there soon. LOL.”

            I don’t wait for him to respond and get into my new private shower. When I’m done I dress blue jeans, green tank and white cardigan with Converse shoes. I put on a little makeup but not a lot and walk to Harry’s

            “Jenna!” Harry says when he opens the door and sees me. He hugs me and I walk in and we kiss.

            He hugs me again. “I was so worried that I did something wrong last night and you wanted nothing to do with me.”

            “No way! But I can’t believe you of all people wouldnt think that I wasn’t tired from moving across an ocean and adjusting to a 6 hour time zone difference.”

            “I’m sorry?” he says.

            “You are forgiven. You are just lucky your texts didn’t wake me up because I’m not a morning person.”

            “It’s almost 3:00 in the afternoon.” He smiles.

            “Whatever! What do you want to do?” I asked, changing the subject.

            “We could go out in the city, go sightseeing, or stay and watch a movie.” Harry suggests.

            “Let’s just watch a movie. I don’t think I’m ready for the paparazzi to be taking pictures in our face.” I say.

            “Okay. And the paparazzi are not that bad.” He says and we start searching Netflix for something good to watch.

            “Yes they are. And don’t you want to keep up private for a while? For the fans?”

            “No. I want everyone to know that I am the most beautiful girl in the world’s boyfriend.” Harry kisses me and he hugs me tightly.

            I smile and giggle. I hug him back. His body is so muscular and warm. All I really know right now is that Harry is the one person in my life I can trust. And I love him. Even though I have known him for one day I can feel it in my bones, brain, and most importantly heart. I want to tell him so bad but I don’t think he feels the same way.

            We choose the movie Like Crazy. Harry sits in the corner of the couch and I sit in his lap and he has his arms around me. We cuddled all the way through the movie. Which was really good.

            When the movie was done I looked up at Harry and he kissed me. “How did you like it?” he asked.

            “It was really good.” Is all I say about it. “What do you want to do now?” I question him.

            He thinks for a while and smiles. I think he has an idea in mind.

            “I want you to meet the boys.” He says with a smile on his face.

            “Well I think I already saw him with you yesterday.” I confess. He should know that I’ve already seen him in his boxers.

            “THAT WAS YOU!!!!!!!!” Harry exclaims and laughs. “Did you like what you saw?” he says in a playful sexy-macho voice.

            I laugh and nod. I have a flashback of what I did see. It makes me smile and laugh even more.

            “I’ll call the guys. Maybe Louis and Zayn can bring Eleanor and Perrie.” He says and leaves the room to make the calls.

            I decide to explore the house more. I’ve only ever been in the kitchen, dining room, and living room. I walk down the hallway that is directly in front of you when you walk through the front door. This leads to another sitting room that has a couch, foosball and pool table in it. There is also a bathroom you can go in if you turn right in the hallway.

            I go into the game room and turn left where there is a door. It leads to the pool. Then I go upstairs. The floors are mostly carpeted except for the bedrooms. There are three bedrooms. Two of them are guest bedrooms and one for Harry obviously. The walls are a tan color with pictures of his family and One Direction. I think it is really great how much pride he takes in being in One Direction by putting pictures of them all over his house.

            I don’t want to be a snoop so I walk back down the carpeted stairs and sit back down on the couch in the living room and check my phone.

            I have 3 text messages from Ben.

            “Hey Jenna.”

            “I’ve missed you.”

            “I really want to talk to you. Call me.”

            I can feel all of the color out of my cheeks wash out. I stare at the messages. Then Harry walks into the room.

            “Everything okay, babe?” he asks. He knows that something isn’t right.

            I quickly lock my phone and put it in my back pocket. “Uh, yeah, yeah. Everything’s fine.” I lie. Harry smiles and sits next to me.

            “Perrie isn’t feeling well so she and Zayn are going to stay at home. But the rest of the guys are coming along with Eleanor.” Harry tells me. I’m really excited to meet the guys. But it may be weird because I already know so much about them because I am a huge fan. But I’m sure there are things that I don’t know that they don’t release to the public.

            “Great!” I say with a smile. I try to dismiss Ben thoughts in my head until the rest of the night.

            “Do you want to order some food for everyone?” Harry asks.

            “Sure.” I reply.

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