Forever And Always

Jenna is your average girl. But her life gets turned upside-down when she has to move to London her senior year. But it isn't all that bad when her neighbor is Harry Styles. Read to find out what happens with Jenna in her new world and a neighbor who back home she had a poster of on her wall.


18. Apologies

*The next morning*


My phone is ringing like crazy and that is what wakes me up. I have a killer backache and headache and my stomach isn’t feeling that amazing either.

    All of my messages are from Harry. They all pretty much say the same thing: “Call me”, “I’m sorry.”, “I love you.” I ignore them but then Pepe’s phone starts to ring.

    “It is Harry.” Pepe says in his best English.

    “Answer it.” I order.

    Pepe answers the phone, but only responds with “Yes.” to everything Harry is saying. Finally after what seems forever, Pepe hangs up the phone.

    “Harry is coming.” he tells me.

    “Turn off all the lights, and pull the divider up. I’m going to pull all the sun blockers over the windows so it gets as dark as possible in here. So Harry can’t see me. I will be sitting at the far end of the seating area back here, closest to you. Harry will sit in the first seats. And I’ll take it from there.” I make up my plan on the spot but I’m pulling the shades up over the window immediately. This will make it darker. Harry will turn the lights on in his area, and a few moments later I will turn mine on so he can see me.

    This plan feels like a sexy detective movie.

    I sit at the far end of where Harry will be sitting with my legs crossed and a glass of that fine champagne I had when we first got here. My stomach may not agree with it but my tastebuds do.

    Harry gets in the car with his phone in his hand. He looks like he is waiting for something. Probably for me to text him back. He tells Pepe to take him to where I am.

    Now is my time to act.

    I flip on the lights on my side of the limo. Harry’s eyes light up when he sees me. He crawls over to me (Not much room to stand up and walk in a car) and sits left of me.

    “Jenna, I am so sorry. So sorry beyond words that can explain.” Harry starts his apology. “I should’ve listened to you when you denied my love, when you cut off my alcohol, when you ignored me.” He stops to wait for my response. He doesn’t hear one so he continues.

    “Saying those things about the baby was way out of line. I know it isn’t your fault and I have never thought that for a minute, except until last night. Jenna, I love you more than anything. I know I screwed up, but can you please forgive me?” Harry ends his apology and waits for me to respond.

    “We were engaged for less than 24 hours and you lost half of my trust in that one night, Harry.” I look him straight in his green eyes. “I know you made a mistake, but you hurt me. Harry, what if I hadn’t lost that baby. What if we have another one in the future. I will always come back to this night, and remember what kind of man you were last night.”

    “But that man you saw last night was not the man I really am. You know that. We knew eachother for a few days and we fell in love. You wouldn’t have fallen in love with me if I really was that guy inside that you saw on the outside last night. Jenna, I love you,” he grabs my left hand and twists the ring side to side. “And I promise you, that I will always be there for you, for better or worse, for richer or poor, in sickness and in health. Please.”

    Tears well up in my eyes. I say nothing but kiss him. Deeply. I slide my tongue into his mouth and we fall back on the seat. I release from the kissing to say “I love you. I forgive you.” and continue on.

    Pepe makes a U-turn from wherever he was taking us and brings us back to our hotel. Harry and I spend some romantic time in the hot tub in our room, and also just some relaxing time on the beach soaking up the sun.



*one week later*


Harry and I are packing our suitcases and double checking that we didn’t leave anything behind. I’m sad to be leaving, but also relieved. Home sounds like the thing I need and want the most right now.

    Pepe meets us at the usual spot outside of the hotel and helps us with our bags. He takes us to the airport, but not the normal one. He takes us to a big field with a red plane that has the One Direction logo on it.

    “Harry we don’t need a private plane. Sitting with normal people is fine.” I say this so I don’t sound greedy, but I was actually really excited to be on a private plane.

    “You are my fiancé now. There is nothing normal about you.” Harry gently kisses my cheek and we aboard the fancy plane.

    “Next stop: home.” Harry whispers in my ear.

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