Forever And Always

Jenna is your average girl. But her life gets turned upside-down when she has to move to London her senior year. But it isn't all that bad when her neighbor is Harry Styles. Read to find out what happens with Jenna in her new world and a neighbor who back home she had a poster of on her wall.


15. A Vacation

*4 months later*


“Harry! Where is that pink blouse that I like?!”


“Can you go get it?!”

“No! Get off your lazy ass and do it yourself!” I groan and drag myself in the direction of the stairs to the basement. Harry is waiting at the steps with his cheeky smile.

“Move!” I playfully try to push him out of the way but he is too strong for me.

“Not without a kiss.” He puckers his lips and sticks them as far out as he can. He looks like a duck so I laugh. I give him a peck on the cheek and push him out of the way when he wasn’t expecting it. I run down the stairs, carefully so I don’t tumble down like a slinky.

    “Hey!” Harry pouts from the top of the steps.

    I turn around, look at him, stick my middle finger up at him and run away so I’m out of his sight.

    I so much better in 4 months. I’m actually more perky and exciting than before, in my opinion. Harry and I are about to go on a long overdue vacation to the Bahamas.

    I find my blouse on a hanger and run back up the stairs. Harry catches me by surprise at the top and kisses me deeply. He pushes me against a wall and we are making out for a minute. I slide out from under him. “Save it for the Bahamas.” I tease and walk away, giggling to myself


“You have everything?” Harry double checks with me as we are about to walk out the door.

    “Yup!” I reply and walk through the door and place my luggage in the back seat.

    Harry revs the engine. “Let’s go!”


The airport was frustrating. There was a three hour delay so we sat there doing nothing for that time. The chairs aren’t that comfortable and their wifi sucks. But the thing that kept me there was Harry and the thought of a blue ocean, palm trees, luxurious hotels, and so much more when we got to the Bahamas.

    Once everyone was on the plane the flight attendant went over the usual plane procedures. “Next stop, Bahamas!” she said.


I fell asleep on Harry’s shoulder on the plane. We were watching a movie but I feel asleep. Movies always do that to me.

    I woke up with the flight attendant telling us to buckle our seat belts because we were almost about to land.


When we stepped off the plane I swear I could smell the ocean. Being from Florida I’ve been to the ocean many times but it was better here.

    There was a limo waiting outside the airport and the chauffeur was holding a sign that says “Mr. and Mrs. Styles”

    “You got us a limo!?!” I turn to Harry in amazement. “You didn’t have to do that for just the ride to the hotel!”

    “Oh, no. This is for the whole trip. Pepe, meet Jenna.” Harry introduces us.

    “Hola.” Pepe says.

    “Hola.” I respond. That is about all I know in Spanish. I took French in school.

    While in the limo Harry and I toast with some champagne. “To the best time of our lives.” Harry says. We clink our glasses together and take a sip.

    “Oh my god! This champagne is amazing!” I take another sip and swish it around in my glass.


When the limo pulls up to our hotel and I stare at it in awe. It is a gorgeous building with a penthouse room at the top. The driver is unloading our bags from the trunk and he even brought them up for us. Harry gave him a very generous tip in British money and we were told to call him whenever we needed a ride.

    We are in the penthouse room at the hotel. Harry really went all out. I guess that is what you can do when you’re in the most famous band in the world.

    We admire the hotel room, looking into each room. When we get to the master bedroom we both look at each other because we know what I promised.

    Harry kisses me and we fall onto the bed, taking each article of clothes off each other one at a time. Harry reaches into the side table drawer and pulled out a condom.

    “It’s complimentary.” he smiled and we continued our kissing.


When we were finished it was starting to get dark outside. We ate a room service dinner and Harry suggested the beach as our next destination.

    I put on my new bikini from Victoria’s Secret. It was so sexy. It was pink with sequins and it gave my boobs a perfect amount of lift. I grabbed a bottle of champagne too to bring down there. Harry had the towels.

    We were walking out the door then Harry stopped me. “One second. Stay right there. I forgot something.” and he quickly ran back into the room.


Harry’s POV:


I quickly run to the bedroom and open my suitcase. In a pocket on the side of my suitcase holds a very special present. I open the box to make sure that it is still there.

    The ring is in there, waiting to be on Jenna’s finger.

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