Stolen Love

Harry Styles Steals 17 year old jasmine and hurts her by accient but jasmine finds out she loves him but is afraid to say it to him


7. Truth or dare

A/N im sorry this is going to be just about the truth or dare but i warn u im leaving it at a clif hanger so i would wait till i update :P well have fun! byee


Jasmines POV: every one grins as Sierra says dirty or strip or both? We all say both and i explain the rules. 1. if u dont do the dare u have to strip down and that was it so i laugh to myself as Harry starts. Jasmine truth or dare?" harry asks and i say dare. "ok i dare u to do seven min in heven with sierra." me and sierra grin and we walk to the closet and start making moaning nosies an i hear the both push up agaist the door. then me and sierra slam the door open and they fall down and we all laugh. "Ok Niall truth or dare?" "Dare" "Ok i dare u to go change into this." i go pick out clothes i cant fit and give to niall. he goes and changes as we all laugh at him as he comes into the room. "Ok harry t or d?" "Truth" "Is it true that u slaped that and he looks at me" harrys responds "Oh yes many times" she grins and i slap his arm. "Lair i shout.laugh at him." "Ok Sierra t or d?" "Dare" "I dare u to suck Niall and she laughs. "No thanks" she says while taking off her shirt. Niall looks at her and i look at Minnie. "Ok Minnie t or d?" truth" i say : i dare u to lick every one of harrys tattos" "Umm no thanks esspilly knowing the has one on his but that says made in manhattaun." I take my Shirt off and every one stares at my 39 D bra and boobs and keeps staring. "Ok guys u need a hobby " i laugh as they sanp out of it. we all laugh as Harry trys to touch me and i slap his hand and it makes him chuckle. "I wasnt going to i swear." i nod and i see niall and Sierra making out and stuff.

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