Stolen Love

Harry Styles Steals 17 year old jasmine and hurts her by accient but jasmine finds out she loves him but is afraid to say it to him


8. Awkward

Harrys POV:  Me and jasmine watched Niall make out. I coughed and they stopped sucking off each others faces. "Well ill go now" said niall and sierra. I lead them out and Jasmine took her top and put it back on. When they left me and minnie started to crack up. "Well that was a bit of awkward sitoution for us right harry?" "It sure was but i didnt mind." "HOw did u not mind?" she asked softly. "I got to see ya beautiful body" i said in her ear. She mumbled "oh really". i kissed her below her ear and started singing. I want i want i want to be loved by you, but thats crazy.... "Oh well that was beautiful harry but i think we should be heading some where to hang out" she said quitly. "Ok then get ya jacket and we can go to notes." i said. Minnies POV: i headed up stairs and got my jacket and hummed a song. It eventully turned into me singing.  its the story of my life i give to her. i stoped to see harry looking at me crazy but good crazy. "Your a really good singer hun". he said and joined me. "Why thanks babe" i laughed and he joined with me . we rode in the car telling really bad jokes but laughing to show how really bad they are. When we got there i ordered a sprite and a sandwich and harry got the same thing. We started chatting about how zayn got his new tatto of the gun on the side of his tummy. I thought it was very sexy but i also thought harrys tattos are sexier. Then Zayn and perri came in and sat down with us. Perri gave me a glare and said "So harry when did u like 3 year olds?" she snorted. I almost got up and smashed her head aganist the wall but i was held back from zayn and harry.

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