Stolen Love

Harry Styles Steals 17 year old jasmine and hurts her by accient but jasmine finds out she loves him but is afraid to say it to him


6. About Niall

Jasmines POV: help!!! i scream at the top of my lungs. Harru herd me and run to help me, "Let her go" harry said. "Wht if i dont u going to hurt me?" the stranger said unbutaning my shirt. "Oh u dont know the half of it" he smirks and grabs the guy and punches him. i run into the resturant and see the boys sitting there as i heard harry yell "I dont share whats mine" and i feel cold shivers up my spine. "What happend minnie?" Niall asked. MInnie i like it.. "Nothing just take me ome please i tell them. They take me home leaving harry there as i felt the car stop. A girl came in with long black hair highlighted bangs looked mexican and was about 5 foot got in. (This is my fan that asked to get in my story :D) "Hi i said" she looked at me and said hi im Sierra and u are?" i amd jesmine u can call me minnie or jazzy ok?" i say with a little shudder. i start replaying what harry said about being his. "i dont share whats mine" "Mine" i feel a squzze on my shoulder and it was niall he woke me up and carried me to the bed. i smile and whimpers thanks in his ear. "Wait niall who is that girl in the car?" i say "Its Sierra she is my Girlfriend" he says blushing. i nod and he leave then i hear a pounding at the door and its harry. I open the door and he picks me up and kisses me making it deeper each secound. Then he starts rubbying my sides and trys to lift up my shirt but i stoped him and said no. Harrys POV: i groan as she tells me to stop but then asked "Are u ok babe?" she nods her head and said she is ok. I takes u up stairs and let her change in her pjs and i stip down to my boxers and cuddle her. "When i say your mine i mean it babe" She giggles and says babe? when where we dating and i was yours aye?" she says laughing. i shake my head and look at her fuuny. "I dont know" i say and she falls asleep and i go asleep with her.


the next day she wakes me up and i groan. "What " i say motionless. "Get up harry niall called and says he is coming over with his girlfriend Sierra. I laugh at jesmine ans she gets dressed and i watch but then she stops. "creeper" she says as she walks to the bath room. I laugh and get ready and walk down stairs and open it up for niall and Sierra. She runs down stairs and hug niall me and sierra and whispers wanna play truth or dare she grins at me.

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