My life...

There was a girl named Regina she loves dance it is her life but until she met Harry... every thing changed Harry was busy with his life and Harry wanted to spend time with Regina but Regina spent time doing Dance cause that was her life thing to do in her time Harry got angry at her and something went wrong with her back she hurt it bad Harry started to get worried... Read to find out!


3. Spending time at Starbucks with Harry

Regina's Pov... So i drove to starbucks where i was going to meet Harry at so i waited for awhile and then he showed up i said Hi where's Lux he said she is home with her Mom she is a good cousin though i said yeah he said okay are you ready to order i said yeah i said our names are Harry and Regina she said okay the cups are done and i would like a cookie and a coffie with whipcream on it harry ordered a coffie with whipcream too so we got our food and ate i got two cookies so i said to Harry would you like a cookie he said sure so once we were done eating he said Regina would you like to go out some time i said sure as friends or Dating he said kida both i said sure meet you at 10:30 fm tomrrow night dress nice i said thanks for lunch he said any time so i could not wait for tomrrow!

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