My life...

There was a girl named Regina she loves dance it is her life but until she met Harry... every thing changed Harry was busy with his life and Harry wanted to spend time with Regina but Regina spent time doing Dance cause that was her life thing to do in her time Harry got angry at her and something went wrong with her back she hurt it bad Harry started to get worried... Read to find out!


4. Date with Harry!

Regina's Pov...So tonight was the date with Harry so i got dressed into this

so after i got dressed i Harry picked me up and gave me Red roses i said thanks so anyway we got to Nando's the restrunt  and i got some fries,chicken,Two pizza's,and a we sat down and ate he said "Some time you should meet my friends Zayn,Liam,Niall,and Louis there my band mates" i said sure i would love to he said "Great you can meet them tomrrow " i said how is the food he said good and we shuld hang out more maybe go to the mall tomorrow with the rest of the boys he then dropped me off home i said thanks for the dinner he said your welcome!                                               Thanks for reading please favor~Whipcream girl aka Hannah

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