Niall's Country Girl

A girl and her best friend from a small town in Indiana go to Louisville Kentucky go for a 1D concert.


5. The Date

Bai’s POV

                Brittany woke me up the next morning like there was an emergency. I know today we get to hang out with the boys but she is way to excited but it is Brittany she is kinda like this every day. She was yelling at me when I finally got up
Brittany: GET UP Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: Okay I’m up now what are u waking me up so early for???
Britt: I was texting and Niall told me and he said Harry was so excited to see you today.
Me: OMG I’m so excited now. Can I go back to sleep now Please??
Britt: okay but if u don’t want to go see the boys then go back to sleep.
Me: They are coming now??????
Britt: Yes now get up and get ready.

Niall’s POV

                When I told Harry that Bai and Brittany are coming over today he got so excited to see Bai. I can’t blame him I can’t wait to see Brittany.  We have got so close in the last days we have known each other. Soon they will have to go back to Indiana and we have to go somewhere else in the States. When I got up and got food I texted Brittany I did not even check the time but I’m guessing it is around 9 nine o’clock.
Me: Hey beautiful are you awake??
Britt: Yes handsome I always wake up early. I have been up since Five o’clock this morning.
Me: Wow you do get up early.
Me: So do you and Bai want to come over about eleven o’clock today??
Britt: Yes that sounds good. What are we doing today anyways??
Me: Bai is going to hang out with Harry and I have a surprise for you??
Britt: Okay do I need to dress nice for the surprise??
Me: No wear something you would play when you play a sport
Britt: okay see you then. Bye Nialler
 Me: Bye Britt
I’m taking her to play basketball at my favorite gym today, I hope she likes the surprise.

Brittany’s POV

                He told me to wear something I would play a sport in so I took a shower and got dressed in my favorite navy blue basketball shorts and a tank top.
When I got Bai up I told her that she is going to hang out with Harry because Niall has a surprise for me. I usually don’t like surprises but I think I will like this one is going to be a good one cause it is from Niall.

                While we were driving to the Niall’s apartment I had the country station on and Night Train by Jason Aldean just ended and Hey Girl by Billy Currington came on.
Bai: Will you change this please?? We always listen to Country.
Me: whose car is this??
Bai: Yours but we always listen to it anyways.
Me: I don’t care I love it and we are here anyways.

When we go to the Niall’s apartment we knocked on the door and he let us in right after.
Niall: Hey girls Bai Harry is in the basement playing games or watching tv. Britt I will be right back I just have to grab my phone and then we can go.
Me: Okay.
Niall: Okay now I’m ready lets take your car.
Me: Okay and where are we going??
Niall: I told you I can’t tell you but you look cute in basketball shorts.
Me: Thank you.

We got in my car and when we get down the road my all time favorite song came on the radio. I started to sing along to Somebody’s Heartbreak by Hunter Hayes. When we got to where ever we were we got out of the car it looked like we are at some type of gym. We got inside and we were taken to a gym and there where basketballs out.
Me: Niall how did you know basketball is my favorite sport??
Niall: I did not until just now.
Me: Okay

Niall’s POV

                I brought her to my favorite gym I go to when I come here. We are go to shoot around for a while and I hopefully will get to ask her to go to dinner with me tonight.
Me: Okay so Brittany we are going to shoot around a while okay??
Brittany: Sounds good to me.

                We go to shooting around and she tried to steal the ball from me so I picked her up making her drop the ball and spun her around. She was laughing so hard. Man I love her laugh and the look on her face when she is laughing is so cute.
Brittany: Niall put me down please
Me: Okay

                When I put her down our faces where so close together and we both were looking into each other’s eyes.

Brittany’s POV

                When he put me down our faces where so close to each other’s and we were looking into each other’s eyes, he looked down to my lips then back up to my eyes as asking for permission which I granted and he crashed his lips to mine. The kiss was so sweet and I had butterflies in my stomach. When he pulled away I wanted more so I kissed him this time. He was shocked but then kissed back right after. He looked right into my eyes and said
Niall: Brittany will you be my Girlfriend??
I was so happy I could not find a word to say so I kissed him again.
Me: Does that answer your question??
Niall: Perfectly
Niall: Brittany will you go to dinner with me tonight?
Brittany: Yes formal or casual??
Niall: Semi Formal
Brittany: Okay and lets go so we can shower and get ready then.

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