Niall's Country Girl

A girl and her best friend from a small town in Indiana go to Louisville Kentucky go for a 1D concert.


6. Niall and Brittany

Bai’s POV

                I was hanging out with Harry watching Love Actually and eating, Harry looked at me and said:

Harry: hey Bai I want to ask you a question but I don’t know how you are going to react Okay?
Me: Harry you can ask me anything Okay? What is it?
Harry: Okay and willyoubemygirlfriend?
Me: what was that?
Harry: I said will you be my girlfriend?
Me: Yes of course
Harry: Yayyyy

When he asked me I thought I was going to faint Im happy I didn’t.

Britt’s POV

                When I was done I called Niall and told him I was done, he said he was on his way. I was wearing a  red dress that came to just above my knees and my favorite black cowgirl boots. (I hate heels) When I was getting my purse there was a knock on the door, when I opened it there stood Niall in a nice white button up shirt and nice dress pants.

Niall’s POV

                When she opened the door she looked stunning. She had a dress on that was not so short and the boots she wears all the time. I love how she wears whatever feels comfortable and she does not care what other people say about her.

Me: You look so beautiful Brittany
Brittany: Thanks Nialler you don’t look half bad yourself.
Me: Are you ready?
Brittany: Ya lets go

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